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CNA Training & Classes | January 17, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Iowa

CNA Classes in Iowa

Unemployment is a common problem faced by a lot of people in Iowa. However, opportunities available for those who wished to work in the healthcare field. Certified Nursing Assistants are greatly needed in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities to assist the nurses, LPN’s and doctors in providing care. They are the primary caregivers to patients; that is why they have a significant role to play in any healthcare field. Becoming a CNA in Iowa is not that complicated and time-consuming. It usually takes a few weeks or months so one can work immediately as long as the certification exam is passed.

Moreover, there are several free CNA classes that people can take whenever they are hindered with their financial status. These courses are provided by different schools and healthcare facilities, which varies per instruction as well. The advantage of taking a free CNA class is you usually get an employment right after. Some institutions even provide a training allowance, so it will not be difficult to have some money while taking the program. To know more about the free CNA class, you can choose any of these schools to inquire.

Schools offering Free CNA Classes in Iowa:
Eastern Iowa Community College

The Eastern Iowa Community College is one of the schools in the state that provides free CNA classes in Iowa. Although this does not happen every training, some individuals successfully availed a scholarship. Normally, the cost of the program is $375 and another $120 for the certification exam fees. However, those who have scholarships can pay only the testing charge. The CNA class in Eastern Iowa Community College covers 75 hours of lectures, skills training, and clinical experience. Classes are usually in the morning and evening so students can choose their favorable schedules. Studying a CNA training program in Eastern Iowa Community College is a privilege to be trained under the expertise of their clinical instructors. Students receive a personalized instruction, allowing them to meet their educational and professional needs.

Iowa Western Community College

The Iowa Western Community College is also offering a nurse aide training program in a variety of locations. The program is consisting of 30 hours lectures, 15 hours laboratory training and 30 hours clinical exposure. Classes can either be in the morning or evening, and students can choose which schedule suits well. The total fee for the program is $465 covering books, certification exam fees, and other related supplies. However, there are scholarships available for interested individuals. This is quite limited to some students per program so first come, first serve basis applies. The Iowa Western Community College provides one of the best training programs for nursing assistants. Students receive a quality education while being trained by expert health care providers. They will be supervised and guided all throughout the course.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes
Bedford Nursing and Rehab Center

Bedford Nursing and Rehab Center is employing a lot of nursing assistants every year and individuals who are interested yet uncertified can take their free CNA classes. This is often done to entice a lot of people to fill in the healthcare needs of their institution. The free classes provide immediate employment once the certification exam is passed. Unemployed and underemployed individuals can grab this chance to have a stable career in the healthcare field. However, before the classes and employment take place, an interview and an exam are done to screen the qualified individuals. They will also be required to submit an immunization record, TB testing, criminal background and many others. Bedford Nursing and Rehab Center has the best facilities for practicing nursing assistants. The free CNA classes can be a perfect way to get into the profession without paying anything.

Edgewood Convalescent Home

The Edgewood Convalescent Home is one of the nursing homes in Iowa offering free CNA classes. Qualified individuals will be hired once they pass the certification exam. The training program involves a mixture of lectures, laboratory training, and clinical experience. This is done in a way that students can learn and apply what they learned. Nursing assistants in Edgewood Convalescent Home provide the primary care, and they are responsible for uplifting the condition and welfare of the residents. Thus, the CNA training program aims to make these individuals competent and equip with the essential skills and knowledge about the profession. A free CNA training is only given to candidates who pass the interviews and exams, and who can potentially work at Edgewood Convalescent Home after a period of time.

Childserve Habilitation Center

The Childserve Habilitation Center also has their free CNA classes in Iowa every year. Individuals interested in working at their facility can take advantage of the free CNA class. This is done by a licensed nurse, licensed practical nurse or a certified nursing assistant, who will conduct the program for a couple of weeks. Although not all applicants can gain admission to the program, those who passed successfully will be offered an immediate employment once they take the certification exam. The CNA training program will cover some hours for lectures, skills training, and actual patient handling. Nevertheless, it will also make the students prepared for the demands of the changing healthcare profession. The free CNA training program of Childserve Habilitation Center is granted to candidates who possesses the passion to work in a healthcare setting. These individuals should agree to work in the facility as a return service for the free CNA training.

Cherokee Villa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Cherokee Villa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a free CNA classes in Iowa that cover the basic nursing lectures, skills enhancement, and clinical exposure. This is conducted by a licensed nurse or CNA working in the facility. The free CNA class is offered to those interested applicants who wanted to work for Cherokee Villa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. If they successfully finished the training and passed the exam, they can work in this institution right after. The good thing about this facility is that they provide training allowances during the course. Cherokee Villa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center also offers exceptional benefits and compensation packages to employed nursing assistants. Despite the agreement of working in the facility for a certain period, the institution makes it sure that their health care providers are well-compensated and happy with their working environment.

Belmond-Klemme Community School District

Belmond-Klemme Community School District has a nursing assistant training program that can be a perfect course for individuals desiring to work in the healthcare field. The program can be completed in a few weeks, with combined classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experience. Students learn several concepts and skills that will be useful in the profession. They also learn from the institution’s conducive environment and smaller class size, where personalized training is provided to students. Moreover, the CNA training at Belmond-Klemme Community can also be obtained for free. This can be availed at the school’s financial aid office where scholarship programs are granted to deserving students. Individuals taking the CNA course should take note that the program has requirements to meet. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is the minimum requirement of the program, but applicants also have to be physically and mentally fit to work in a healthcare setting.

Iowa Central Community College

Iowa Central Community College is offering a nursing assistant training program which prepares individuals to work in various healthcare settings. The program is a short training course that can be completed in a few weeks. Interested students for the CNA training have to be at least a high school graduate or GED equivalent holder to be admitted. They should also present a complete immunization record and undergo a physical examination and criminal background check. The free CNA classes of Iowa Central Community College is not offered all the time, but applicants who want to lessen the cost of the program can apply at the school’s financial aid office. The free CNA classes are often granted to individuals with financial hardships and good academic standing. The community college evaluates the applicants and ensures to accept individuals who are committed to the program.

Kirkwood Community College

The CNA training program of Kirkwood Community College is a short program that covers classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Graduates of the program are often eligible to take the state certification exam, by which passing the exam enables individuals to be qualified to work in different healthcare settings. Studying a nursing assistant training program at Kirkwood Community College provides an opportunity for students to understand the profession and acquire the necessary skills for nursing assistants. Because the program can be completed in a few weeks, the training is often rigorous, and students have to commit a full-time study. A faculty will supervise a student during the clinical practicum, but this individual should go through hours of training in a simulation lab. The CNA training program of Kirkwood Community College is available every term. Individuals who want to take a free CNA class can avail various scholarship programs in the community college.

Indian Hills Community College

The free CNA classes at Indian Hills Community College can be availed by individuals who excel academically and who have shown passion for the profession. This kind of program is often granted to interested students who cannot afford to take a CNA course. In this regard, the community college welcomes high school graduates, unemployed individuals, and even those who are graduates from a non-nursing course, to apply for a CNA training at their institution. Completing the program enables graduates to become eligible for the state certification exam. The exam will make students qualified to work in any healthcare facilities in Iowa. Indian Hills Community College ensures to provide a quality training program for aspiring nursing assistants. The admission process is selective because of the smaller class size implement per program, but successful applicants will receive the individualized type of instruction all throughout the course. The community college has a good reputation in the nursing profession. Thus, graduating from Indian Hills Community College allows students to use the college credits in pursuing a higher level of studies.

Iowa Lakes Community College

Iowa Lakes Community College has a nursing assistant training program that takes weeks of completion. Residents in Iowa who want to work in the healthcare field can start as nursing assistants through the CNA training program of Iowa Lakes Community College. The program combines classroom lectures and hands-on clinical practice. Students go through hours of class discussions which covers numerous nursing topics essential for the profession. After days of talks, these individuals will be trained in the school’s state of the art simulation lab with advanced facilities and equipment. They will be taught several skills to equip them for the hands-on clinical practice. One of the best things about Iowa Lakes Community College is they offer free CNA classes to students who are struggling financially. This is a great opportunity for Iowa residents to secure a certificate in the nursing profession.