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CNA Training & Classes | March 18, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Buffalo NY

Free CNA Classes in Buffalo NY

The free CNA classes in Buffalo, New York can be obtained at any sources. If you want to have a career in the healthcare field, becoming a CNA will be your starting point. Certified Nursing Assistants are the primary caregivers in the hospitals, nursing homes and long term care facilities. They have a challenging role in the healthcare field but they have fulfilling careers ahead of them. Aside from that, they are well compensated and their job is a stable one. Thus, if you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, take the free CNA classes in Buffalo, New York provided by any of these institutions.

Educational Opportunity Center – University of Buffalo

For residents in Buffalo, the Educational Opportunity Center of the University of Buffalo is providing free CNA classes all year round. This kind of program helps the students achieve an entry level position as a nursing assistant in various medical facilities in the state. It also prepares them for the state certification exam, which comprises of oral and written exams. Since the Educational Opportunity Center is a certified testing site in Buffalo, students in the program can take the course and the certification exam within the facility. There is no need to pay any amount of money for the tuition but applicants have to ensure to pay the background screening and state exam fees. A proof of residency along with a high school diploma and a proof of income are needed during the application process. This is very important in order to get the best training and education for the CNA profession.

Harvest House

Harvest House is one of the providers of CNA training program in Buffalo, New York. The program is consist of 90 hours of classroom instruction and another 40 hours of clinical training, which covers 130 hours in total over ten weeks. Interested students have to pass the pre-entrance exam and be able to provide a result of their hepatitis test, physical exam and up-to-date immunization record. They also have to prepare at least $900 to $1000 for the tuition cost. Low income applicants who cannot afford to pay the entire program can take advantage on the financial aid program, scholarship program and flexible payment scheme offered by the Harvest House. The nursing assistant training program will help the prospective students achieve their goal as a healthcare provider, making them prepared as well in the state certification exam. They will be educated and trained by the best instructors of the institution, who are qualified nursing assistants in the state of New York.

Schofield Nursing Facility

Schofield Nursing Facility is one of the providers of paid CNA training in Buffalo, New York. The training that is being provided by the institution meets the requirements of the state, with 120 hours of training within 5 weeks. On the first two weeks, students will go through the traditional classroom lecture and on the final two weeks, they will undergo an on-the-job training. Upon certification, graduates will have the chance to become a Schofield employee. This is a good opportunity for them to become employed right after the training program and certification exam. However, applications should be submitted 6 weeks prior to the start of the class. Applicants have to make sure also that they pass the requirements of the state and the institution. They have to pass a proof of immunization record, chest X-ray, hepatitis text, and a criminal background check.

The McGuire Career Center

The McGuire Career Center has been offering a nursing assistant training program which allows them to produce an average of 300 students every year. This training program is a combined classroom lecture, clinical practice and hands-on laboratory tests which can be completed in four months. Successful students who have passed the New York state exam will have the chance to become a staff of McGuire group. They will have the option to work within the facility or try other employment opportunities outside the McGuire Career Center. Tuition and class schedules are always subject to change that is why, interested applicants have to make sure that they inquire the school before they enroll.

Other Schools offering Free CNA classes in Buffalo, New York:

  • Buffalo Public Schools – Adult Education Division
  • Finger Lakes Community College
  • Marion S. Whelan School of Practical Nursing
  • Rochester Educational Opportunity Center