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CNA Training & Classes | January 20, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Cincinnati OH

Free CNA Classes in Cincinnati OH

When you are seeking for a regular job without the worries of getting unemployed, avail the free CNA classes in Cincinnati, Ohio and see if this career is suitable for you. There are several healthcare facilities in need of nursing assistants nowadays because of the healthcare demand that the baby boomer generation requires. Certified Nursing Assistants work alongside with nurses and doctors in providing primary care to a diverse group of patients. They have a demanding job ahead of them but their pay is more than the average. If you spend more years working as a CNA, you will also experience an increase in payment and more employment benefits will be rewarded to you. So to get you started with this profession, know how to avail the free CNA classes in Cincinnati, Ohio and experience the advantages of getting into this career.

The Health Care Management Group

Free CNA classes in Cincinnati, Ohio is offered through The Health Care Management Group. This healthcare institution is actually hiring Certified Nursing Assistants but they are also accepting individuals who are willing to be trained as a CNA. The application process is meticulous because they accept students who are ready for employment right after passing the state competency exam. Applicants have to make sure that they are high school graduates or can present a GED equivalent. Aside from that, they also have to present a complete immunization record and undergo a criminal background check, TB screening test, drug screening test and chest Xray. The Health Care Management Group will ensure that all their students receive the best CNA education. They will provide a combined classroom lecture, skills training and clinical exposure. This is done in order to give a hands-on experience to students who are potential nursing assistants. The free CNA classes of Health Care Management Group are offered in a limited group of students so qualified applicants will have an opportunity to receive an employment thereafter.

Cleveland Job Corps

Low income individuals who are aged 16 to 24 can take free CNA classes through Cleveland Job Corps. This program is financed by the government to provide an opportunity for Ohio residents to get a job in a healthcare facility through the trainings provided by Job Corps. This program is intended for enhancing the skills of the individuals and make them a qualified nursing assistant later on. The CNA training program takes a couple of weeks of completion with a combined classroom lecture, laboratory training and clinical practice. Individuals who qualify will receive free board and lodging in addition to their allowances and free training costs. They will also be educated about the nursing concepts and skills appropriate for the profession. Topics will include anatomy and physiology, safety and infection control, activities of daily living, vital signs taking, charting and documentation, assessment and many others. The admission process of Cleveland Job Corps is challenging because of the limited class size provided. However, successful applicants will get the chance to take the certification exam for nursing assistants.

The American Red Cross

The CNA training program of the American Red Cross is intensive and rigorous. Individuals who want to receive the best training for this profession can take the 96 hours of CNA course from the American Red Cross. This training is divided into 72 hours of classroom studies and 24 hours of clinical exposure. The good thing about the American Red Cross is they have the best facilities and people for the training. The instructors are all licensed and qualified healthcare providers who will ensure to equip the students with the knowledge and skills of a nursing assistant. Students in the program will get the chance to know various nursing topics including anatomy and physiology, first aid care, CPR, safety and infection control, activities of daily living, patient lifting and transporting, equipment use, charting, medical terminologies and many others. They will also have a supervised clinical instruction which will take place in an accredited healthcare facility. Scholarship and financial aid programs are provided by the American Red Cross but on a limited basis. Students who graduate from the program will be qualified to take the certification exam and become a nursing assistant in the state of Ohio.

Other Institutions offering Free CNA Classes in Cincinnati, Ohio:

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  • Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry
  • Rudwick Manor Special Care Center
  • Polaris Career Center
  • Royal Oak Nursing and Rehabilitation Center