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CNA Training & Classes | March 23, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Gilbert Town AZ

Free CNA Classes in Gilbert Town AZ

Certified Nursing Assistants are greatly needed in the state of Arizona. Due to the increasing need for long term care among the baby boomer generation, several healthcare institutions are hiring CNA’s. However, there are only few people interested in this profession, this is the reason why there are free CNA classes in Gilbert Town, Arizona. These free classes are done to entice the residents of the state to work as a CNA and become a part of the healthcare team. The institutions offering it does not ask anything in return, but most of them would want the graduates to work for them as an employed CNA. If you want to take the chance on these free CNA classes in Gilbert Town, Arizona, try to ask these schools and healthcare institutions below.

Arizona Western College

Arizona Western College is a community college that provides a CNA training program all year round. The program is a short course that can be completed in 8 weeks (during fall and spring semesters) and 5 weeks (during summer semesters). This is a great opportunity for the residents and non-residents in Arizona to have a career in the healthcare field as a nursing assistant. To be eligible for admission, applicants have to be a high school graduate or a GED holder with a CPR certification, criminal background check, TB test, drug screening test and TB test. They also have to pass the interviews and exams provided by the school. Arizona Western College follows a small class size every semester that is why, not all aspiring students are privileged to undergo the program. However, successful applicants will go through a series of classroom instruction, skills training and clinical practice in an affiliated healthcare facility. This is done to ensure that graduates are prepared and equipped for the state certification exam.

Mesa Community College

Mesa Community College has a lot of convenient locations for their CNA training programs. This institution operates for more than 50 years now, with a good reputation at producing competent nursing assistants over the years. The CNA course has 150 hours of training comprising of classroom instruction and clinical practice. This combined instruction allows the students to be equipped for the certification exam. It will cover various nursing topics applicable to nursing assistants like vital signs monitoring, care for the elderly, charting, medical terminologies, basic anatomy and physiology, safety and infection control, nutrition, activities of daily living and many others. Interested applicants have to complete the training requirements before they are admitted. They need to be physically and mentally prepared because nursing assistants work with various patients in need of long term and short term nursing care. Tuition cost can range from $1100 to $1500 including the textbooks, uniforms, drug screening, fingerprinting and comprehensive background check. Scholarships and financial aid grants can also be availed by those who want a free or low cost CNA training program.

Fred G. Acosta Job Corps

Low income individuals who wished to be trained under a CNA program can apply at Fred G. Acosta Job Corps. This institution is a common provider of free CNA classes in the state of Arizona in response to the need for nursing assistants. It is a comprehensive training which combines the classroom instruction into a hands-on training in a clinical field. Students who want to gain admission for the program should ensure to provide a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also need to be physically fit and be free from any criminal record. The Job Corps will provide the accommodation, allowances, uniforms, textbooks and equipments of successful students who passed the admission process. They will train and prepare the aspiring nursing assistants to be job ready and competent in the state certification exam. Clinical exposure will take place in a healthcare facility near the location. Students will be supervised by the institution’s qualified nursing assistants.

Metro Tech High School

Young high school students who are 17 years old or above can take a CNA training program at Metro Tech High School. This institution is providing low cost CNA training program in order to give opportunities for young individuals who wished to work in the healthcare field. The school has been awarded recently with $900, 000 grant, allowing them to provide quality CNA training at a low cost. However, students have to have a clean criminal record and a physical exam through chest xray, TB test and drug screening test before gaining admission. They also need to have competent English skills particularly in reading and speaking aspects. Students in the program will go through a combined classroom instruction and clinical exposure. They will be trained with the supervision of a Certified Nursing Assistant. Once they completed the training, they will then be eligible for the state certification exam. Metro Tech High School has affiliations with several healthcare facilities in Gilbertown, Arizona so successful graduates can immediately work in a nursing home or hospital.

Other Institutions offering Free CNA Classes in Gilbert Town, Arizona:

  • Desert Highlands Care Center
  • East Mesa Care Center
  • Grace Healthcare
  • Havasu Nursing Center
  • Sun Grove Village Care Center