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CNA Training & Classes | January 20, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Henderson NV

Free CNA Classes in Henderson NV

There are several free CNA classes in Henderson, Nevada which you can avail in various schools and healthcare institutions. If you want to work in the healthcare field as a Certified Nursing Assistant but you do not have the resources to enroll and pay the tuition, you can take the free CNA classes and become eligible for the certification exam. These free classes are usually offered through a direct employment program, which will also give you a job after completing everything. So if you do not know where to find the free CNA classes in Henderson, Nevada, try to inquire these institutions below.

Purrfect Nursing Services

Purrfect Nursing Services is offering a nurse aide training program administered through the College of Southern Nevada. This program has 3 college credits, allowing the graduates to have an opportunity to study in another college or university. The CNA training program of Purrfect Nursing Services has a total of 120 hours which lasts for five and a half weeks. Students in the program will undergo a combined classroom lecture, skills training and clinical exposure in order to be equipped with the profession and be ready for the certification exam. The classes offered by the school accepts 30 students only thus, first come first serve basis applies on the admission process. Nonetheless, the small class size is strictly implemented in order to ensure that students receive adequate attention in every lectures and skills training provided by the instructor. The actual cost of training at Purrfect Nursing Services is $1,400 inclusive of the criminal background check, TB test and nurse aide application. Scholarship programs and financial aid grants are available for economically disadvantaged students.

Great Basin College

Great Basin College is offering a nursing assistant training program that lasts for 120 hours by which 40 hours is intended for clinical sessions. Students in the program will receive 6 college credits once they completed it. They can also choose the type of class that suits their schedule; it can be an early morning, afternoon or late evening classes, depending on the slots available as well. The CNA training course allows every potential nursing assistant to receive college level credits. They will be lectured through a traditional classroom setting and be trained through a hands-on and clinical experience. The good thing about Great Basin College is they have an affordable CNA training program in Nevada, approximately $510 inclusive of the uniforms and textbooks. However, scholarship and financial aid grants are also offered to those who cannot afford the full tuition. Applicants simply have to ensure that they meet the requirements including a high school diploma or GED, a complete immunization record, TB screening, drug screening, chest Xray and criminal background check.

Truckee Meadows Community College

Truckee Meadows Community College is offering 6 credit hours of nursing assistant training program which allows the students to learn the various nursing skills and concepts about the profession. It also provides them an opportunity to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and work in different healthcare facilities. The cost of the program is $500 inclusive of the tuition and fees. Background check, TB screening and relevant immunization should be in expense with the student. Scholarship programs and financial aid grants may be availed, depending on the availability and qualifications of the student. Nevertheless, the CNA training program of Truckee Meadows Community College has a small class size and students interested to enroll should take note on the first come first serve principle. The smaller class size allows the instructors of the program to provide an individualize teaching to aspiring nursing assistants. Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to sit for the state certification exam.

Other Institutions offering Free CNA Classes in Henderson, Nevada:

  • Burk Horizon/Sunset SW High School
  • Desert Rose High School
  • Western Nevada College
  • Sierra Nevada Job Corps
  • South Lyon Medical Center