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CNA Training & Classes | January 22, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Delaware

CNA Classes in Delaware

Delaware has been experiencing a shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants over the years. This is due to the increasing number of aging population and at the same time, a decreasing number of individuals interested in working in the healthcare field. This is the reason why some institutions are offering free CNA classes in Delaware to entice the residents to take the program and work as a nursing assistant in the state.

Certified Nursing Assistants in Delaware receive an average annual salary, and they enjoy several benefits on health and career growth. If you want to be a part of the healthcare team, you can take the free training program at some schools and nursing facilities in Delaware. Just make sure that you meet the requirements because they do not allow students who are convicted of crimes or have some issues with health. Hence, make sure that you are capable of working as a CNA so that you can successfully take the program and work as a nursing assistant at any institutions in the state.

Nursing Homes for Free CNA Classes in Delaware:

Churchman Village

Churchman Village in Delaware is offering free CNA classes in Delaware to those who want to be employed in their facility. They teach, train and help their students get a CNA license through regular classroom lectures, laboratory experience, and clinical exposure. Nowadays, Certified Nursing Assistants are greatly needed because of the increasing patient admissions. This is the reason why free CNA classes can be availed if you want to work for the Churchman Village. The program only covers for a few weeks and right after it is a certification exam. They will provide training allowances so there is nothing to worry about when you cannot provide for yourself financially. When applying for a free CNA training program, it is important to remember that candidates should agree in working at the facility for some time. Working in Churchman Village is part of the contract, but individuals are paid accordingly.

Beebe Medical Center

Beebe Medical Center is also another nursing home facility in great need of CNA’s. Their free CNA training program in Delaware happens all year round to cover up their employment needs and ensure the patient’s safety upon admissions. If you have the desire to work for sick and well people, you can work at Beebe Medical Center and take the free CNA class. It does not take long to undergo the program, and there are allowances provided during the training. Aside from that, they offer direct employment once you pass the certification exam, so it is an excellent opportunity to get a job in Delaware. The free CNA training program in Beebe Medical Center is not difficult to achieve as long as the requirements are met. However, the availability of these free programs depends on the facility’s vacancy in nursing assistant positions. Candidates are expected to perform all throughout the program, especially in the hands-on clinical experience where real patients are handled.

Exceptional Care for Children

For individuals fond of kids, they can undergo a free CNA class at Exceptional Care for Children. This kind of healthcare facility is exclusive for children who get sick, so it is a nice opportunity to learn and be able to care for younger individuals. The good thing about the CNA class is it takes place in a few weeks so after the program; one can take the certification exam and work immediately in their healthcare facility. All students will be supervised by a Registered Nurse or a Certified Nursing Assistant during their clinical experience. Aside from that, they will also be assisted in the training program to equip them with knowledge and skills. The free CNA program at Exceptional Care for Children is not offered all the time, but once they are in need of nursing assistants, they usually provide this type of training to attract more people to work in the health care field. Candidates have to be physically fit and free from any criminal records. These individuals should also be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate or a GED equivalent holder.

Schools offering free CNA Classes in Delaware:

Lee Training Institute

Lee Training Institute has a free CNA training program that meets every evening for 12 weeks. Students enrolled in the program have to complete 80 hours of classroom lectures and 84 hours of clinical exposure to take the certification exam that happens right after. Normally, the cost of the CNA training program is $3200, but there are scholarships and grants available. Individuals who are employed do not have to worry about their current employment because they can take the classes in the evening right after working. Nevertheless, the training will include some nursing skills training and concepts. People who are undergoing the training program should make sure that they are performing well in both academic and clinical aspects of the course. They also need to be physically fit and mentally prepared to meet the demands of the profession.

Delaware Technical Community College

Delaware Technical Community College has 150 hours of CNA training which is divided into 75 hours of classroom lectures and 75 hours of clinical experience. The free CNA classes are available at their admissions office, but it is often limited to some students. Thus, individuals who are enrolled for the free classes should keep updated with these free programs to gain admission at any time of the year. Moreover, the CNA class involves a lot of nursing skills and concepts which they can apply to the certification exam and their future career in the healthcare field. Delaware Technical Community College will make sure that their students are prepared to meet the demands of the profession, particularly the needs of the patients they are caring.

Emily P. Bissell Hospital

Emily P. Bissell Hospital needs nursing assistants who are certified and who can excellently provide primary nursing care to patients. With this regard, the institution is also offering free CNA classes to individuals who are accepted for the role as a nursing assistant. Despite having no certification or college credit, Emily P. Bissell Hospital provides free CNA training to their potential employees. Interested applicants have to submit an application and provide the necessary requirements of the program. They will be interviewed and screened by the institution because graduates of the CNA program immediately work for the hospital. This means that applicants have to agree to work for them for a period as a response to the free CNA training they availed. The nursing staff of Emily P. Bissell Hospital will provide a combined classroom lecture, skills training, and hands-on clinical experience. These professionals will also assist the students to pass the certification exam and become highly qualified nursing assistants in Delaware.

Exceptional Care for Children

Individuals who have the passion for caring for children can apply as nursing assistants at Exceptional Care for Children. The institution is offering a free CNA training program for applicants without a certification as nursing assistants. The program covers all related expenses including uniforms, medical supplies, certification fees and many others. Individuals who want to avail the free training should make it sure to meet the requirements of the institution. Exceptional Care for Children requires their nursing assistants to be at least high school graduates with no criminal record and communicable diseases. The Exceptional Care for Children will train the students based on their standards. Nursing concepts and skills are incorporated into the program to ensure that the potential nursing assistants are capable of providing care to children. Individuals who want to apply for the free CNA classes should submit an application to Exceptional Care for Children and wait to be shortlisted or accepted for the program.

Tri-State Technical School

Tri-State Technical School is one of the schools in Delaware that offers an affordable CNA training program. Individuals who are having financial hardships can apply for scholarships to avail the free CNA classes of the technical school. The nursing assistant training program can be completed in five weeks with combined classroom education and hands-on clinical training. This program prepares students to become competent nursing assistants who are capable of caring patients with different healthcare issues. These individuals will be trained under the supervision and expertise of Tri-State Technical School faculty. A personalized training or education is provided for every student make sure that educational and professional goals are met. Moreover, the average cost of the CNA program is $2100 which includes the fees for books, supplies, background check, state exam fees and CPR & First Aid certification. Students under a scholarship program may pay lesser than the typical CNA cost, depending on the coverage of the program availed.

KFW Medical Institute of Delaware

KFW Medical Institute of Delaware has a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that can be completed in six weeks. The 6-week course covers 156 hours of training, of which 78 hours are for classroom instruction and the remaining 78 hours are allotted for the clinical/practical experience. The program teaches students various theoretical courses which they can use in the future and skills that are necessary for caring for the patients. The academic classes, laboratory training, and clinical exposure will make students equip for the profession and the certification exam. Typically, the cost of the CNA program at KFW Medical Institute of Delaware is $4000 but students who avail the free CNA classes pay nothing. The free CNA training program is given to students who are financially incapable of paying the tuition and its related costs. Individuals who excel academically are also considered for the free training.

Dawn Career Institute

Dawn Career Institute is a provider of quality CNA training program in Delaware. People who want to become a nursing assistant in Delaware can study at Dawn Career Institute. The CNA program prepares aspiring healthcare professionals to become certified and work in various medical settings. This program can be completed in ten weeks if taken on a full-time basis or twelve weeks if made on part time. Students go through 240 hours of lecture and hands-on training provided by the school’s expert faculty. On top of that, graduates of the program receive 12 credits for completing the education. The nursing assistant training program of Dawn Career Institute allows graduates to care for various patients excellently. Students who cannot pay for the tuition cost can apply for scholarships provided by the school’s financial aid office. The scholarship programs are limited, but qualified students get free CNA training at Dawn Career Institute.