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CNA Training & Classes | January 17, 2018

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CNA Classes in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Free CNA Classes

Just like all other states of the United States of America, Indiana’s Department of Health has a few criterions that must be carried out by CNA students before they can become qualified.

The candidates have to be eighteen years of age or older, be a graduate of a CNA program that is approved by the state, is free from any criminal charges, passes nurse aid evaluation, and must get their name listed on Indiana Nurse Aide Registry. The state requires for individuals to complete 30 classroom hours and complete 75 clinical hours for training.

You can find out about the curriculum and requirement details by visiting the website of the Health Department. If you are someone who fulfills all the requirements of the WIA or Workforce Investment in Indiana, then you can become eligible to avail the training that this program has to offer for free. The free CNA classes in Indianapolis become certified under the Workforce Investment Act for funds as they do not last for more than six months. You can check to see if you meet the necessary requirements for the training or not. If you do, then you will have to fill out the required paperwork for you to be able to obtain the funding and obtain free CNA classes in Indianapolis!

There are many institutions that you can contact in your state to find out about free training programs such as adult care services, nursing homes, and community colleges; you can obtain CNA training by programs that are sponsored by your employer. However, for you to be able to earn the opportunity to receive training from such training programs, you will have to work for the company for a particular period. This time span can be stretched from six months to one year. Once you finish working for the time that was agreed upon, you are free to work with other employers.

You can learn about the expected increase in demand for all CNAs after you read about the free CNA classes in Indianapolis that have been approved.

CNA Classes in Indianapolis  Community Colleges & Other Institutions:


The training that is offered at MedTech is known to prepare the students for a promising career as a skilled CNA. This college is well known for its professional instructors and programs of high quality. The main components of the programs that are used by the institute include infection control, gathering laboratory specimens, obtaining vital signs, charting, transferring the patients, reporting different medical observations, and paying attention to food and nutrition. This program is known to consist of clinical, laboratory, and classroom training to prepare the students for their much-awaited state examination. The graduates have the ability to carry on with their education by signing up for free CNA classes in Indianapolis at MedTech’s Registered Nurse program. You can get in touch with the representatives of the college to gain information about the class schedule and current fee structure.

RESQ Health and Safety

You can obtain your CNA classes at RESQ and be ready to take the exam within three weeks of training. RESQ is known to provide two different training choice including a five-week weekend and evening course or an everyday option which will take only three weeks of daily training classes. The sessions will be carried out on the facility of RESQ. After that, the students will be made to Greenwood Meadows to be provided with their clinical training sessions. Fees at RESQ are up to $799, which includes $549 for the tuition sessions and $250 for signing up. The cost covers the expenses for the AHA BLS for textbooks, Healthcare Provider Certification, and also your gait belt. You will have to bear other costs as well such as for medical examinations, state exam fees, uniform, and background screening. There is a very strict attendance policy at RESQ, and you will be dismissed from the classes without receiving a refund if you are tardy or absent on a regular basis.

Telos Institute

If you need free CNA classes in Indianapolis for CNA training, then you should consider availing the Christian nurse training that is offered at Telos Institute. Training is provided to any student sixteen years of age or older. Before you think about becoming a part of the program, you should consider learning a few medical terms. Over a period of four weeks of training, the students will learn all the basic nursing skills, infection control, medical terms, principles of health care, emergency response, nutrition, vital signs, record maintenance, and physiology, and the basic anatomy. We provide the training in line with the requirements of the state offering our CNA students with thirty hours of training in class and seventy-five hours of clinical training at our local facilities. Telos Institute motivates the students to take some time out of their schedule and volunteer at a community center. Fees and classes can change. If you would like to find out more, contact the institution to receive further information.

Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College’s health division offers many opportunities for individuals who would like to become a part of the medical field. Patient Care certificate class is one of the most well-attended programs of the college. Students who finish this course become eligible to take the test for Indiana Nurse Aide. There are nineteen credits of the class which is covered over two semesters and five different categories. Medical terminology, CNA preparation, health care support, home health aid, and dementia care are a part of the classes. The residents of Indiana have to pay $126 for every credit hour for tuitions. In other words, the entire program will cost the residents a total of $2396.85. However, you can contact Ivy Tech Community College and find out about the different scholarships they are willing to offer to students who qualify for them. Credits can be transferred to registered nursing programs. You can be provided financial assistance too if you are among those students who are eligible.

Advance Healthcare Vocational Institute

The Advance Healthcare Vocational Institute is offering a CNA training program that provides adequate knowledge and skills to students who want to be a part of the healthcare team through the Indiana State Department of Health. The program is consist of 30 hours of classroom education and 75 hours of hands-on clinical practice, allowing graduates to take the certification exam and work in various clinical settings. It is estimated to cost around $575 including immunizations and related supplies. However, students with financial struggle can apply for a scholarship at the school’s financial aid office. The Institute offers several financial support programs that cover the cost of the tuition and enable CNA students to study at a lesser fee. Most scholarship programs do not provide certification exam fees. Thus, students still have to prepare a certain amount of money for other related expenses. It is recommended that interested applicants have to show financial need and excellent academic record to be considered for the scholarship program.

Free CNA Classes in Indianapolis by American Red Cross

Indiana’s Department of Public Health Fund provides scholarships to assist individuals in receiving CNA training. You can contact the local department to obtain more information concerning the training courses. American Red Cross is known to be available in various communities in the state that offers free CNA classes in Indianapolis. You can contact your local subdivisions to receive more information. There are many online schools as well that offer free CNA training. However, the programs online will only provide you with technical information about training. To receive the clinical experience, you will have to spend some money and receive the practical learning you need. Students who finished the CNA program can jumpstart a career in the healthcare field and possibly advance their job to the next level. They can also pursue a higher standard of education in nursing which will open a lot of opportunities in the future.

Free CNA Classes in Indianapolis Nursing Homes:

Golden Living Center

You can also take a look at Indiana’s Golden Living Center as this is one of the very foundations of Indiana that provides free CNA classes in Indianapolis. However, you should keep in mind that the openings for their free sessions are very limited. To avail a spot in the slot, you will need to inquire and apply at institution ahead of time. If you are found to be qualified for the program, you will need to provide your background verification and even provide them with a drug test. The students here have to work with payment after they finish their training courses. It is part of the agreement that qualified candidates should work in the facility for a specified period, or they will pay the entire cost of the training. Nevertheless, working in Golden Living Center is an excellent opportunity to receive stable employment in the city of Indianapolis.

Indiana Health Careers Training

Indiana Health Careers Training is another institution of the state that provides interested candidates with CNA training. Even though the institute does not offer free training, the programs that are available at the institution are one of the most inexpensive in the state. It is not as costly as compared to CNA programs available in colleges and universities. The quality of the training is also excellent because the institution has expert instructors who supervise and guide the aspiring CNAs in their professional goals. The CNA training program of Indiana Health Careers Training provides a lot of flexibility. You can obtain night classes during the week if you are a working candidate, and classes are even held on the weekends. Students can choose which schedule they prefer the most, as long as the selected program is not yet full. Graduates of the CNA course can be qualified to take the licensing exam. These individuals will also be assisted to get a stable job in the healthcare field in Indianapolis.

Miller’s Merry Manor

Miller’s Merry Manor provides free CNA classes to their potential nursing assistants. Due to the shortage of CNA applicants, the facility is inviting interested residents of the city to apply and become one of their healthcare providers. The course takes weeks to complete, and graduates are usually offered a permanent employment after passing the state licensing exam. Qualified candidates of the program are also provided with uniforms, books, manuals, and training allowances. However, applicants have to meet the employment requirements of the nursing institution, as well as the program qualifications. Miller’s Merry Manor requires applicants to be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma, a clean criminal record, and free from communicable diseases. Accepted applicants will undergo interviews and exams as part of the selection process. Nevertheless, these candidates are given extraordinary privilege to receive immediate and stable employment, with an excellent compensation package that they cannot get from any other employers.

Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – Eagle Creek

The free CNA training program of Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation is a short healthcare course that allows graduates to receive immediate employment after passing the state licensing examination successfully. The course runs for weeks, and students go through classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice in the rehabilitation center. These individuals will be trained by the best clinical instructors who also serve as their mentors and future workmates. Applicants of the free CNA program is often selective because qualified candidates will be working in the center for a specified period. However, these individuals will have the privilege to become nursing assistants since the program is state-approved. The number of candidates who will be invited to undergo the program depends on the availability of CNA positions. Candidates have to undergo a criminal background check and physical examination as part of the requirements. Nevertheless, these individuals should also be willing to work at Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation as an exchange for the free CNA program.

Bethany Village

Bethany Village provides free CNA classes to the residents of Indianapolis to ease their need for nursing assistants and make sure that unemployed individuals secure a stable job. Interested applicants can submit the necessary requirements of the program including a high school diploma, a criminal background check, and a physical exam. These individuals should make sure that they are willing to work in the village for a specified period in exchange for the free CNA program. The program incorporates classroom lectures with hands-on clinical practice to develop skills and provide a thorough understanding of the nursing profession. Qualified candidates have to perform well in both academic and clinical aspects of the training to make sure that they also have higher chances of passing the state licensing exam. Bethany Village often looks for candidates who are not only qualified to work but who are also willing to be a part of the facility’s growing healthcare team.