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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in El Paso

El Paso Free CNA Classes

According to the U.S Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a career as a CNA is one of the fastest growing occupations. The task of a Nursing Assistant is to provide high-quality care to the mentally ill, disabled, or patients confined to nursing homes for other reasons. The activities of a CNA are directed by nurses and other members of the staff who assign duties such as making beds, taking vital signs, checking blood pressure, delivering messages, bathing residents, serving meals and escorting patients. To become a CNA, it is essential that one have a compassionate nature and keen observation skills to succed in a nursing home and provide assistance to the medical staff as requested. In Texas, the Department of Aging and Disability Services makes it mandatory for nurse’s aides to complete 75 hours of clinical and theory before taking the certification exam. After the passing the exam, the candidate’s name is placed on the nurse’s aide registry as a CNA in El Paso, Texas.

El Paso Community College

The El Paso Community College offers approximately 240 hours of the nursing assistant training course. It is provided by experienced and dedicated instructors who make sure that students are well prepared for their future roles as CNAs. The course that lasts seven weeks and teaches all the essential skills needed to pass the state certification examination. The classes are from Mondays through Fridays for four weeks. After, the students are transferred to a nursing facility where they meet for three consecutive weeks to complete the required clinical training. On the eighth week, the school schedules the Nurse Aide Competency Exam. To apply, you must be seventeen years of age, have CPR and First Aid Certification, complete a physical examination, provide proof of immunizations, and also pass a drug screening exam. Some schools do not require a high school diploma, but you must demonstrate the ability to read at an 8th-grade level.

Emerald Nursing School

Emerald Nursing School has provided the El Paso community with numerous years of service and has trained many CNAs. Their high-quality instructors prepare students for the 75-hour training course which consists of instruction and clinical practice under the direction of registered nurse. Here one can register for day, evening, or even weekend classes at their convenience. The tuition cost is $700 plus textbooks, supplies, and the state certification exam. CPR classes are available. Students who cannot afford the trainin can seek sponsorship programs at this school. The application process is done at the financial aid office, where deserving candidates are screened and selected based on their qualifications. Emerald Nursing School provides the best CNA training experience to anyone who wants to avail it, but students are expected to perform well in both the academic and clinical aspects of the program.

Excel Learning Center

At Excel Learning Center, a four-week CNA training course consists of 100 hours of training. This nurse’s aide program covers all the basic nursing skills that prepare students for a career as a CNA. Here, individuals will receive training skills under the guidance of instructors who provide basic nursing knowledge through classroom instruction and clinical sessions. After the completion of the course, the graduates will have all the knowledge and skills needed to obtain a job as a CNA. Candiates applying for free CNA classes at Excel Learning Center have to show financial need and above average academic grades. Due to the limited number of student beneficiaries, applicants have to give interviews and exams to be reviewed CNA education funding. Some scholarships oblige the students to work in a facility for a specified period.

International Business College

A Nurse’s Aide program is offered at International Business College approved by the state to provide students with all the essential skills and procedures to care for residents in nursing homes or other medical facilities. Students are required to complete 900 hours over the course of 9.5 months or 15 months depending on their schedules. There are day and evening classes based on convenience offered at the IBCs East Campus and West Campus. After completing the classroom training, students are required to work with an instructor in a clinical environment where they will learn to care for and interact with patients. The core competencies acquired during the clinical sessions are taking vital signs, making beds, bathing residents, walking patients, providing personal care, etc. To qualify, high school graduation is required. The tuition cost is $2,520 plus charges for textbooks, materials, uniforms, and other necessary supplies.

Academy School of Careers

Academy School of Careers provides a bilingual CNA training course that consists of 75 hours of classroom and clinical training. Students receive the skills needed to demonstrate competency in a clinical environment. Applicants must be a minimum of seventeen years of age and have a clean criminal background. A high school diploma is not a must, but it is essential to pass the state reading and math examination before receiving admission. You will be required to attend the orientation program where you must provide proof of a physical examination, immunization record, TB test report, and drug screening. Graduates of this training program will be able to take the state test. They will have mulitple employment options since a growing number of healthcare facilities are in need of nursing assistants. Students who cannot pay the CNA training costs can apply at the financial aid office for a scholarship program.

Bell Institute of Occupational Studies

The Bell Institute of Occupational Studies facilitates approximately 100 hours of CNA training to students residing in El Paso, TX. The curriculum consists of lab skills, clinical instruction, and other training needed to take the state certification exam. The topics included in this course cover patient safety, personal hygiene, vital signs, assisting patients, death and dying, communication, observation, and reporting, etc. During the clinical experience at Bell Institute of Occupational Studies, students will provide primary care to patients at a licensed facility under the direction of a state registered nurse. Graduates of the course will be eligible to take the state certification exam. The tuition cost is $3,650 and does not include registration which is $50, plus charges for textbooks, uniforms, medical supplies, and the state certification examination.

Aurora Health and Educational Institute

The 75-hour nurse assistant training offered by Aurora Health and Educational Institute provides rigorous, high-quality training for students to prepare them for the CNA examination. Here students spend time in the classroom followed by 24 hours of training in a clinical setting. According to the state requirements, it is essential that one have perfect attendance to graduate from this course. Applicants are required to pass the background clearance, provide a recent immunization record, pass the TB screening and drug testing, and also present a report of a physical exam before training commences. Participants wear scrubs on clinical days. They must take the state CNA examination to receive certification. You can inquire at the institute to see if they offer free CNA classes in El Paso.

Cultural Technical Institute

At Cultural Technical Institute, students receive valuable knowledge and the skills needed to work in hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities. This is a five-week training program in which students learn from experienced instructors in the classroom as well as a clinical setting. To apply, it is essential to have a high school diploma or a GED and pass drug screening and a criminal background check. To receive training at the clinical facility, students must be immunized and exhibit good health by passing a physical fitness exam. The course will cover topics such as addressing patients, transferring patients, taking vital signs, answering patient calls, and so much more. Graduates will be well prepared to pass the state certification exam and become registered as a CNA.

Center for Career and Technology Education

The Center for Career and Technology Education has a free CNA training program that allows graduates to work in different healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, and many others. There has been increased demand for CNAs these days making the free training program an excellent option to start a career in this profession. Interested applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a high school graduate. The institution require a criminal background check and physical examination. It is important aspiring CNAs to be free from any criminal offense or communicable disease. In fact, physical fitness is a must due to the particular demands of the profession. The free CNA training can be completed in a short period, and the rigorous study will prepare students for the licensing exam.

Canutillo High School

Canutillo High School is offering free CNA classes to high school seniors and graduates. The program intends help students secure a credential as a healthcare provider to pursue a career in the nursing profession. The CNA training is taught by expert clinical instructors who have years of experience in the field. These individuals will nurture the students to become competent and qualified CNAs. Through a rigorous program of lectures and hands-on clinical practice, students will be prepared for the state licensing exam. The program covers tuition costs, the certification exam, books, uniforms and medical supplies. Students must take the training seriously to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Due to the limited number of students per program, aspiring CNAs have to meet the deadline and submit the necessary requirements on time. They also have to undergo a criminal background check and physical examination.

Silva Health Magnet High School

The free CNA training at Silva Health Magnet High School is an opportunity for high school seniors and graduates undergo a state-approved program that allows them to work in various medical settings. Applicants have to be at least 16 years old. A criminal background check and physical examination are part of the program requirements. The CNA training combines classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training, which takes place in a local facility like a hospital ornursing home. Students receive substantial training from the best clinical instructors. They will be taught various nursing concepts and skills applicable to CNA practice. They will gain a deeper understanding of the profession to make them competent and well-trained healthcare professionals who can deliver quality nursing services to a diverse group of patients. At the end of the training, graduates receive a certificate with college credits, which can be used for future employment or study.

ACE Nursing Education Services

ACE Nursing Education Services has been providing CNA training programs for some time. People who want to start a career in the healthcare field can submit an application and undergo weeks of training from expert instructors who are Certified Nursing Assistants. The CNA program is state approved and graduates can take the licensing exam and work as a nursing assistant in various healthcare facilities. Students with financial struggles are welcome to apply. Several scholarship programs cover the tuition cost of the CNA training if certain requirements are met. The free CNA training program is a great privilege to earn a certificate. Economic status of applican ts is assessed, and some scholarships are designed to help academically excellent students. They must submit an application before the programs starts to be considered for evaluation.

Southwest University

Southwest University has been providing several nursing programs including CNA training. Individuals who want to work in the healthcare field can apply for CNA training and undergo weeks of classroom lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. Finishing a CNA course is a way of starting a career in the healthcare field. It is beneficial to enroll at Southwest University. A lot of hospitals, nursing homes, and even long-term care facilities need Certified Nursing Assistants. Through this CNA training program, it can be easier to find work in these institutions. The program is state approved and is offered year round. Students who cannot afford the program cost can seek scholarship opportunities available through the University. The good thing about these scholarship programs is that they provide financial assistance to deserving full-time students in financial need who possess an excellent academic record.

List of All the State Approved CNA Classes in El Paso

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