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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Birmingham, AL

Free CNA Classes in Birmingham AL

It is a social ill if residents of a community cannot find a stable career. Fortunately, the healthcare field provides countless job opportunities through free CNA classes in Birmingham, Alabama. If you take any of these free CNA class, you can sit for the state certification exam and be one of the next Certified Nursing Assistants in the state. You can easily be hired in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. If you are thinking of a long-term career, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a great option. There are several schools and healthcare institutions offering free CNA classes in Birmingham, Alabama. All you have to do is to inquire from these institutions and learn how to get started.

Lawson State Community College

Lawson State Community College offers two kinds of Certified Nursing Assistant training programs. The first CNA program is taught once every semester, and it is a ten semester hour healthcare course designed to equip the student with essential theory and lab experiences to develop skills required to become long-term care Certified Nursing Assistant. It focuses on the acquisition of skills in mobility or body mechanics, observations, communication, personal and restorative care, patient safety, and infection control required to care for patients or residents of all ages. Prospective participants of the program must have a high school diploma or GED certificate and must submit a health form as well as complete immunizations. Nevertheless, financial aid programs are available to qualified students, particularly those who are granted a Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

On the other hand, the second track of the Certified Nursing Assistant course is offered at the Bessemer Campus in Lawton State Community College. The program is available twice per semester, and it runs for five weeks, with classes that meet every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. At the end of the program, students can sit for the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Services certification examination. Individuals who want to enroll in this CNA program must also complete a Health Form, immunization like Hepatitis B, and TB skin test. The total tuition and fee are $615 which does not include books and workbook. Scholarships and financial aid options are also available to qualified students who are seeking a free Certified Nursing Assistant.

The Dannon Project

The Dannon Project is partnering with Jefferson County Workforce Investment Act to provide a short-term career training program to qualified young people in Birmingham, Alabama. Individuals who are aged 17 to 21 years old are encouraged to apply. Selected applicants will provide a free Certified Nursing Assistant training program by experienced instructors. The program includes classroom instruction, skills training, and clinical practice in a local healthcare facility. Training sites are located near bus routes, but students can secure their mode of transportation. Various nursing topics are discussed in the training as well as the skills needed to become competent Certified Nursing Assistants. Since the program runs for several weeks, a full-time commitment is necessary, and absences are discouraged. Students have to meet the required number of hours for the program to become eligible for the certification exam.

The free CNA training program of The Dannon Project is an excellent initiative to help several youths achieve a credential to start a career in the healthcare field. Prospective applicants have to meet the age requirement and must be willing to work in a long-term care facility after becoming certified. It is also important to show compassion in serving other people and willingness to be trained by healthcare instructor. Aside from that, applicants have to pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. The free CNA training program is not offered all year round, and interested individuals have to apply as soon as possible to reserve a seat in the class.

Fair Haven

Fair Haven is a nursing home in Birmingham serving all kinds of residents requiring long-term care services. The facility is backed by the Methodist Homes of Northwest Florida and Alabama with a legacy of enriching the lives of the people. Other than their excellent services, Fair Haven created an initiative to invite more individuals to work as Certified Nursing Assistants. Once in a while, they provide a paid CNA class which allows the participants to receive a salary for completing a Nursing Assistant training program. The class runs for several weeks, and it covers the essential nursing concepts and skills required to become successful in the certification exam. Students have to make a full-time commitment to attend the classes and clinical training to graduate and receive a certificate of completion. At the end of the program, graduates become eligible for the certification exam which qualifies them to work immediately as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Fair Haven.

Applicants of the paid CNA class must be at least 17 years old with no criminal conviction and communicable disease. They have to undergo and pass the background check, drug screening, and TB test. There are only a few candidates selected for the CNA training program. Thus, applicants are based on their credentials and the facility’s criteria. Moreover, the application for the paid CNA class can be made by visiting the facility of Fair Haven.

Healthcare Facilities in Birmingham, Alabama that might offer free or paid CNA classes;

  • Birmingham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC
  • Cherry Hill Healthcare Center
  • Eastglen Center for Nursing
  • Fairview Health and Rehabilitation Center
  • Northway Health and Rehabilitation, LLC
  • Greenbriar at the Altamont
  • South Health and Rehabilitation, LLC
  • Civic Center Health and Rehabilitation, LLC
  • Oak Knoll Health and Rehabilitation, LLC
  • Birmingham East Nursing-Rehab
  • South Haven Health and Rehabilitation