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CNA Training & Classes | January 22, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Fremont CA

Free CNA Classes in Fremont CA

The healthcare system in the state of California needs several Certified Nursing Assistants. Although there has been an increase of CNA’s nowadays, facilities like nursing homes, hospitals and long term care institutions are still hiring these healthcare professionals to meet the demands of patients at different age groups. Free CNA classes in Fremont, California are being offered by various institutions, but individuals who are interested for this program should qualify first to gain admission. They also have to complete the program in order to take the certification exam provided by the California Department of Health. Undergoing the free CNA classes in Fremont, California have several advantages and it can be your ticket towards a sustainable career in the healthcare field. To help you get started, inquire from these schools and know the requirements you need to complete.

Advanced Pro Nursing Institute

Advanced Pro Nursing Institute is offering a 6-week nursing assistant course that equips the students in the healthcare profession. Classes are often held in the morning, evening and weekends. Applicants have to be 16 years old or above and should have a minimum of eight grade level schooling with a fifth grade level of English comprehension. The school expects the students to undergo a criminal background check, physical exam, TB skin test, and ARC or CEP on the first week of class. They have to be physically fit and mentally ready to undergo the training program and complete it. The tuition cost can be payable in three months. Students who cannot afford to pay the program can apply for scholarship programs through the admissions office. They have to apply beforehand because slots are often limited per school year and per number of students.

Mission Valley College

The nursing assistant training program of Mission Valley College prepares the students for an entry level position in a long term healthcare facility. The training covers 160 hours of classroom lecture and laboratory training. Students will learn the basic nursing skills, communication skills, personal care, infection control, restorative techniques, care for the death and dying, patient rights, emergency procedures and many others. Once the number of hours for the classroom lecture is completed, students will undergo a clinical experience which allows them to practice their skills through a supervised training. Graduates of the program will then be eligible for the state exam. They can apply to various medical facilities where nursing assistants are needed. Nonetheless, financial aid is available for students who cannot pay the program in full. This is offered through a flexible payment plan wherein they can pay the tuition and fees in a specified number of months.

Medical Career College

Medical Career College is also offering a nurse assistant training course. At the end of this program, students will know to provide nursing care to patents in assisted living facilities, hospitals and nursing homes. The program is actually comprised of 50 hours classroom lectures and 100 hours of clinical practice. This provides an opportunity for students to experience a supervised clinical exposure because of the longer duty hours. Every 15 contact hours is equivalent to one credit hour. Applicant should be 17 years old or above with at least 5th grade level of English and Math skills. They have to complete a TB skin test and a live scan fingerprinting which is a requirement for the enrollment. There is an entrance exam administered at Medical Career College so applicants have to prepare for that. Tuition cost is also $1000 with an additional $100 for registration. This payment includes the textbooks, uniforms and live scan.

International School of Nursing – Milpitas Campus

The International School of Nursing at Milpitas Campus is offering a nursing assistant training program that comprises of theoretical lectures and practical training. Students in this program will be prepared for the profession and the state exam. They have to meet in the classroom for the lectures, at least 50 hours which will then be followed by a clinical practice for 100 hours. Students who choose the daytime classes will complete the training for 22 days while those who prefer evening class can complete it in 30 days. Applicants of the program have to be 17 years old or above with a high school diploma or GED. They have to undergo a live scan fingerprint, physical exam, TB screening and drug screening test. They should also present a valid California ID as a requirement for the program. Tuition cost is $1,500 inclusive of the textbooks, state exam fee, registration and uniform. Financial aid and scholarship programs are also available for students who qualify.

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