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CNA Training & Classes | November 15, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Georgia

CNA Classes in Georgia

In Georgia, new Certified Nursing Assistants are needed to assist nurses and other members of the healthcare team in providing quality services to patients and residents. This shortage is a serious problem in the state since most healthcare institutions are understaffed with CNA’s. For this reason, some schools and facilities are providing free CNA classes in Georgia to entice individuals to take the training program.

If you are interested in a free CNA training program in Georgia, you can search online or at nearby institutions. The program will only take a few weeks to complete, so you can get employment right after passing the certification exam. Make sure you meet the requirements specified by the facility or school to be admitted. Certified Nursing Assistants in Georgia are well-compensated and have an excellent opportunity to work as a nurse if they pursue further studies. Therefore, if a job in the healthcare field is something that appeals to you, do not miss the chance to take free CNA classes.

Training Centers for Free CNA Classes in Georgia:

Village Samaritan, LLC

The Village Samaritan, LLC is an approved WIA training center for free CNA programs. Only successful applicants can take the program without paying so one must prepare and complete the requirements beforehand. Nevertheless, the average cost of the program is $600 to $1200, but some healthcare facilities have low-cost programs or free training available. There are scholarships, student loans, payment plans and other options, so it will not be difficult for enroll in the CNA training program. Village Samaritan, LLC is a known venue for a nursing assistant training program in Georgia. With various scholarship programs in place, students can acquire the funds to explore the CNA program for free.

Covenant CNA School

The Covenant CNA School has one of the best avenues for a nursing assistant training program. Students are tuahgt the basic nursing principles and procedures to equip them for the certification exam and a future career in the healthcare field. Classroom lectures impart knowledge, while laboratory training prepares them for clinical experience. Students in this program will be exposed to a nursing home or a hospital so they can handle real patients and apply what they learned from their training. Upon completion of the program, these students will be assisted with their certification exam, the most challenging obstacle they have to go through to become a qualified nursing assistant in Georgia. The free CNA classes at Covenant CNA School may not be offered all the time, but it information about the schedule can be obtained at the institution’s financial aid office where scholarship programs are also available. Interested students may apply for these scholarships and wait to be shortlisted for CNA funding.

Schools offering free CNA Classes in Georgia:

Murray Career Institute

The Murray Career Institute offers a free CNA classes in Georgia every year. The program usually lasts for two weeks if a student prefers a day schedule and five weeks if he/she prefers an evening schedule. The CNA program is a great opportunities to learn the skills of a nursing assistant, and it can be a stepping stone for a Bachelor’s degree in nursing or another healthcare field. It covers topics like anatomy, physiology, patient care among many others. Clinical training takes place in a nursing home or hospital. Individuals who undergo the program pay $520, but those qualified for the free CNA class will not pay any fees. The free CNA classes of Murray Career Institute can be availed at the school’s financial aid office. Several scholarship programs are offered at the institution that enable students to fund their nursing assistant education. Financial hardship and a good academic track record are the main factors taken in consideration to receive a scholarship.

Southeastern Technical College

Southeastern Technical College has a CNA training program that lasts for 85 hours, 24 of them are dedicated to clinical training, and the rest to classroom lectures. Individuals who qualify for the free CNA classses will have the same privileges as paying students, and they will all learn the necessary skills to pass the certification exam. Since the program only takes a few hours per session, it general takes one semester to complete. However, individuals who choose the evening class will complete the program in two semesters. Additionally, students who want to take advantage of a free CNA class can inquire at the financial aid office to know more about the available scholarship programs. These will enable students to receive a free nursing assistant training as it covers the cost of the tuition, uniforms, books, medical supplies, and others expenses.

Altamaha Technical Institute

The CNA program of Altamaha Technical Institute covers 13 credits of classroom training and clinical practice. Individuals who take the free CNA classes in Georgia will go through the same process and undergo lectures and laboratory training to hasten their knowledge and skills of the profession. The good thing about the fine program at this institution is the expert professionals who supervise students along the way. They will teach step by step especially the handling of real patients admitted to hospitals or nursing homes. Applying for a free CNA training program can be done at the school’s financial aid office. Some of the scholarships available at Altamaha Technical Institute will cover all the expenses including books, uniforms, and medical supplies, but there are some  that only cover a portion of the CNA training program.

West Georgia Technical College

West Georgia Technical College offers a CNA program in Georgia, either for free or with a cost. The program has 13 credits and covers both classroom training and clinical experiences. The estimated cost of the program is $775, but scholarships, grants, student loans and other financial options are available. Individuals wishing to avail themselves of the free CNA classes in Georgia should be sure to do it well in advance because space is quite limited per training program. Nevertheless, the program will teach the basic nursing principles and skills needed to become a fully qualified nursing assistant in the state. It will also prepare students for the state certification exam, as well as the demands of the profession.

Southeastern Technical College

Southeastern Technical College offers a nurse certification program that requires students to complete at least 85 hours of education. The state-approved program combines classroom/laboratory training and 24 hours of clinical training within a particular nursing home facility under the supervision of a Georgia certified trainer. Southeastern Technical College is one of the most reputable institutions in Georgia offering free CNA classes. Students qualifying for a scholarship program are eligible for a free CNA course. The program can be completed in one semester for students choosing daytime classes, but it takes two semesters or terms for those who prefer a night schedule. Graduating from the program allows students to receive 13 college credits. It will also make them eligible to take the certification exam, which is a written, oral and skills competency test that allows students to work in a healthcare setting. Southeastern Technical College provides excellent hands-on training to students who aspire to work in the medical field as a nursing assistant.

Okefenokee Technical College

The ,Nurse Aide Technical Certificate of Okefenokee Technical College prepares students to work in various healthcare settings as nursing assistants. The program can be completed in a short period, with combined classroom lectures, laboratory skills training and clinical experiences in general medical and surgical hospitals, as well as nursing care facilities. The CNA training program enables graduates to receive 13 credits of college education. The estimated cost of the course ranges from $988, excluding the cost of textbooks and program-related supplies. Students who excel academically and require financial assistance can seek free CNA classes provided by the Okefenokee Technical College financial aid office. Admission to these scholarship programs is limited, but accepted applicants are privileged to study a nursing assistant training program at  no cost. Okefenokee Technical College will make it sure that students are equipped with the proper knowledge and skills. Thus, graduating from the institution provides an excellent opportunity to be trained from a reputable nursing school.

West Georgia Technical College

West Georgia Technical College offers a nurse aide certificate program that prepares students for a combined classroom training, laboratory practice and clinical experiences. The program can be completed in a single semester with an estimated cost of $775 for tuition and registration fees. However, students with a financial hardship can apply for free CNA classes at the school’s financial aid office. The quality of the free CNA classes is the same as any other training program. Students are trained under the expertise of the college’ faculty who are licensed healthcare professionals. They enjoy a personalized training program within an environment conducive to learning. The nursing assistant training program will include the relevant concepts and skills required for the profession. Graduates receive valuable training which equips them for the state certification exam and potential employment.

Dominion Healthcare Solutions

For individuals seeking a training program that leads to the successful passing of the national certification exam, Dominion Healthcare Solutions is the best option. The institution has a nurse’s aid training program that enables graduates to work as qualified nursing assistants in the state of Georgia. The curriculum combines classroom lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experiences in an affiliated healthcare facility. The program will allow students to receive a quality education that prepares them for the certification exam and potential employment. Free CNA classes at Dominion Healthcare Solutions are not offered all year round, but students who wish to fall under a scholarship program can apply at the institution’s financial aid office. Dominion Healthcare Solutions has an ideal environment for learning and a small class size that makes it suitablel for aspiring healthcare professionals.

Tender Care Training School

Tender Care Training School provides a nursing assistant training program for students who want to become a part of a healthcare institution. The program can be completed in a short period of time, usually within one term or semester. Tender Care Training School provides quality training for nursing assistants who hope to render care to different patients at various healthcare institutions. The CNA training course combines classroom lectures with skills training and hands-on clinical experiences. Tbined learning strategy allows students to gain substantial knowledge and expertise useful in the profession.  The Tender Care Training School has state-of-the-art facilities and expert healthcare professionals who ensure the welfare of students taking the CNA program. To take advantage of the free CNA program, interested individuals must meet the requirements and present their good academic standing and evidence of financial hardship. The free CNA course is limited and is only given to deserving students.