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CNA Training & Classes | November 15, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Illinois

CNA Classes in Illinois

Certified Nursing Assistants in Illinois have a lot of job opportunities to look forward to. They are hired in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities to provide primary care to patients and residents. However, before you become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must undergo a training program that takes place in the course of a few weeks. Once the program is finished, a certification exam follows to enable graduates to gain eligibility to work in any healthcare institution.

The training program allows students to learn basic nursing procedures. These concepts and principles are paramount to impart the knowledge and skills needed to handle a variety of patients with different health conditions. Becoming a CNA in Illinois is good career path to consider, but there are individuals who cannot provide their tuition fees. The good news is that they can take the program for free. There are plenty of schools and healthcare institutions that offer free CNA classes for a limited period, so if you grab the opportunity fast, you could choose from the selections below. Make sure you know the requirements before the start of the program.

Training Institutions offering Free CNA Classes in Illinois:

Chicago Community Learning Center

The Chicago Community Learning Center offers a free CNA class every year, and the training program covers topics like anatomy, physiology, medical terminologies and many others. It also teaches nursing skills to ensure that every student knows how to handle a patient, especially those with disabilities and psychological problems. Students interested in this profession should submit a high school diploma or GED, immunization record, TB testing, criminal background check and other requirements demanded by the school. Upon completion of the program, the student will be qualified to take the state certification exam. The free CNA class at Chicago Community Learning Center is available to students with financial need. The school grants funding  individuals who are passionate in pursuing a nursing education regardless of financial means.

Omega Healthcare Technical School

Free CNA classes in Illinois can be obtained from the Omega Healthcare Technical School. They are offered to a limited number of people, and interested students should make sure they qualify for a scholarship. They also have to submit the necessary requirements like one’s high school diploma or GED, a criminal background check, TB testing, immunization record and many documents. Of course, it is also important that the student passes the exams and interview. This is how the school screens for the right individuals for a scholarship. The financial aid programs at Omega Healthcare Technical School enable students to  enroll in a free CNA training program. The school  looks for deserving students who are committed to completing the program and passing the certification exam.

Carl Sandburg College

There is a free CNA program in Illinois provided by Carl Sandburg College, most often offered to individiuals who have been unable to go to school for five years and up. The purpose of the CNA training program is to help these people get a job in a healthcare setting, especially those who were unemployed or underemployed. Taking this program will allow them to pursue further education and specialize in some areas of the field. It can be a great opportunity to gain a stable employment since working as a Certified Nursing Assistant entitles graduates to earn a good income. Interested students of the free CNA class should inquire at the school’s financial aid office where scholarships and grants are offered.

Rock Valley Community College

The CNA scholarship program of Rock Valley Community College is offered to individuals who are no more than 30 years old. The program is designed to help unemployed people gain a stable career in the healthcare field. Nursing assistants are in demand in hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities. These institutions will continue to employ in the years to come; thus, taking advantage of scholarship program can be a breakthrough in attaining a stable income and potential educational advancement. However, the scholarship is not easy to obtain. Due to limited funds and an increasing number of applicants, the institution screens students according to their financial need and academic history.

College of Lake County

The College of Lake County offers free CNA classes in Illinois to individuals who qualify for their scholarships. The program combines classroom lectures, skills practice and clinical experience which take place in a long-term care facility. Students will meet for eight weeks. The certification exam will be held right after course completion. Hence, it does not take long to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Illinois. However, before the process of becoming a qualified CNA is final, candidates mush show that they have no criminal record or communicable disease. The College of Lake County makes sure to accept students without health issues and criminal offenses, as part of the necessary requirements for the certification exam. They also want to have students with the dedication and capacity to undergo classroom lectures and hands-on clinical exposure.

Triton College

Triton College has been offering free CNA classes in Illinois over the years because of the demand for nursing assistants. The state needs to add to the labor force in the healthcare field and has made it their initiative to provide scholarships and grants to qualified students. Normally, the training program has seven credits and includes 165 hours of training in a classroom and clinical environment. Students will go through the required hours of lectures and skills training before they are exposed to a clinical setting, which can either be in a hospital, nursing home or long-term care facility. Once they finish the program, they will be entitled to take the certification exam.

Dupage Area Occupational Education System

Dupage Area Occupational Education System is offering free CNA classes to residents in the state of Illinois. Individuals who want to be a part of the healthcare team can undergo nursing assistant training here which can be completed in a few weeks. The program combines classroom instruction with laboratory training and clinical experiences. Students will be trained by the institution’s expert faculty and staff who are licensed professionals with years of expertise in the healthcare field. Studying in a free CNA class at Dupage Area Occupational Education System is a great way to earn college credits that can be used for advancing ohealthcare care profession. The free CNA class has certain qualifications that must be met by every applicant. Other than the academic requirements, individuals applying for a free CNA class must be unable to pay for training program due to personal circumstances. The institution makes sure that the students are not only facing a financial struggle but are also academically competent to excel in the training program.

Shawnee Community College

Shawnee Community College offers a free CNA training program for individuals who want to be a nursing assistant in Illinois. The program covers the nursing concepts and skills relevant to CNA practice. Subjects like anatomy, physiology, therapeutic communication, and many others are taught during the program. Students are also exposed to a clinical setting with supervision from the school’s faculty. The clinical practicum will enhance their skills as they encounter hands-on practical experience. In addition, the theoretical instruction will equipthem for the certification exam, which takes place upon course completion. Shawnee Community College offers an affordable nursing assistant training program in the state of Illinois, but individuals who are not able to provide for their tuition can look into the many scholarship programs offered at the school’s financial aid office. The scholarship programs are not available to everyone, but are given to deserving individuals who meet the qualifications.

Lewis and Clark Community College

When it comes to free CNA training programs, the Lewis and Clark Community College is one of the best options. The institution offers nursing assistant training to individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. The CNA training program can be completed in a short span of time, and includes  theoretical instruction combined with hands-on clinical experience. Students in the program get the best experience from their CNA training because of the smaller class size and more personalized training. The faculty and staff of the community college are expert professionals with years of experience in the healthcare field. These individuals ensure that their students are equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills that will prepare them for the certification exam and potential employment. Free CNA classes are not offered year round. Note that individuals under a scholarship program often pay less than the typical tuition cost.

A Plus Healthcare Training

A Plus Healthcare Training offers a free CNA class to deserving candidates who cannot pay the cost of the program but who excel academically. The free training is not for everyone as it is limited to qualified applicants. The nursing assistant course of A Plus Healthcare Training is on a par with  other CNA training programs in Illinois. It is comprised of classroom lectures covering nursing concepts and laboratory and a hands-on clinical practicum, which enables students to gain substantial experience. The lectures and skills training of the program allow students to be prepared for the certification exam. Since the program can be completed in a short period, students can expect rigorous training on campus and in clinical settings. These individuals will work to gain  good academic standing to graduate and receive a certificate from the program. A Plus Healthcare Training will make it sure that all graduates are competent and knowledgeable to care for a diverse population.

Bartlett High School

Graduating high school students can enter a state-approved nursing assistant training program at Barlett High School. The program covers both classroom lectures and skills training in a healthcare facility, which prepares students for a career in the nursing profession. Barlett High School showcases qualified faculty who will conduct the training on campus. These individuals are licensed healthcare professionals with years of experience in the medical field. High school students will undergo rigorous training to prepare them for the exam and nursing profession. The CNA training course can be completed in a few weeks, allowing students to finish their high school education at the same time. Barlett High School has been providing quality nursing assistant training in Illinois for some time. Some of the programs can be taken for free, depending on the scholarships or sponsors available. Interested individuals must meet the requirements of the program to be considered for admission. The class size is often limited; thus, personalized training is provided to every student.

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