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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Chicago

Chicago Free CNA Classes

Many people want to advance in the medical field and work towards getting their CNA license because of the demand for nurse’s aides in hospitals, nursing home and residential facilities. The city of Chicago is in need of CNAs who have undergone training and have passed the state licensing exam. Thus, people looking for free CNA classes in Chicago should visit these institutions and schools where appropriate training programs are provided at no cost. Each institution has different requirements and criteria, and interested applicants will have meet and excel in interviews and on exams to have a higher chance of getting into the program.

Apex Home Healthcare Inc.

This healthcare center has a CNA program that lasts for 7-8 weeks during which student will learn basic patient handling skills from licensed nurses. Throughout the course, students will learn how to engage with patients, as they work alongside medical professionals and with the family members of the patients. To apply for the Apex Home Healthcare CNA training program, you will have to complete the application and contact the facility. Those passionate about helping patients should consider taking the CNA course to advance their opportunities. Finishing a CNA training program at Apex Home Healthcare Inc. is an excellent way to work in various healthcare settings. Graduates receive eligibility to take the state licensing exam. Once they pass successfully, CNAs are provided with a job contract to work within the facility.

Career Training Center of Chicago

Free CNA classes in Chicago are being offered at the Career Training Center. You can contact the institution to see if you meet the requirements and qualifications to enter the program. You must have a high school diploma or equivalent GED to apply for the free CNA classes. A criminal background check, application, and physical check will needed. Theory classes will be given every morning or evening, and clinical courses are offered on the weekend for hands-on experience. You will learn the necessary skills for patient care and must take the Illinois State Certification Exam to earn your license. The free CNA classes of Career Training Center of Chicago enable residents to become a healthcare provider. It covers various nursing topics and skills essential for CNA practice.

Competent Health Care

Responsible Health Care flourishes in Illinois, Chicago and here you can take advantage of free CNA classes offered to applicants 16 years and older. You will learn the basic duties of a certified nurse’s aide. Applicants must know how to read and write, and will be asked to provide a complete background check. The training course will be completed within just six weeks, and then candidates will take the Illinois state exam to meet the standards of a certified CNA. Interested parties of the free CNA training program should be qualified to undergo the course and meet the age requirements, as well as provide the necessary documents. The CNA training program starts with classroom instruction, followed by laboratory training and hands-on clinical experiences. Students will be well equipped for the profession and state licensing exam.

Harold Washington College

Harold Washington College offers a CNA training program that can be completed in one semester. The program is designed to educate aspiring nursing assistants in understanding and performing the duties and responsibilities required to assist patients who cannot care for themselves. The course uses classroom and laboratory sections to provide experience in the perfection and practice of technical skills. Students in the program undergo supervision in a clinical setting, allowing them to function efficiently as members of the healthcare team. The CNA training program at Harold Washington College is estimated to cost around $968, excluding textbooks, uniforms, and related fees. However, students who cannot afford the cost can apply for scholarships to obtain free CNA classes. Several scholarships are available in the college to support students in financial need and who excel academically.

Tukiendorf Training Institute

Tukiendorf Training Institute is offering a CNA training program that allows graduates to become a nursing assistant in Chicago. The program is comprised of 90 hours of classroom instruction and 45 hours of hands-on clinical training in a local nursing home.  The combined theoretical and hands-on clinical training enables students to acquire the essential knowledge and skills needed to pass the Illinois Certification exam. It also prepares them for future employment in various healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and long-term care settings. The CNA training program of Tukiendorf Training Institute costs approximately $1,695 including tuition, books, registration, and certification exam. Students in the program also need to set aside funds for supplies, uniforms, medical exams, and a criminal background check. Individuals in financial need can apply for scholarship programs available in the training institute. These programs provide partial or complete financial assistance to deserving candidates of the CNA program.

Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training, Inc.

The CNA training program of Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training, Inc. is limited to some students. Interested individuals have to apply at the school’s admission office and meet the requirements of the program. The selection process depends on the outcome of the interview with the training coordinator, as well as the credentials provided by the applicants. The CNA training program of Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training, Inc. covers 40 hours of classroom instruction, 40 hours of laboratory training, 40 hours of hands-on clinical experience, and another 4 hours of CPR training. The program costs $895 which does not include the registration fee of $100, state exam of $110, and textbook fees of $45. Students in financial need can apply for scholarship programs to cover the tuition. The program is limited; candidates are selected based on their financial capability and academic performance. Only deserving individuals are approved for a scholarship program.

Midwestern Career College

Midwestern Career College has a state-approved nursing assistant training program that equips students with the essential skills for an entry level position in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. The CNA training program features 80 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical training in a nursing home with supervision from an experienced instructor. Students go through a rigorous training program that prepares them for the certification exam and potential employment. The CNA training program of Midwestern Career College is limited. Qualified candidates will attend a mandatory orientation session before enrollment. The orientation includes school’s policies, chest X-ray, TB screening, physical exam, criminal background check, attendance policies, and clinical requirements. Tuition costs around $1,890 and students who want to lessen the expenses can apply for scholarship programs. Midwestern Career College provides several financial aid programs that enable students to study for free or minimal cost.

Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology

Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology has a nurse assistant training program that allows students to take the state licensing exam and work as a CNA after passing successfully. The program has morning and evening classes, providing flexibility for those students with current employment or other commitments. It is composed of classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experience, where students become equipped with the essential knowledge and skills of the profession. Class topics include basic nursing skills, anatomy and physiology, infection control, computer skills, therapeutic communication, and principles related to the healthcare industry. Students in the program pay $795 for the tuition, excluding textbooks and the state exam fee. However, individuals can apply for scholarship programs that lessen the cost of the training. The school has several programs that provide financial assistance to deserving students who demonstrate financial need and excel academically.

Phalanx Family Services

Phalanx Family Services is offering a nursing assistant training program that helps prospective students incorporate current healthcare industry trends within a changing technology. The program helps aspiring CNAs achieve their academic and professional goals. It starts with classroom instruction where various concepts of the profession are discussed, followed by hours of laboratory training and hands-on clinical practice. Students are expected to finish 146 hours of training in an 8-week training program. Upon completion of the training, graduates become eligible for the state licensing exam. Phalanx Family Services makes sure that students in the CNA program are equipped with essential knowledge and skills. Individuals in financial need can apply for scholarship programs to cover the cost of the training. Phalanx Family Services has various programs that help prospective CNAs find work in different healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care settings.

Polish American Association

Polish American Association is offering a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that can be completed in 14 weeks. The program features 150 hours of combined classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experiences. It covers basic nursing principles and clinical skills acquired from the 50 hours training in a local nursing home or hospital. Students in the program receive quality training from expert healthcare instructors, who will prepare them for the state licensing exam and future employment in various healthcare settings. The CNA training program of Polish American Association typically costs $795 which includes a criminal background check, textbooks, and state exam fees. However, students currently enrolled in a CNA school can apply for financial assistance. These programs enable financially-needy individuals secure full support for their CNA training. The selection process can be complicated, but persons who are granted a scholarship will study for free.

Samland Institute of Allied Health and Technology

Samland Institute of Allied Health and Technology is offering a nursing assistant training program that covers 120 hours of instruction which can be completed in five to eight weeks. The coursework is made up of 80 hours of comprehensive theoretical instruction and 40 hours of supervised laboratory training and hands-on clinical experience. Students in the program receive adequate training to prepare them for the state licensing exam and future employment. Graduates can proceed with the competency exam after completing the state-approved the program. The cost of the CNA training program of Samland Institute of Allied Health and Technology is subject to change. Thus, interested students should contact the admissions office to know the current fees. Nevertheless, students who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of the program can apply for scholarships and financial aid grants. Several opportunities are available in this institution to help aspiring CNAs finish a program without a financial burden.

PC Center Training Institute

PC Center Training Institute has a nursing assistant training program that prepares students for a career in the healthcare field. The CNA training program outlines fundamental nursing principles and prepares students with the knowledge and clinical skills needed to succeed in the job. It covers 120 hours of combined classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experience. Upon completion of the program, graduates can take the state licensing exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in various healthcare settings like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and long-term care facilities. The CNA program has a course fee of $995 for tuition, $100 for registration, and $64 for SIUC testing fee. Students are expected to pay for a stethoscope, white shoes, scrubs, and the state certification exam. However, individuals who cannot sufficiently cover the costs of the program can pursue scholarship programs that provide full or partial financial assistance. These programs are granted to selected candidates who merit the funding.

The Nirvana Institute

The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Nirvana Institute is suitable for individuals seeking a career in the healthcare field. The program is taught by Registered Nurse instructors who have years of experience in the clinical setting. Students under a CNA training program go through classroom instruction, laboratory training and hands-on clinical experiences in a long-term care facility. They will be trained to become equipped for the profession and the certification exam. The program is accredited by IDPH, IBHE, and NHA, and students who complete the program are qualified to pursue advanced education in the nursing profession. The CNA training covers various topics like communications, medical terminology, vital signs, law and ethics, basic nursing principles, and vital signs. Students can study in the morning or evening over a period of 25 days. Regular tuition is $850 which includes books and uniforms, but scholarships and financial aid programs are available for financially-needy individuals.

List of All State Approved CNA Classes in Chicago

Chicago, ILAlberto Rosario Dba Ohanna Community Services 4931 W Thomas St773-313-6646
Chicago, ILCna- Malcolm X College - Keeler 1900 W Jackson Blvd312-850-7440
Chicago, ILCna-abbey Home Health Services Inc 4554 North Broadway Street 248773-784-8717
Chicago, ILCna-afforable Educational Services 2623 1/2 West 79th St773-863-0811
Chicago, ILCna-allied Healthcare & Training Center 5850 N Lincoln Ave. Suite 207-208773-989-5979
Chicago, ILCna-apex Home Health Services Inc 6160 North Cicero Avenue # 310773-202-1948
Chicago, ILCna-career Training Center Of Chicago 3525 W Peterson Ave T21773-583-8532
Chicago, ILCna-chicago Community Learning Center 4753 N Broadway #602773-506-1503
Chicago, ILCna-chicago State University9501 S King Dr312-300-6984
Chicago, ILCna-chicago's Pluse Cpr Training Inc 3219 W 111th St773-445-2277
Chicago, ILCna-city College Of Education2800 West Peterson Ave. Suite 105.773-506-0676
Chicago, ILCna-college Of Office Technology 1520 West Division Street773-278-0042
Chicago, ILCna-competent Healthcare 2820 W Montrose Ave773-249-4644
Chicago, ILCna-divine Basic Nsg Assist Training Pr 4554 North Broadway773-334-5564
Chicago, ILCna-doctor's Choice Home Health, Inc. 1133 S Wabash Ave312-447-0035
Chicago, ILCna-east-west University 816 S. Michigan Ave.312-939-0111
Chicago, ILCna-first Steps To Excellence Health Care Training Academy 1639 East 87 Th. Street773-437-5003
Chicago, ILCna-glencrest Nsg & Rehab 2451 W. Touhy Ave.773-338-6800
Chicago, ILCna-great Paragon Health Services, Inc 2640 W Touhy Ave773-274-7694
Chicago, ILCna-instituto Del Progreso Latino 2520 S. Western Ave.773-890-0055
Chicago, ILCna-lights Of Zion Ministries 11636 S Halsted St773-785-2996
Chicago, ILCna-magnificent Healthcare And Cpr Inc. 2046 West Devon Avenue773-856-3203
Chicago, ILCna-malcolm X College 1900 W Jackson Blvd312-850-7348
Chicago, ILCna-marshall Metropolitan Hs 3250 W Adams St773-534-6466
Chicago, ILCna-midwestern Career College 20 N. Wacker Dr. Suite 3800312-236-9000
Chicago, ILCna-midwestern Career College-roselle 100 South Wacker Dr. Ll1-50312-236-9000
Chicago, ILCna-northwestern Institute Of Health & 4641 N Ashland Ave773-506-2136
Chicago, ILCna-phalanx Family Services 837 W 119th St773-291-1086
Chicago, ILCna-polish American Association 3815 North Cicero Avenue773-282-1122
Chicago, ILCna-premier Institute Of Health Careers 11 East Adams Street Suite 200773-983-7786
Chicago, ILCna-renee's School Of Careers 9933 South Western Avenue773-233-7400
Chicago, ILCna-richland Community College 230 South Lasalle Street Suite 7-500217-875-7211
Chicago, ILCna-saints Mary & Elizabth Medi 2233 W Division St312-770-2357
Chicago, ILCna-samland Inst Of Allied Hlth Chicago 4320 W Montrose Ave773-283-0440
Chicago, ILCna-the Nirvana Institute Inc. 4650 South King Drive773-675-4000
Chicago, ILCna-tukiendorf Training Institute 5310 N. Harlem Ave. Suite 209773-774-2222
Chicago, ILCna-wright Coll - Humboldt Pk Voc Ctr 1645 N California Ave773-481-8922
Chicago, ILDd Aide - Nancy Home Care Agency, Llc 400 E 41st St #114b773-966-3003
Chicago, ILDd Aide - Pui Tak Center 2216 S Wentworth Ave312-328-1188
Chicago, ILDd Aide - Russell Young Jr Dba Universal Homes 3473 S King Dr #133773-563 0991
Chicago, ILDd Aide-a New Age Human Services, Corp 2953 North Nashville Avenue773-237-8793
Chicago, ILDd Aide-a Plus Autism Solutions 1212 W Flournoy St847-530-1444
Chicago, ILDd Aide-access Community Experience 4530 S Woodlawn Ave Unit 104708-271 3463
Chicago, ILDd Aide-aids Healthcare Foundation 5038 W Armitage Ave.773-385-9080
Chicago, ILDd Aide-amazing Home Health Care Service 70 West Madison Street 1406312-214-6115
Chicago, ILDd Aide-american Warriors, Inc 4025 South Brexel Boulevard773-858 7412
Chicago, ILDd Aide-christ Missionary Hha, Inc P.o. Box 368218312-566-1888
Chicago, ILDd Aide-ctrs For Resident Alternatives 4852 South Cornell Ave773-680-4205
Chicago, ILDd Aide-divine Center 8351 S Marquette Ave773-721-6536
Chicago, ILDd Aide-dubois-douglas, Inc 1016 W Jackson Blvd312-288-8640
Chicago, ILDd Aide-envision Unlimited (Chicago Arc) 8 S Michigan Ave #1700312-346-6230
Chicago, ILDd Aide-exceptional Home Health Care Services, Inc 611 W Briar Pl Ste 4773-666-5062
Chicago, ILDd Aide-experranza Community Services 3422 N Kildare Ave773-427 5280
Chicago, ILDd Aide-gordies Foundation 6430 S Ashland Avenue773-434-3920
Chicago, ILDd Aide-hawkins Cila Care 8340 S Paulina St708-250-0603
Chicago, ILDd Aide-l Arche Chicago, Inc 2010 W Carroll Ave312-226-1273
Chicago, ILDd Aide-la Flor Social Services, Inc. 10455 South Ewing Avenue773-978-8725
Chicago, ILDd Aide-morning Glory Community Center 9202 S Parnell Ave773-488-2887
Chicago, ILDd Aide-mysi Corporation 3001 W. 111th Street Suite 103.773-840-4600
Chicago, ILDd Aide-north Ctr For/handicapped Childrens-chic. 5104 W Belmont Ave773-777-4111
Chicago, ILDd Aide-pactt Learning Center 7101 N Greenview Ave773-338-9102
Chicago, ILDd Aide-peko Healthcare & Consulting Ser 526 E 87th St312-912-7672
Chicago, ILDd Aide-random Acts Of Kindness Dev Ag 11346 S Parnell Ave773-264-2452
Chicago, ILDd Aide-soledad Social Services Corp 4944 West Diversey Avenue Apartment 1773-481-9194
Chicago, ILDd Aide-the Arts Of Life 2010 W Carroll Ave312-829-2787
Chicago, ILDd Aide-the Child Project Po Box 528193773-875-5027
Chicago, ILIdph Certification By Nacep Exam 100 W. Randolph Street Suite 9 - 300217-785-5133

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