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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Garland, TX

Free CNA Classes in Garland TX

Certified Nursing Assistants receive a good annu7al salary. Recently, there has been a great need for nursing assistants because of the expanding healthcare facilities everywhere in America. In fact, free CNA classes in Garland, Texas are being provided by the state in response to the demand. Individuals who do not have a stable and well-compensating career can grab this opportunity and become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The free CNA classes in Garland, Texas are being offered by the various schools and healthcare institutions below. The program takes a few weeks to complete, and the requirements vary.

B & M Career Institute

B&M Career Institute is offering a CNA training program. Individuals interested in the healthcare field can apply and enroll to qualify for the state certification exam. The CNA training program involves classroom lectures, skills enhancement, and hands-on clinical practice. This learning strategy is implemented, so students receive the best education and training in preparation for the certification exam and employment later on.

The good thing about B&M Career Institute is that they offer a flexible class schedule. Students can choose morning, evening or weekend classes, depending on their availability and preference. The CNA training program of B&M Career Institute provides superior preparation for work in the healthcare field. The tuition fee can be waived through scholarship and financial aid programs. Applicants have to satisfy the basic requirements of admission like a high school diploma or GED equivalent, complete immunization record, criminal background check, TB and drug screening tests and chest X-ray. They also have to ensure that they meet the grade requirements of the training to receive a certificate of completion and become eligible for the certification exam.

The CNA training program of B & M Career Institute is available throughout the year. Prospective students can inquire for enrolment directly at the school or through their website. There is a small class size in this program that is why students have to apply as early as possible to reserve a seat.

Bah Career Training

Bah Career Training is among the providers of free CNA classes in Garland, Texas. Although it is being offered through a scholarship or financial aid program, students will have a worthwhile experience at the institution. The CNA training program is a state-approved course that prepares potential candidates for the certification exam. It is a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training, which allow the students to learn the basic knowledge and skills of the profession. Instructors use different learning strategies. There are skills demonstration, online sessions, and one-on-one meetings. They supervise every aspiring nursing assistant in small classroom size. Graduates will get a chance to take the certification exam and work as a CNA. However, applicants have to supply a high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check, immunization record, X-ray and tests for TB and drugs.

Bah Career Training caters the residents of Garland, Texas who wish to become a CNA. Potential students have to enroll as early as possible because the institution has a limited class size. It is also important to attend a mandatory orientation session which takes place before the start of the class. This one-day seminar will let them know about the CNA training program, requirements, and other essential things that students have to know.

Global Health Education Network Inc.

Global Health Education Network Inc. has a CNA training program that prepares aspiring nursing assistant for the state certification exam. This program is an opportunity for individuals to work in the healthcare field, and it only takes a couple of weeks to complete. Traditional classroom lectures are coupled with hands-on laboratory training and clinical practice to ensure that every student receives the best education of the profession. Everything is provided by qualified instructors and Certified Nursing Assistants. The good thing about E. Global Health Education Network Inc. is that it provides CNA training to non-high school graduates. As long as they have a GED equivalent, a clean criminal background record, and no communicable disease, they can gain admission. Scholarship and financial aid programs are available for those who qualify. All enrollees in the CNA training must complete it without absences, so the possibility of passing the certification exam is high.

Global Health Education Network Inc. has been producing CNA graduates who are competent and capable of delivering quality nursing services to their prospective patients or residents. Students will learn several concepts and skills which includes anatomy and physiology, infection control, geriatric nursing, basic nursing skills, resident’s rights, and many others. Apart from that, they will also become exposed in a clinical setting with supervision from a licensed CNA instruction.

Castle Manor

The Castle Manor is one of the healthcare facilities in Garland, Texas that provides free CNA training. They have been offering this kind of opportunity to qualified applicants because they want to have more nursing assistants in the facility. The program requires full-time commitment as it is a rigorous healthcare course that deals with various nursing concepts and skills. Students in the CNA training have to avoid absences and should perform well in both classroom and clinical instructions. Moreover, they also have to become certified after completing the program.

The free CNA training program of Castle Manor is not offered at all times, but those who wish to apply can do so at their facility. There will be certain requirements needed in the course including a high school diploma or equivalent, social security card, valid photo ID, clean criminal background check, negative drug screening, and negative TB test result. Individuals who are selected to undergo the CNA course will also have an opportunity to receive immediate employment after becoming certified. This entails that applicants have to be willing to work at Castle Manor for a certain period once the certification as a nursing assistant is obtained.

Sira Career Training

Sira Career Training caters Garland residents who want to study a CNA training program to become a part of the healthcare sector. The program is a short healthcare course that covers both classroom and clinical instruction with supervision from a licensed CNA instructor. Students in the program will be trained to become competent nursing assistants who can deliver excellent services to the patients or residents they are serving. At the end of the course, participants can take the certification exam which is essential to practice as a CNA in various healthcare settings.

The CNA training program of Sira Career Training is offered all year round. Prospective students have to be at least 18 years old and must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Applicants who finished a secondary school education outside the country must provide a high school diploma or an equivalent certificate from the Department of Education. Moreover, it is also important for enrollees to pass a criminal background check and physical examination which includes HIV screening, TBT test, HBsAg screening, syphilis screening, and drug screening. They also have to be of good mental health and must pass a personal interview with the school’s Program Director.

Sira Career Training offers one of the most affordable CNA training programs in Garland, Texas. Aside from a small class size of 15 to 20 students, the institution also provides an outstanding experience among its participants. Those who wish to take the program at a no cost can apply for a scholarship at their Financial Aid office. Students have made an effort in applying for a grant or scholarship to cover the expenses of their CNA training program.

Legacy Career Institute

The Legacy Career Institute provides a CNA training program in Garland, Texas who wish to start a career in the healthcare field. Individuals who are 16 years old and above can enroll in the program and be trained by qualified instructors who have years of experience in nursing. The program includes classroom instruction, simulation lab training, and hands-on clinical practice. Several nursing concepts and skills will be trained by students to prepare them for the certification exam and potential employment in various healthcare settings. It will be rigorous training that lasts for several weeks and students have to complete the required number of hours to graduate and become eligible for the certification exam. Apart from that, there is a minimum grade requirement for students to receive a certificate of completion.

Individuals who want to enroll in the CNA training program of Legacy Career Institute have to provide a high school diploma or GED or a college transcript. They also have to submit a clean criminal background check, a driver’s license or a state-issued ID, and a copy of a social security card. There is a $100 registration fee to reserve a seat in the healthcare course. However, prospective students who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of the CNA training program can apply for a scholarship or grant. Legacy Career Institute is approved and licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission and the Department of Aging and Disability Services. They accept state-funded grants who wish to study for free or at a low cost.

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