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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Charlotte

Charlotte Free CNA Classes

Candidates of nurse’s aide programs in North Carolina do not have to be present at the training classes to become certified. However, with the help of an approved training course, they can properly prepare for the state CNA examination. Even though the state does not eliminate candidates after failing three times (as done in other areas), candidates  will be offered the opportunity to undergo an approved program before they retake the examination. Many CNA classes run at least seventy-five hours in Charlotte to complete training. When students have passed the training, they will be ready to attempt the state examination and become listed on the registry of Nurse’s Aides. Take a look at some of the free CNA classes in Charlotte and the best CNA programs available in North Carolina!

American Academy of Healthcare

You can obtain both Nurse Assistant I and II training at the American Academy of Healthcare. The course has been approved by the state and includes not only classroom training, but it also involves the development of clinical skills under the guidance of a Registered Nurse. Students will receive all the training they need to pass the examination administered by the Pearsonvue with a view to becoming professional nurses. The students will have to finish clinical training at a healthcare facility. They will need to complete 119 contact hours of the certificate level course. Weekend, evening, and day training are provided. Graduates can continue on and take on the training for Nurse Assistance II and become a registered nurse’s aide. The tuition cost for the first course will be $450 and $650 for the Nurse Assistant II training. You can contact the Institute and ask for a discount or financial aid so you can obtain free CNA classes in Charlotte.

Carolina’s College of Health Science

The Nurse Aide I training program provides students with the training and resources needed to perform basic patient care and the skills that are required. You will need to take a state-approved program of up to 130 hours that covers clinical, laboratory, and classroom experiences in line with all the guidelines recommended by the DHSR. The tuition fees amount to $595 and include a study packet, basic life support, and clinical training clearance. Students will be responsible for supplies, state testing fees and scrubs. Weekend and day classes are available. Graduates will become eligible to sign up for the 160-hour training of Nurse Aide II which will cost $750. You can contact the institution to receive financial aid and be able to obtain free CNA classes in Charlotte.

CPCC- Central Piedmont Community College

Training for nurse aide I at CPCC aims to teach nutrition, aging procedures, personal care, patient rights, patients with special requirements, anatomy, communication, responsibilities of nursing assistants, charting, and observation. New classes are held every semester. Students are instructed by trained professionals and become eligible to register for nurse’s aide examination after the completion of the training. After becoming listed on the registry, graduates can sign up for Nurse Aide II training at the Institute. You can contact the center to learn about the schedules, fee structure, and availability of free CNA classes in Charlotte. These classes are often offered at the school’s financial aid office where scholarships are granted to deserving students who show financial hardship and demonstrate academic excellence. Central Piedmont Community College has various financial aid programs to cover the tuition expenses of individuals who cannot afford to pay for the CNA training program.

Divine Health Academy

Nurse Assistant I and II training are provided at this institution. The training session includes 112-160 hours. During the first nurse assistant training classes, students will be equipped with the knowledge required for personal care, transferring patients, vital signs, and emergency protocols. During the second nurse assistant training classes, the instructors will aim at developing nursing skills including tracheotomy care, catheterizations, irritations, and respiratory processes. Divine Health Academy accepts successful graduates for the state examination. Tuition fees for NA I is $500 while fees for NA II is up to $697. These costs include handouts, study materials and textbooks. Students will be liable for paying for supplies, state examination fees, immunizations, and background checks. Those participating in the NA II training classes will need to buy textbooks.

Chosen Healthcare Institute

You can obtain both NA I and NA II at the Chosen Healthcare Institute. 109 hours of training are covered in NA I over a period of four weeks. Students take part in clinical training at a facility nearby during the last week of the training session. 160 hours are completed over a period of five weeks. In the CNA classes, students are taught different skills including oxygen therapy, suction, and sterile dressings. Those registered for the NA I can become a part of NA II. Applicants need to have a GED transcript, a background free from criminal offenses, a high school diploma, physical examination, and TB tests. The tuition fees are $450 for NA I and $600 for NA II. Evening and day classes are available. You can contact the institute for financial aid to become eligible for free CNA classes in Charlotte.

Umanah Heathcare Institute

Umanah Healthcare Institute is offering a CNA class in Charlotte. Individuals interested in becoming a healthcare professional can apply for this program and receive a hands-on education given by expert instructors of the institute. The good thing about this facility is that it offers a free CNA class to deserving individuals who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of the program and who also excel academically. Several scholarship programs are available to currently enrolled students who demonstrate financial hardship. Applications can be submitted at the school’s financial aid office to be shortlisted for financial support. However, these programs are limited and students have to apply well beforehand. The CNA training program of Umanah Healthcare Institute also combines classroom lectures with laboratory training and hands-on clinical experiences. The teaching strategy prepares students for the state licensing exam and potential employment in various healthcare settings.

Serenity Nurse Aide Academy

Serenity Nurse Aide Academy has a nurse’s aide training program that prepares graduates for the state licensing exam and potential employment in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other healthcare facilities. The academy takes pride in cultivating students to be job-ready, especially to provide quality nursing care to patients with diverse healthcare needs. The school has modern equipment and utilizes technology to hasten learning and improve employability. They also have clinical instructors with years of experience in the medical setting. Thus, students become confident and equipped for any exams related to the profession. Individuals interested in a free CNA training can apply at the school’s financial aid office. Scholarship programs usually provide financial support to aspiring CNAs who cannot pay the entire training cost due to economic concerns. The scholarship may cover the cost of tuition and other related fees like uniforms, books, and medical supplies. However, it is not available to everyone because of limited funding.

Unity Nursing Institute

Unity Nursing Institute has a CNA training program that can be completed in a few weeks. The program is a short healthcare course that can be used as a stepping stone to working in various healthcare settings. Individuals interested in this program can submit the necessary requirements to the institute’ admission’s office. Scholarship programs are available to those who cannot afford the CNA training program. These scholarships provide financial support, coverin g the tuition cost, uniforms, books, and many other expenses. Thus, it can be a perfect way to study a CNA program at no cost. The CNA training program of Unity Nursing Institute starts with classroom lectures, followed by a laboratory training and hands-on clinical experience. The combined academic and hands-on training allow students to be equipped with adequate knowledge and skills. It will prepare them for the state licensing exam and potential employment in any healthcare facility in Charlotte.

TheraCare Health & Wellness

TheraCare Health & Wellness is offering a state-approved CNA training program in Charlotte. The program runs for a couple of weeks and covers various nursing topics and skills training including anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, nutrition, activities of daily living, and many others. Students go through hours of lectures and skills training in a simulation lab, which is then followed by hands-on clinical experience that takes place in a local healthcare facility. The combined theoretical and clinical training allows students to be prepared for the state licensing exam. It also equips these aspiring CNAs to become qualified healthcare providers in the city of Charlotte. TheraCare Health & Wellness has state-of-the-art facilities and a simulation lab to improve student learning. Students with financial hardships can apply for sponsored programs that provide financial support. Free CNA classes are given in this facility to help deserving individuals study a CNA program without paying.

Continual Health Education and Training

Regular Health Education and Training offers a CNA training program that enables graduates to work in various healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and long-term healthcare settings. The CNA training combines classroom and clinical instructions. Students undergo hours of lectures where various nursing topics are discussed. After, they will be trained in a simulation lab to improve their skills and prepare them for the clinical rotations. The hands-on clinical practice will take place in a local healthcare facility in Charlotte. Students are supervised by a clinical preceptor who is a licensed healthcare provider. They will be exposed to the different areas of a health facility. Graduates of the CNA training program will receive a certificate and an opportunity to take the state licensing exam. Once they pass, they can apply to any medical institutions and receive an excellent compensation package. Free CNA classes can be obtained at the school’s financial aid office; they are granted to students with financial need.

Caregivers Institute

Caregivers Institute is providing free CNA classes to individuals who cannot afford to undergo a paid CNA training program in Charlotte. Interested parties can submit an application at the financial aid office; they are selected based on their financial hardship and academic performance. The CNA training program of this institute can be completed in a few weeks after which graduates will become qualified to take the state licensing exam. Classroom lectures cover various nursing topics that provide sufficient knowledge and skills. The hands-on clinical practice, on the other hand, allows students to handle actual patients with supervision from a clinical preceptor. Caregivers Institute has been producing knowledgeable healthcare providers such that graduating from this facility is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the nursing profession. Availing free CNA classes in this school can be a little challenging because of the limited number of students accepted per program, but selected candidates are provided with almost all everything needed.

Nurse Aide Institute of Excellence

The Nurse Aide Institute of Excellence is one of the sources of free CNA classes in Charlotte. Residents of the city who are unemployed and who cannot find a stable job may apply for the free CNA course. Some of the requirements include a high school diploma, physical exam, and criminal background check. Applicants are selected based on their qualifications, particularly on financial capability and academic performance. The Institute offers free CNA training to deserving candidates committed to training by clinical preceptors and licensed healthcare providers. The program combines classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training, which provides adequate knowledge and the skills to prepare students for the state licensing exam and future employment. It can be completed in less tha one semester; thus, graduates can work in any healthcare facility right after passing the certification exam.

List of All the State Approved CNA Classes in Charlotte

Charlotte, NCAmerican Academy Of Healthcare, Llc 4822 Albemarle Rd #110704-525-3500
Charlotte, NCCentral Piedmont Community College - Central Campus 1201 Elizabeth Ave704-330-2722
Charlotte, NCChosen Healthcare Institute, Inc. 8401 University Executive Park Dr #111704-547-1988
Charlotte, NCDivine Health Academy 5633 Monroe Rd704-566-2955
Charlotte, NCSerenity Nurse Aide Academy 6636 East Wt Harris Boulevard H704-567-8000
Charlotte, NCUnity Nursing Institute 5715 Westpark Dr Ste 202704-525-1448