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CNA Training & Classes | January 20, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Durham NC

Free CNA Classes in Durham NC

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services do not require the nursing assistants to complete a training program. As long as they pass the certification exam, they can eligibly work as a CNA right away. However, there are a lot of advantages in availing free CNA classes in Durham, North Carolina. Nursing assistants who graduate from these training programs will be equipped about their duties and responsibilities as a healthcare professional. Nonetheless, there are several approved training providers of free CNA classes in Durham, North Carolina and most of them provide at least 75 hours of instruction including clinical experience. You can enroll from any of these institutions which can either be a community college, private company, high schools or nursing homes.

Brite Sun Health Training

Brite Sun Health Training offers a fast track CNA training program which can be completed in four days. They have three locations for this program including their Durham campus. They are also an approved training site and exam center for the National Healthcareer Association (NHA), so individuals can register for the testing at the school’s facility. The good thing about Brite Sun Health Training is they have experienced instructors who will inculcate the knowledge and skills needed for to become a well-rounded nursing assistant. They will provide the best experience for students, making use of the modern facilities and affiliations from various healthcare institutions. Training cost would reach from $450 to $600 inclusive of the state exam, materials and textbooks. A flexible payment plan can be availed by everyone, and scholarships are available as well on a limited basis. Brite Sun Health Training will make sure that every student enrolled in the nursing assistant training program are prepared for the profession and the certification exam.

Chapel Hill CNA

Chapel Hill is offering free CNA classes in Durham, North Carolina. This program can be completed in 16 hours, with a combined lecture, laboratory training and clinical practice. Individuals who want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant can enjoy the institution’s state of the art facilities and experienced instructors. Since the state of North Carolina does not require nursing assistants to attend a full time 75 hour training, students can take the test right away. However, Chapel Hill emphasizes the importance of undergoing a 16-hour or fast paced training with them. They will teach the students 22 essential skills for the profession including hand washing, foot care, mouth care, transferring the patient from bed to wheelchair, recording blood pressure, use of bedpan, recording radial pulse and many others. They will also highlight the strategies to prevent pitfalls during the exam day. Training cost for this institution is $450 but financing plans are available for qualified persons.

Durham Technical Community College

Durham Technical Community College is offering a 169.5 hours of nursing assistant 1 training program which is beyond the requirement of the state. This intensive program can be completed for 16 weeks but individuals who want to fast track their career can avail the 9 weeks training. A series of classroom lecture, hands-on laboratory training and clinical exposure are provided by the institution to ensure the preparedness of the students for the certification exam and demands of the profession. Applicants for the program should undergo a criminal background check and provide a proof of immunization, physical exam and liability insurance prior to their clinical practicum. The total estimated fees for the program is $540 inclusive of the uniforms, medical equipments, insurance fee, NA exam fee, TB skin test, criminal background check, registration and textbook. Students who are under ConnectFunds grants can apply for the program and enjoy a free CNA class with the institution.

Gericare Education and Training

Gericare Education and Training is offering a 16-unit program for nursing assistants. This kind of training equips the students for their professional practice in long term care facilities. It is designed to meet the requirements of the state and ensure that students learn various concepts and skills relating to patient rights, vital signs, medical terminology, ethics, patient transfers, safety, death and dying, personal hygiene, communication and CPR. The program duration is four weeks and two days, which has 40 hours of classroom lectures and 48 hours of guided clinical practicum. Students in the program can avail scholarship programs and financial grants, depending on its availability and eligibility. At the end of the training, the instructors of Gericare Education and Training will help the students in preparation for the state competency exam.

Other Schools offering Free CNA Classes in Durham, North Carolina:

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  • Optimal Health College
  • Triangle Nurse Aide Program, LLC