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CNA Training & Classes | January 17, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Free CNA Classes

In the uncertain economic market of today where unemployment is at its peak, the healthcare sector offers employment to graduates and to people who are looking for ways to start a new career. They provide thousands of jobs to people every single year due to the increasing rate of seniors. New CNAs can obtain training and become a part of the expanding industry. According to the labor department, the expected demand for CNAs is increasing and is projected to increase by a further 20% by 2020. CNAs can become a part of short-term training programs to obtain entrance in the industry and carry on with their careers. DADS or Department of Aging and Disability Services is known to play the part of the governing body of Texas Nurse Aide Registry. The programs for CNA education in the state have to offer a minimum of 75 hours including clinical training and theory classes. Upon finishing a state accredited program, the graduates can take the state examination to become listed on the registry of nurse aides.

Goodwill North Texas Institute for Career Development

Free CNA classes in Fort Worth can be obtained at North Texas Institute for Career Development if you contact the institution to get financial assistance. The classes at this school follow a curriculum that has been approved by the state to equip the students with all the necessary skills required to work in entry level places at different health care facilities. The course consists of laboratory sessions and class lectures at the care facility followed by clinical sessions at an approved facility. The students will have to put all their knowledge and skills into practice during the clinical session by working with patients under the guidance of a registered nurse or a licensed vocational nurse. Evening, afternoon, and morning classes can be availed. After completing 100 hours of training, the graduates will become eligible to take on the examination of Texas Nurse Aide. The tuition fee is up to $1,200 including the cost of supplies and textbooks.

Elite Medical Academy

The nurse assistance program at Elite Medical Academy includes sixty hours of training in the classroom and forty hours of clinical sessions to equip the students with the required skills to deal with patients at care facilities and hospitals. The students need to learn how vital signs are taken, how to conduct first aid, utilize concepts of nutrition, and do CPR. They also need to get to transfer the patients and use the right body mechanics to make the beds. The graduates can sign up for the state nurse aide examination to become registered in the registry of the state. You can utilize contact information to (or “intending to”) find out more about the class schedules and fee structure. Elite Medical Academy is also offering a free CNA class to students who want to study at no cost. The scholarship programs are often granted to individuals with financial struggles and exemplary academic record. The application is made at the school’s financial aid office, and interested candidates have to meet the program requirements to be considered.

Universal Health Services

The Texas Workforce has approved 100 hours of CNA training. The training includes forty hours of clinical classes and sixty hours of lab and class. The course can be availed during January, September, July, May, and March every year. The applicants have to be at least eighteen years of age to sign up and have good mental and physical health. You must have a background that is free from any criminal records and should know how to write and speak in English. The applicants will need to show their competency by excelling at the core aptitude test of the program.

Upon completing the twenty-one days class, the graduates will be the owners of all the skills that are needed for entry level jobs at home health agencies, doctor offices, hospitals, and care facilities. You can contact the institution to avail financial assistance and obtain free CNA classes in Fort Worth. The Universal Health Services provides scholarship programs to deserving students who want to finish a CNA education and work as a healthcare provider in Fort Worth. Applicants have to meet the requirements and should also maintain excellent academic track record throughout the classroom and clinical training.

Southwest Nursing & Rehab

Southwest Nursing & Rehab is looking for Certified Nursing Assistants who can provide qualified nursing services to patients in need of long-term care. The facility needs CNAs who have completed training and who passed the state licensing exam. However, they are also providing free CNA classes now and then to entice more residents of Fort Worth to consider this kind of profession. The free program runs for a couple of weeks and graduates who passed the state licensing exam successfully are given a job contract. Southwest Nursing & Rehab requires the applicants to the program to be at least a high school graduate, with a good driving record. They also look for candidates who have no communicable diseases and who have a clean criminal record. Due to the limited number of students per program, only a few individuals are accepted and allowed to undergo a free CNA class. The selection process or the number of candidates allowed per program also depends on the number of available CNA positions. Thus, interested applicants have to be competent to have higher chances of getting a free CNA program.

Spring pack Healthcare Institute

Spring pack Healthcare Institute is providing a free CNA training program to invite more residents of Fort Worth to work as a healthcare provider. Several facilities including Springback Healthcare Institute need CNAs that is why they are offering a free training program to produce more nursing assistants who can work for them in a specified period. The free CNA class is an excellent opportunity to get a stable and well-paying job in the city. The healthcare institute usually provides direct employment to qualified candidates. Thus, unemployed residents and those who are seeking a stable career are welcome to avail the free CNA training. These individuals have to meet the program requirements and should also pass the screening process. The institute looks for candidates who are willing to be trained and who have a high school diploma, a clean criminal background, and a physical exam result. Qualified candidates receive a free training and free uniforms, books, supplies, and certification exam fee.

Tarrant County College

Tarrant County College offers a CNA training program in Fort Worth, which is often an excellent program to start a career in the healthcare field. Nursing assistants are highly needed in various medical settings. Thus, the county college is one of the providers of CNA training to combat the shortage of these healthcare professionals. The requirements of the program include a high school diploma, a clean criminal background check, and a physical examination. Some of the needed documents are posted in the school’s admission office. Moreover, students finish the program in a few weeks, and they can take the state licensing exam right after. The CNA training program of Tarrant County College involves several nursing topics and skills to prepare the students for the practice. These individuals are supervised, mentored, and guided by expert clinical instructors. Hence, they will gain substantial knowledge and skills in the nursing profession, which is critical in providing day to day nursing care.

RC Health Services – Fort Worth Campus

RC Health Services – Fort Worth Campus provides free CNA classes to deserving individuals who excel in the academic field and who also demonstrate financial need. The program aims to help several residents to become a healthcare provider in the city and receive excellent compensation and employment benefits. RC Health Services has been providing CNA training programs for the past years, and graduates in the program are privileged to secure a stable nursing career. Applicants can submit an application at their admission’s office, together with their high school diploma, criminal background check, and physical examination. The program covers various topics essential for the CNA practice including anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, nutrition, vital signs, and many others. Students are also trained in a simulation lab to enhance their learning experience and teach them the necessary nursing skills. These individuals are then exposed in a clinical setting to allow them to experience handling real patients with different healthcare needs.

North Texas Institute

North Texas Institute has CNA training programs that enable graduates to work in different healthcare facilities. The program can be completed in less than one semester, and students can easily get a stable employment after passing the state licensing exam. North Texas Institute takes pride in having a conducive learning environment for aspiring CNAs. Aside from the modern facilities and simulation lab, the school has expert clinical instructors who will make sure that students learn and practice their nursing skills appropriately. The CNA program combines classroom lectures with hands-on clinical experience that is why students undergo a rigorous training that equips them for the certification exam. People who want to undergo a free CNA can visit the institute’s financial aid office where scholarship programs are available. Several scholarship programs are exclusively offered to CNA students who do not have the capacity to pay the course, but interested individuals should present an excellent academic record to have higher chances of getting financial support.

Universal Health Services

Universal Health Services provides free CNA classes to people who want to finish a healthcare course and work as a nursing assistant in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and clinics. The program runs for weeks and students are often exposed to both classroom and clinical instructions. Interested applicants can submit their application together with their high school diploma, criminal background check, and physical exam result to the institution’s admission’s office. There is also a free CNA class happening now and then to individuals who show financial need. These free programs enable several students to undergo a CNA training at no cost. However, the program is not available to everyone as a limited number of students are financially supported for the course. Nevertheless, graduates of the CNA training program can take the state licensing exam and work as a CNA in various healthcare settings. They can also pursue advanced studies later on since they earn college credits in finishing this kind of program.

Remington College – Fort Worth Campus

Remington College – Forth Worth Campus has a CNA training program that can be completed in a few weeks. Individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field may consider a CNA training program as their stepping stone. Students can finish the course in a short span of time, which means that they can also work right away as a CNA as soon as they pass the licensing exam. The program integrates classroom instruction with hands-on clinical practice to enhance the learning experience of aspiring CNAs and make them equip in meeting the demands of the profession. Students take advantage of the school’s modern facilities, expert clinical instructors, and personalized instruction. These individuals can even avail a scholarship program in case they cannot suffice the tuition cost and other related expenses of the program. It is important to remember that learning programs are granted to deserving candidates who show a financial need and who also possess an excellent academic record.

Brightside Institute CNA Training

Brightside Institute CNA Training is an excellent training ground for aspiring healthcare providers in Fort Worth. The institute has a CNA training program that can be completed in a few weeks, which combines classroom instruction with hands-on clinical practice. Individuals who undergo this kind of program will gain adequate knowledge and skills about the profession. They will be taught various skills and concepts like anatomy and physiology, infection control, medical terminologies, nutrition, activities of daily living such as feeding, grooming, bathing, and taking vital signs. Students in the program will be equipped with these concepts to prepare them for the state licensing exam and make them competent nursing assistants who can deliver quality nursing services to patients. Free CNA classes can also be obtained at Brightside Institute to lessen the cost of the training. Aspiring CNAs who want to avail this scholarship program can submit an application to the school’s financial aid office. These scholarships have different coverage. Thus, it is not guaranteed that candidates receive full support for their CNA education.

Alpha Career Institute

Alpha Career Institute has a CNA training program that allows graduates to take the state licensing exam and work as a nursing assistant in various medical facilities. The program provides adequate knowledge and skills to students since they go through hours of classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. It also prepares them for the certification exam and future employment in the healthcare profession. Students who want to avail a free CNA class at Alpha Career Institute should be able to provide a proof of their financial need and present an excellent academic record. They can also avail other financial assistance programs from organizations that provide funding for the CNA training. The Alpha Career Institute has various opportunities for students who have the desire to work in the healthcare field. Applicants of the program have to be at least 18 years old and should submit a high school diploma, a criminal background check, and a physical exam result.