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CNA Training & Classes | April 24, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Chandler, AZ

Free CNA Classes in Chandler

Certified Nursing Assistants have a lot of career opportunities in the state of Arizona. They are often the primary caregivers in various healthcare institutions; thus, they are hired to work alongside nurses and doctors. However, many of the unemployed are not aware that there are free CNA classes in Chandler, Arizona. These free classes are being offered by several institutions to entice job-seeking Arizona residents to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Taking the free CNA classes in Chandler, Arizona will not only provide a stable career for successful individuals, but they will also bring fulfillment in their lives. Check the schools below where you can avail free CNA classes.

Arizona Western College

The Arizona Western College is a public and community college offering 90 different study programs including CNA training. It can be availed on a part or full-time basis, depending on availability. Full- time students can finish the CNA program in less than 5 weeks whereas part-time students need 8 weeks. To become eligible for enrollment, applicants have to undergo a reading placement test and must present a CPR certification together with a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, immunization record, TB test, drug screening and chest X-ray. Students have to be free from any communicable disease and able to lift, move and transfer patients. They are asked to have a complete attendance during the entire training to graduate from the course. Students of the program will go through a combined lecture and skills training format in preparation for the clinical practice. Once they finish, they move on to a clinical setting where they are supervised by the Certified Nursing Assistants of Arizona Western College.

Fred G. Acosta Job Corps

Job Corps is one of the reliable sources for paid CNA training. Individuals 17 to 24 years old can apply and take the program to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Fred G. Acosta Job Corps offers free accommodations and training forlow-incomee individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. The CNA training is like other programs as students receive a combined format of classroom lectures, skills training and hands-on clinical practice in a healthcare facility. It is all facilitated by qualified nursing assistants who work for the Job Corps. Students will knowledge of  the profession and the requisite topics to pass the certification exam. These includes patient care and safety, infection control, activities of daily living, vital signs monitoring, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, equipment handling and many others. Once they finish the lectures and laboratory training, students will then be exposed to a clinical setting where they are supervised by certified clinical instructors.

Mesa Community College

Mesa Community College is offering a nurse assistant training program at 180 locations. The course is comprised of 150 hours divided to 60 hours of classroom lectures and 90 hours of clinical practice. Students will receive a quality education through the school’s combined format of classroom training and skills enhancement. The training will start with hours of lectures followed by laboratory skills training. During the practice, students will have the opportunity to learn basic principles, concepts and skills of the profession. They will get to know the process of caring for a diverse group of patients ranging from children to the elderly. They will acquire the hospital skills needed for every nursing assistant. The CNA training program of Mesa Community College will prepare every aspiring nursing assistant to be equipped and capable of nurturing and caring for patients with healthcare needs. The tuition cost is $1100 but scholarship programs and financial aid grants can be availed for those who need low-cost CNA training.

Metro Tech High School

Metro Tech High School offers a nurse’s aide training program for high school students who want to have a career in the healthcare field. The training program is a great opportunity for the young people of Arizona to be qualified for employment as a nursing assistant. Students in the program will understand the profession and become equipped for the challenges to be faced along the way. They will be able to acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen career. The CNA training program of Metro Tech High School is led by qualified instructors. The classroom lectures will be followed by a laboratory skills training and clinical practice in a healthcare facility. Once the students complete the number of hours required by the state, they will be eligible for the certification exam. Their is no cost if students apply for scholarships and financial aid grants.

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