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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Florida

CNA Classes in Florida

Certified Nursing Assistants in Florida have a great future. They are often well compensated and get the chance to upgrade their profession as a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse. However, despite the benefits of becoming a CNA in Florida, the state is still having a shortage of healthcare workers. This has been evident over the years. Thus, it is quite sad to know that only a few people are taking a training program for this. Nevertheless, becoming a CNA in the state of Florida is becoming easier and cost efficient. There are free CNA classes available from schools and other training facilities. Hence, if you want to grab the chance, you can get it all year round.

The free CNA classes are similar to the typical programs you get from schools. It is just that most of these free programs provide direct employment once you pass the certification exam that is why; those who are unemployed can surely gain benefit. Choose among these schools and nursing facilities if you want to avail a free CNA classes in Florida. Make sure to complete the requirements to obtain an admission from the program.

Florida Medical Prep

The Florida Medical Prep has a CNA program that covers 40 hours of training. Class sizes are usually small, from 12 to 20 students, depending on the number of enrolees per program. Individuals wishing to avail a free CNA classes in Florida can inquire at their admissions office to know the requirements and its availability. Most of the time, the program would cost $279, but for those who availed a scholarship or grant, they do not have to pay anything except for their program requirements and certification exam. The CNA training will be a classroom lecture and clinical experience at the same time. There will also be a laboratory experience, but the clinical experience is the most important thing because it is where the students can handle an actual patient from a hospital or long-term facility care. Skills learned during the course are vital signs taking, input and output monitoring, first aid, CPR, morning care and many others.

Florida Coast Career Tech (North Campus)

The free CNA class of Florida Coast Career Tech has 5.5 credits that cover 165 hours of instruction. This is divided by 40 hours of clinical exposure to nursing homes, hospitals, sub-acute or long-term care facilities, with the remaining hours of classroom lectures and laboratory training. Individuals who undergo this kind of program will be privileged to take further studies anytime and accelerate their career in the healthcare field. The institution offers the best venue for learning, especially when it comes to the hands-on experience of patients at different ages. To apply for a free CNA class, students have to visit the financial aid office and apply for scholarship programs that fund the training. It is important to know the requirements of the scholarships because each program is different from the other. Nevertheless, the school usually looks for the financial status of the student as well as his or her academic track record.

Gulf Coast State College

The free CNA classes in Florida at Gulf Coast State College is designed to meet the educational and skill level needs of individuals wishing to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Florida. The program usually lasts for four months or 165 hours, and it includes classroom lectures and clinical experience in an accredited nursing facility. The regular cost of the training program is $1111, but scholarships and grants are available for those who qualify. Students will learn how to handle and care the patients in different age groups, and they will be prepared for the certification exam which happens after completing the required hours. The free CNA training of Gulf Coast State College allows individuals to jumpstart a career in the health care field. Scholarships offered in the college vary, and interested students have to meet the requirements to gain funding for the CNA training program.

Santa Fe Community College

Santa Fe Community College has a free CNA program in Florida that lasts for 165 hours. The clinical experience happens in a selected nursing home, and students will undergo a couple of hours of lecture before this hands-on training. Regular paying students will shell out $975 for their tuition, supplies, books and other related materials but those who have availed scholarships can take it for free. Classes are held during the day, but the clinical training schedule depends on the availability of slot from a selected nursing home. If you want to know more about their free CNA class, visit their financial aid office and complete the requirements to get a slot. The free CNA class of Santa Fe Community College is limited and can only be availed if the applicant fits into the criteria set by the scholarship program. The program is not for everybody but becoming one of the beneficiaries of the scholarship is an excellent opportunity to lessen the cost of a CNA training.

College of Central Florida

The College of Central Florida has a CNA program for six weeks. This program covers 120 hours of instruction in which 80 hours is dedicated to classroom lectures and 40 hours is for clinical training. Usually, individuals who take the free CNA class will have the privilege to pay nothing and go through the process of becoming a CNA. Just like the paying students, they will also enjoy the benefits of the institution’s facilities as they can access the laboratory, library and many others. However, students who want to avail the free CNA class should demonstrate a financial hardship and good academic tracks. The CNA program of this college happens every Monday to Thursday with a course fee of $450 for those who cannot avail the free classes.

Pasco-Hernando Community College

The Pasco-Hernando Community College also has a free CNA classes in Florida for qualified individuals. They teach and train their students to become a licensed nursing assistant and be able to work in a healthcare facility. Students who go on a full-time basis can complete the program for one term, but for part-time students, they can finish it longer as expected. To avail the free CNA class of Pasco-Hernando Community College, candidates have to be currently enrolled in the school. These individuals have to show a financial struggle and an outstanding academic track. The community college awards deserving students who do have not only the financial hardship but also those who excel in the academic field.

Tampa Bay CNA

Tampa Bay CNA offers an affordable nursing assistant class that costs $179.99. Aspiring healthcare professionals in the state of Florida who want to jumpstart a career as nursing assistants can avail the classes at Tampa Bay CNA. There are also some free CNA classes offered at this institution, but it is often limited. The program includes online videos, hands-on clinical classes, hospice training and many others. It is a short course training that allows individuals to learn about the CNA profession and potentially pass the certification exam. Tampa Bay CNA also have extra modules for students who feel that the provided materials are not enough to attempt the exam. With the $179.99 paid by students, they will get a CNA manual and a guide which helps them pass the exam. Overall, students in the training program will learn the 22 essential skills that nursing assistant should know. These skills are very useful in passing the certification exam and applying in a healthcare field.

Desoto High School Health Science Academy

High school students who are in their senior years can take a Nursing Assistant training program at Desoto High School Health Science Academy. The program allows them to secure a CNA training certificate while finishing high school. It is given for free, and it allows students to work in a healthcare field as soon as the state certification exam is passed. The CNA training program at Desoto High School Health Science Academy is also a competitive program that combines lectures, laboratory skills training and hands-on clinical experience. Students in the program will be equipped with various skills that are necessary for the profession. They are guided and supervised by an instructor who is a licensed healthcare professional. Studying a CNA training program at Desoto High School Health Science Academy prepares students to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Florida. The program can be completed in a few months and enables graduates to receive college credits.

Brandon Adult Community School

Brandon Adult Community School offers free CNA training program to unemployed adults who seek for a stable and rewarding career in the healthcare field. The CNA program is a short course training that includes academic instruction and hands-on clinical experience in a health care facility. This kind of training allows adults to secure a job in any healthcare facilities as nursing assistants. Brandon Adult Community School has the right facilities and instructors for the CNA training program. Students are taught various concepts and skills that they can make use of in the profession. They will be prepared to provide primary nursing care to patients. CNA students are also taught to prepare themselves for the state certification exam. The nursing assistant training program of Brandon Adult Community School is offered all year round, and interested students have to meet the requirements to be considered for admission.

Manatee Technical Institute

Manatee Technical Institute has a free CNA class for deserving individuals who want to earn a healthcare certificate but do not have enough funds to do so. The free training program can be completed in a few weeks and graduates can take the state certification exam to work as nursing assistants in Florida. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Manatee Technical Institute is provided in a smaller class size. Students get personalized attention to preparing them for the profession. The instructors of the program are expert and licensed healthcare professionals who have years of experience in the nursing profession. Students obtain the best clinical experience as they will be exposed in a setting where they handle real patients with supervision from the instructors. To avail the free CNA classes of Manatee Technical Institute, interested individuals can inquire at the school’s financial aid office.

Southwest Florida Technical Institute

Southwest Florida Technical Institute is a provider of free CNA classes in Florida. The program is consist of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical experience to develop skills and integrate knowledge to aspiring students. Graduates of the program receive college credits and eligibility to take the state certification exam. Applying for a free CNA class in Southwest Florida Technical Institute can be done through the school’s financial aid office where scholarship programs are available. Students have to meet the requirements to be considered. However, the CNA training program allows students to work in the healthcare field. Instructors of the program will teach various nursing concepts and skills that are valuable for the profession. Students are taught essential nursing skills in the school’s simulation laboratory. Furthermore, these aspiring healthcare professionals will be fully equipped with knowledge, skills, and attitude before they take the certification exam.