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CNA Training & Classes | March 22, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Greensboro NC

Free CNA Classes in Greensboro NC

CNA programs are often provided with a fee. The costs includes the tuition, fees, medical equipments, uniforms and many others but you can also take free CNA classes in Greensboro, North Carolina in case you cannot afford the typical CNA program. These free classes are similar to the typical paid CNA classes, except that you become employed once you pass the certification exam. The institution that offers you the free CNA classes in Greensboro, North Carolina will require you to work for them in a couple of months or years, which is beneficial at some point. You will not be having a hard time finding a job but you just have to finish the program and pass the certification. Here are some schools that offer free CNA classes in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Alamance Community College

Alamance Community College offers a nursing assistant training course that meets all requirements of the state for students to become certified healthcare professional. The course has 16 credit hours which covers a combined lecture, skills training and clinical practice. Students in the program will know the basic concepts and principles of the profession including the safety and infection control, anatomy and physiology, rehabilitative care, care for the elderly, vital signs measurement, activities of daily living and many others. They will also assist and provide nursing care to an actual patient with the supervision of a Certified Nursing Assistant. It is necessary for interested applicants to have a clean criminal background. They have to undergo fingerprinting, TB tests, drug screening tests and chest Xray in order to determine the suitability for the nurse assistant position. Graduates of the program will be eligible for the certification exam and become a CNA in the state of North Carolina.

Wikes Community College

Wikes Community College is offering two CNA programs – Nurse Aide I and Nurse Aide II courses. The Nurse Aide I course has 192 hours of study while the Nurse Aide II has 180 hours of study. These program allows the students to gain a certificate and become eligible for the state certification exam. They will be trained and educated about the profession, allowing them to gain the necessary knowledge and skills. Course topics will include the fundamentals of nursing, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, safety and infection control, care for the elderly and other nursing skills like vital signs taking and assisting patients with their activities of daily living like bathing, feeding, toileting, and dressing. Applicants for the program should take note that they cannot apply for the CNA II course unless they complete the CNA I program first. They also have to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a complete immunization record, and tests related to TB screening, drug screening and chest Xray.

South Piedmont Community College

South Piedmont Community College is only offering a Nurse Aide II course for individuals who are Certified Nursing Assistants in North Carolina already. Students who are not yet certified can take the Nurse Aide I course to another school. Nonetheless, the Nurse Aide II program lasts for eight to twelve weeks, depending on the type of study that the student wished to pursue. Full time CNA study will allow the student to finish the program at a shorter period compared to those who are in a part time study. The classroom instruction lasts for 49 hours and it covers various nursing topics that every student should learn. Meanwhile, the laboratory experience will last for 70 hours, giving an opportunity for the students to learn several skills. At the end of the classroom and laboratory experience, a clinical instruction will follow which lasts for 40 hours. Graduates of the program will have the chance to take the certification exam and become a CNA in the state.

Institutions offering Refresher CNA Courses:

Carolina Allied Health Career Prep Center

Carolina Allied Health Career Prep Center is offering a refresher course for Certified Nursing Assistants who have not practiced their profession. These classes are offered online so students can access several videos and online textbooks for the profession. The cost of the program is $280 inclusive of an intensive skills training at the facilities of Carolina Allied Health Career Prep Center. Students will have the chance to gain back the knowledge and skills they need to be an equip nursing assistant.

Other Institutions offering Free CNA Classes in Greensboro, North Carolina:

  • Mayland Community College
  • Broughton Hospital
  • Western Piedmont Community College
  • Catawba Valley Community College
  • Tri-County Community College