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CNA Training & Classes | January 20, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Denver

Denver Free CNA Classes

There are many free CNA classes in Denver that you can avail in the state of Colorado. Apart from nursing homes and government grants, you can obtain free training facilities from other health care facilities too. Such institutions hire successful graduates, and to be able to work as a CNA, the candidates will have to obtain their certificate. Before you take the state examination, the candidates will have to finish seventy-five hours of laboratory training and lectures along with having to complete a minimum of sixteen hours of clinical training at a facility that is acknowledged by the state. The graduates of the training program will become eligible to attempt the examination and will have to pass both of the segments within a period of one year of finishing the training classes. The names of the candidates that successfully pass will be listed on the Colorado Nurse Aide Registry.

Emily Griffith Technical College

Emily Griffith Nurse Assisting program fulfills all the certification requirements that the state demands. After finishing this program, the graduates will become eligible to attempt the state exam. The program lasts up to six to approximately eight weeks. The first segment that is included in the program includes the skills that every nurse aide should have. The section covers all personal care, communication, patient rights, and emergency. The final part listed in the training course comprises of clinical experience in which the students have to incorporate their knowledge and put it to practice under the supervision of a nurse that has been registered by the state. All the applicants will have to pass a reading test and give proof of their TB test. The tuition fee for a total of 92 contact hours of the class is $520. The costs of examination fees, uniforms, and books will not be included in the tuition fee.

St. Luke’s Ministry

The training course for nurses at St. Luke’s Ministry will require the candidates to fulfill eighty-four hours of training in a matter of three weeks. The students will need to complete sixty hours of training in the classroom and the remaining hours will be conducted at a nursing facility under the guidance of a registered nurse. A maximum of fifteen people will be selected for each session. At the end of the session, the graduates will need to attend around six to seven workshops under the supervision of a registered nurse to put all their skills into practice before they take the certification examination at the institution. The center currently has a passing rate of 92% for the state test. The remaining 8% can pass the exam when they attempt it the second time. The tuition fee for the training program is $900, but you can obtain financial assistance from the institution and get the chance to avail free CNA classes in Denver.

Stillwater College

The classes at this college for CNA training are five to approximately eight weeks long with schedules that are flexible. The school updates the schedules for the evening, weekend, and day programs on a daily basis and adjusts all the plans in such a way that they meet the requirements of the registered students. The training will prepare the students to do better on the job by providing them with all the necessary skills like communication, transferring patients, feeding, observations, and offering social support. The applicants need to have a clean background, and the school will require the applicants to give an interview to the coordinator to show motivation for finishing the program. You can contact the school to obtain financial assistance and receive free CNA classes in Denver. Stillwater College provides financial support to deserving students through a scholarship program. Student loans are also available to students who cannot secure an award.

Ann Rose School of Nursing

With just twelve students in every class, the training classes for CNAs at Ann Rose School of Nursing provide a personalized approach to learning. You will need to attend classes for fifteen days to obtain classroom training and show up for two days for the clinical experiences which will amount up to seventy-six hours of training. Evening and day schedules both are available. After finishing the program, the graduates will become eligible to show up for the examination at school. The tuition fee is $975. However, you can obtain financial assistance by contacting the institution to provide you with a scholarship or grant so that you can receive free CNA classes in Denver. The free CNA class of Ann Rose School of Nursing is usually limited to some students. If you want to be shortlisted in the program, you have to show competitiveness to have higher chances of obtaining a free training. It is also important to maintain good grades all throughout the course of study.

Community College of Denver

The training program that is available at Community College of Denver can be attended in January, May, March, October, and August. The classes include a total of ten seats, and all of the students will have to take the NUA 170 and NUA 101 classes while studying. The tuition fee amounts up to $1195 which includes the cost of textbooks, certification, and supplies. However, you can obtain financial aid from the institution which will assist you in being able to receive free CNA classes in Denver. The free CNA class of the Community College of Denver is an excellent opportunity to secure a stable job in the city. Applicants of the program should demonstrate good academic record and proof of financial need. Since the class size is often small, students are assured of getting a personalized instruction, wherein it equips them for the licensing exam and future employment in healthcare facilities.

South Denver School of Nursing

Certified Nursing Assistants provide personal care for individuals needing assistance in private homes, hospices, long-term care facilities and hospitals. This marketable occupation is also becoming a desired pre-requisite for Associate or Bachelor degree nursing programs like LPN or RN. So, individuals who want to consider this healthcare course can inquire at South Denver School of Nursing. The school offers a CNA training program, which is approved by the Colorado State Board of Nursing and which has a 95% passing rate in the year 2012. Classes are taught by experienced and professional nurses who make sure that students gain experience and skills in preparation for the state licensing exam. The CNA program of South Denver School of Nursing covers 104 hours of instruction which includes 24 hours of hands-on clinical experience. Students who want to avail a free CNA training program can seek scholarship programs available at the school’s financial aid office. There are also some private organizations and public initiatives such as the Workforce Investment Act, which can be used in minimizing the cost of the CNA training in this institution.

Accent Learning Systems

The Accent Learning Systems has a nurse aide training program that combines theory, skills laboratory, and clinical experience. Such integration of training is designed to make the students become competent entry-level health care providers while preparing them for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP). The program is divided into 24 units and among the modules discussed are the roles of CNAs, infection control, body systems, common diseases, communication and interpersonal skills, resident rights, vital signs, patient positioning, nutrition, elimination care, hygiene and grooming, and many others. At the end of the classroom lectures, students undergo a hands-on clinical training in a local facility for 32 hours. These individuals are supervised by clinical instructors and will work with a designated CNA. Finishing a CNA training program at Accent Learning Systems enable enthusiastic individuals to become job ready. The school aims to develop students who can demonstrate a better understanding of a CNA role, with excellent skills in patient interaction. Students who wished to study for free can inquire at the school’s financial aid office.

Arapahoe Community College

Residents who live in Littleton, Colorado and its neighboring areas can consider a Nurse Aide Program at Arapahoe Community College. The school is nine miles away from downtown Denver and is deemed to be one of the institutions that offer a cost-effective training program. Students accepted into the program will receive four credits after successful completion of the course. The credits earned can be used for advanced studies like Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Meanwhile, the CNA training program of Arapahoe Community College is approved by the Colorado State Board of Nursing. The course is split into theoretical and hands-on segments, which will make sure that students gain substantial knowledge and skills to pass the licensing exam. The program cost is approximate $2,000, but financially challenged students can apply for scholarship programs to minimize the fees. Learning programs often assess the student’s economic status and academic grades. These factors will determine if an applicant deserves to receive financial support or not. However, there are a lot of programs that a student can apply in case he or she needs financial assistance.

Pickens Technical College

Pickens Technical College, which is around 10 miles away from downtown Denver, is a modern school that offers an affordable and well-respected Nurse Aide Training program. The program is affordable because it costs around $750, which already includes the tuition, uniforms, books, and other related fees. Meanwhile, the CNA training class of this technical college is well-respected because it has gained a reputation for its consistently high passing rates in the licensing exam. The total length of the CNA program is 105 hours with 30 hours allotted to hands-on clinical training in a local nursing home. Students receive a personalized type of instruction from qualified instructors who are either Certified Nursing Assistants or Registered Nurses. These health care professionals will arm the students with the essential skills and knowledge that are relevant in passing the state licensing exam. Free CNA training is often not available in this technical college, but the school has scholarship programs that can support a student’s CNA expenses. Most of these scholarships provide a certain amount of money for the CNA training, and the student will shoulder the remaining balance.

Red Rocks Community College

Red Rocks Community College is located within Denver’s boundaries. Individuals who live near the area are privileged to avail the CNA training program of this institution. The CNA training of Red Rocks Community College is approved by the Colorado State Board of Nursing. Students who graduate from the program will be qualified to take the state licensing exam, which also allows them to work in different healthcare settings. The CNA training combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice in a local facility. Students get sufficient knowledge and skills to equip them for future employment. The good thing about this community college is they have various programs for financially challenged students. Although the typical CNA cost is $1,200, interested individuals can visit the school’s financial aid office to know and apply the programs available for them. These scholarships usually cover the tuition cost of the CNA training program, but other related expenses such as certification exam fees are not included.

Mullen Home/Little Sisters of the Poor

The Mullen Home/Little Sisters of the Poor is offering a free CNA training to their prospective CNAs. The program aims to fill in the need for nursing assistants in the facility that is why tuition cost and other related expenses are at no charge. However, interested individuals who want to grab this kind of opportunity should be able to pass the screening process. Mullen Home usually accept applicants who are 18 years old and above, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They conduct a criminal background check to all qualified candidates, but these individuals should also possess the right attitude to be considered for the free CNA training. Available slots are often limited. Thus, it is important for candidates to show their competitive side to have higher chances of acceptance. Nevertheless, the CNA training program of Mullen Home is much like any other CNA programs as it combines classroom lectures with hands-on clinical practice. Students go through hours of lectures which is followed by skills enhancement and a supervised practical experience.

Denver North Care Center

Denver North Care Center, provides free CNA classes to deserving individuals who wished to become a healthcare provider. The program combines classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training, allowing them to gain adequate knowledge and skills for the state licensing exam. It is also taught by expert clinical instructors who have great experiences and education in their chosen field of specialization. Students who complete the program and pass the certification exam are offered with employment opportunities. The Denver North Care Center needs several nursing assistants that are why there is always a possibility of becoming employed in the facility once the program culminates. Nevertheless, interested applicants have to show the right attitude during the interview process. Apart from the high school diploma or GED equivalent, these individuals should also undergo a criminal background check and physical exam. Other requirements are posted at the center’s human resource department. The free CNA training program at Denver North Care Center is not available at all times, but candidates are chosen based on their credentials, interview and exam results, attitude, and availability of slots.