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CNA Training & Classes | November 15, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Indiana

CNA Classes in Indiana

It is not difficult to obtain a healthcare job in Indiana. As long as you have a CNA license, you can apply to hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities in need of Certified Nursing Assistants. The training program for CNA’s does not take long and can be done in a few days or weeks. If you are interested in this profession, you can avail yourself of a free CNA class offered at several institutions. Certified Nursing Assistants are privileged to get an excellent compensation package in the state. Because of increasing demand, they often earn a high rate and gain stable employment. Therefore, it can be the right choice to become a CNA.

However, the training program for this profession is quite expensive. This is why there are free CNA classes in Indiana to provide opportunities for the unemployed or underemployed. They can be availed from a nursing home or healthcare facility, or through a scholarship from a nursing school. Whatever institution provides the program, you will learn everything needed to pass the certification exam and ply your trade. In short, you cannot be a CNA if you do not pass the certification exam.

Nursing Homes with Free CNA Classes in Indiana

Bluffton Regional Medical Center

Bluffton Regional Medical Center offers free CNA classes in Indiana since they need more nursing assistants on the floor. Not many people are interested in working in a healthcare setting which is why the free CNA class are designed to entice candidates to take the program. The program aims to hire more nursing assistants in their facility. Thus, if you qualify for the CNA class, it means that you get a job right after certification. They will train you in the fundamental aspects of nursing as well as the skills needed for the certification exam and future employment. The institution will  ensure that students are prepared for taking the exam and eventually meeting the demands of  patients in various healthcare facilities.

Brentwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Brentwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides free CNA classes in Indiana to compensate for the great need for nursing assistants. It has been years since the facility had hires CNA’s because the resident admissions only expand from time to time; thus, more healthcare workers are required to provide excellent care. The program will teach aspiring nursing assistants about the job and how to handle a resident who has challenging behavior. They will be taught nursing skills like vital signs taking, CPR, first aid, and many others. Upon completion, they will be qualified to take the certification exam. Taking the free CNA classes at Brentwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is an excellent opportunity to work in a top healthcare facility.

Bremen Healthcare Center

The free CNA class of Bremen Healthcare Center provide employment upon passing the certification exam. Similar to other training programs, students go through classroom lectures and clinical training. They will be taught the proper handling of residents as well as the nursing skills to be performed day by day. Individuals who wish to undergo the program must ensure to work in the center for a particular period. The interview process and an exam are used screen qualified candidates for the program. Successful applicants will be trained by the nurses or CNA’s of Bremen Healthcare Center. These people will receive the best training and education to prepare them for the profession and future employment.

Dukes Memorial Hospital

Dukes Memorial Hospital needs more Certified Nursing Assistants to provide primary care to patients — young and old alike. Their free CNA class in Indiana is a strategy to encourage Indiana residents to become nursing assistants and work at their facility right after. The good thing about the program is that it provides vast opportunities to those who satisfactorily complete the training. They can specialize in one area or earn nursing credits to become a nurse or an LPN. The program focuses on basic knowledge and skill training so that students will be equipped to work in an actual clinical scenario. They will work with a nurse or LPN and provide care on their own.

Schools Offering Free CNA Classes in Indiana:

Ivy Tech Community College

The free CNA classes at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana are offered to a limited number of students. Anyone wishing to take the training must qualify and provide the necessary documents. Students can check with the school’s financial aid office to find out the specific needs of the scholarship program. Typically, the scholarship covers textbooks, uniforms and other supplies. The student will shoulder the fees for the certification exam. This is an excellent opportunity because almost everything is paid while you study the nursing assistant course. Ivy Tech Community College has been providing an excellent nursing education to aspiring health care professionals. Whether paid training or not, students here receive quality training that prepares them for the certification exam and potential employment.

Advance Healthcare Vocational Institute

The CNA training program of Advance Healthcare Vocational Institute provides the necessary skills and knowledge to students who wish to become nursing assistants. It consists of 30 hours of classroom lectures and 75 hous ofr clinical experience. Typically, the estimated cost of the program is $575, but there are scholarships and grants available for those who qualify. The free CNA training program of Advance Healthcare Vocational Institute enables students to secure a health care education without paying fees. Individuals interested in a scholarship program can visit the school’s financial aid office and find out about the requirements. Generally, scholarship programs look for students seeking financial assistance who display academic excellence. Students who want to apply should fit these two important criteria to secure a place in the free CNA training program.

North Adams Vocational School

Individuals who want to undergo a CNA training program can look to North Adams Vocational School which offers a free nursing assistant course. The program is comprised of classroom lectures, laboratory training, and clinical experience. Students go through basic instruction to ensure that they are knowledgeable and skilled enough to work in various healthcare settings. North Adams Vocational School welcomes single mothers, the unemployed, and high school graduates to apply for their low-cost CNA training. Free CNA classes are offered to deserving students who excel academically. North Adams Vocational School features state-of-the-art equipment that foster student learning. They also have the best faculty who provide personalized training to aspiring nursing assistants. This allows students to meet their educational and professional goals, especially in fulfilling their roles as nursing assistants. The free CNA class at North Adams Vocational School can be availed at their financial aid or admission’s office. Interested individuals must meet the requirements to be considered.

Ivy Tech Community College

The CNA training program of Ivy Tech Community College is offered year round to cater the healthcare needs of Indiana. Individuals interested in becoming a healthcare professional can apply for CNA training at the college, after which graduates become eligible to take the certification exam. Ivy Tech Community College has one of the best CNA training programs in the state. Combining classroom lectures with laboratory training, and clinical experiences, the program provides the best training to equip students for the profession. Students are trained under the expertise of licensed healthcare professionals. During the clinical experience, they are supervised by clinical preceptors who guide them in handling real patients in an affiliated healthcare facility. Students who want to avail themselves of free CNA classes at Ivy Tech Community College can apply for a scholarship at the institution’s financial aid office. The requirements should be met, and students must maintain good academic grades.

Advanced Healthcare Training Services

The CNA training program of Advanced Healthcare Training Services can be availed year round. The institution is known to provide a quality nursing assistant training program in the state of Indiana, with free CNA classes offered to individuals undergoing financial hardship. The program is comprised of classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical experience. Students are supervised by a clinical instructor who provides the necessary coursework. During the training, students are prepared to pass the certification exam. They will be exposed to useful resources fhat foster competence during the hands-on practicum. Advanced Healthcare Training Services has modern facilities and equipment that enhance the student’s knowledge and skills in the nursing profession. Apart from their experience as a state-approved educator, the institution has gained a reputation in the healthcare field as one of the best schools producing great nursing assistants.

Omega Healthcare Systems Health Education Center

Omega Healthcare Systems Health Education Center offers a CNA training program that prepares students for the profession and the state certification exam. The program is approved by the state Board of Nursing, which means that graduates can gain college credits useful for taking an advanced degree lan Associate or Bachelor’s degree program in Nursing. These individuals will have the chance to take the state certification exam that enables CNA graduates eligible to work in various healthcare settings. The Nursing Assistant training program of Omega Healthcare Systems Health Education Center can be completed in a few months. It often includes technical instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practicum in an affiliated facility. Students who wish to take a free CNA class can apply at the school’s financial aid office. Several scholarships are available for individuals with financial struggles. Various requirements are needed to get a scholarship, but it is the best way to obtain a free CNA class

Columbus Area Career Connection

Columbus Area Career Connection provides a quality nursing assistant training program in Indiana. The short course program enables graduates to work as nursing assistants in various healthcare facilities. Students are taught different nursing topics that will prepare them for the state-approved certification exam. These individuals are exposed to a real clinical setting where they handle patients with various healthcare needs. The clinical practicum takes place in a local healthcare facility with supervision from a clinical preceptor. Columbus Area Career Connection ensures to prepare their students with the essential knowledge and skills. Those who cannot pay the tuition and related costs of the program can apply for scholarships and financial assistance to study for free. The quality of the free CNA course is the same as the regular CNA program of the institution.