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CNA Training & Classes | January 20, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Arlington

Free CNA Classes in Arlington

Certified Nurse Aids may have to work long hours and are not given a high wage rate, but there is a high demand for them in the market. The CNA training is offered at various locations in Texas-Arlington, and you can even find free CNA classes in Arlington if you want to advance in your career. Some of the sites that you can contact are:

Alpha Career Institute

The program offered here is approved by the state and prepares the students for the entry level exam. There are favorable schedules for students who would like to take the classes according to their busy schedule. The students who take the day classes will be able to complete the course in four weeks, whereas the other students will have to finalize the course in four weeks. A total of 40 hours of clinical time needs to be completed. You must be around 17 years of age and must be able to speak, read, and write English. Also, you will have to provide the Institute with your ID card, TB test results, CPR certification, background check, and other documents. You can ask the Institute about free CNA classes in Arlington to see if they have any financial aid available. When you apply for financial aid, always remember that certain requirements and criteria must be met to be considered.

School for Allied Health Professionals

The nursing course here equips the students with the skills required in the health care sector. The course here is for a total of 100 hours in which classroom time and clinical rotations have been distributed to a sixty-forty ratio. The class time includes topics like personal care skills, nurse skills, social needs, mental health, communication, and so much more. The classes are conducted from Monday to Friday, and there is even an evening schedule available for students. The cost of tuition here is $800 which includes the cost of registration, books, uniform, testing, criminal background check, and CPR certification. However, students seeking for tuition assistance can inquire at the school’s financial aid office. The School for Allied Health Professionals offers help to aspiring nursing assistants who cannot finish the CNA course due to financial struggles. These opportunities are often limited, but it is an excellent way to become a nursing assistant without shelling out a big amount of money.

Quality Care Institute

Quality Care Institute is a recognized place to obtain your CNA license. They are a provider that offers free CNA classes in Arlington to students who qualify. Interested applicants have to be at least a holder of a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also need to pass the drug screening, TB test, and criminal background check to be considered for the program. Due to the limited class size, applicants are selected based on the availability of slots, attitude and flexibility of the applicant, and his or her suitability for the program. At the course of the program, topics like observation, reporting, medical abbreviations, anatomy, patient transfer, nutrition, and other aspects of health care will be discussed. There will also be a supervised hands-on clinical practice in a local healthcare facility. Classes will be conducted for four to six weeks based on the schedule set by the Institute, and students need to complete the program without absences to graduate.

Springpack Healthcare Institute

Springpack Healthcare has been providing their CNA course since 2010. They prepare students for health care tasks for them to properly work in a health care facility, hospital or even a nursing home. The applicants who would like an admission here will have to provide their ID, photos, GED equivalent, high school diploma, background check, immunization records, and must pass the entrance test. There are morning, evening, and weekend classes for applicants to choose. The cost of the program is $600, and students will have to bear the cost of CPR certification, books, scrubs, exam fee, entrance exam, etc. However, there are some instances wherein the institute offers a free CNA class. This is done with the help of various organizations and public institutions who sponsor financially challenged students in their CNA education. The school’s financial aid office is the best place to inquire for any free CNA class available.

Kaplan College

Those students who would like to pass the state exam successfully should consider taking the CNA course at Kaplan College. They offer 120 hours of class time in six weeks. This includes the time spent in the classroom and the lab time. The graduates who pass the exam within the Institute are then allowed to take the state CNA exam. The tuition fee to study at this institute is $1264. Also, students who require financial aid can also do so as many locations in Arlington offer free CNA classes in Arlington. Kaplan College is also providing financial assistance to deserving and selected students, but it is often limited and is seldom available. Interested individuals have to visit their financial aid office or inquire at the admissions office for possible funding of the CNA class. Graduating from Kaplan College does not only equip the student for the CNA profession, but it also gives him or her a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a nursing assistant.

Texas Career Institute

The course offered here will incorporate topics like making beds, checking vital signs, CPR, first aid, and how to lift or communicate with the patient properly. The students must take the admission test and must have proof of past education. This includes a high school diploma or GED equivalent, which are considered to be the minimum educational requirement. Moreover, applicants must also submit their selves to a criminal background investigation, drug screening, and TB test. Anyone with a criminal record, communicable disease, or influenced by prohibited drugs are not accepted in the program. The CNA training of Texas Career Institute is a short and rigorous training that has a small class size. Only a few students are allowed per program and graduates will become eligible to take the state exam and have their name in the Texas nurse registry. A scholarship program is also available at the school’s financial aid office. Students who are sponsored by a particular organization must visit the office for a possible no cost CNA training.

University of Texas – Arlington – Health Careers Institute

The University of Texas at Arlington offers various nursing programs that allow aspiring healthcare providers obtain a degree or certificate and work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. The CNA training program of Health Careers Institute is 100 hours clinical training and classroom instruction, with a total cost of $2000. Students have to go through the 24 sessions that will be completed in 2 months, and this will be taught by a clinical instructor who is a licensed healthcare professional. Various health care topics and long-term care issues will be discussed in class to prepare the students for the state exam. These subjects include anatomy and physiology, vital signs monitoring, understanding medical terminologies, infection control, activities of daily living, and many others. Students who are seeking for a scholarship to obtain a free CNA class can visit the financial aid office for more details about this opportunity. They can submit an application, and they will be screened based on their suitability for the free CNA class.

Ben Barber Career and Technology Academy

Ben Barber Career and Technology Academy offers a CNA training program that runs for 36 weeks and allows graduates to earn two credits. The course prepares every aspiring nursing assistant to provide direct patient care with supervision from a Registered Nurse or another member of the healthcare team. The CNA training program combines classroom and clinical instruction to prepare these students for handling a broad range of tasks related to the client or patient care. Students are expected to perform various skills such as activities of daily living, vital signs monitoring, bedside care, and many others at the end of the program. Completing the course provides numerous opportunities in the healthcare field. However, to gain admission to the CNA training program at Ben Barber Career and Technology Academy, interested applicants have to be at least 16 years old. These individuals must undergo a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB test. It is also important to be physically fit to be considered for the program. The CNA training comes with an individual cost, but students who want to pay a lesser price should visit the financial aid office for funding. There are some scholarship programs and financial aid grants available to deserving and qualified individuals who meet the criteria of these opportunities.

Arlington Career Institute

Arlington Career Institute has a nursing assistant training program that allows enthusiastic people to secure a stable career in the healthcare field. The program prepares the students for an entry-level position as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Arlington. In the entire course of study, students will learn how to give basic patient care with supervision from a nursing staff in a residential care facility. The duties of nursing assistants usually include taking vital signs, dressing, bathing, feeding, assisting in medical procedures, and providing compassionate and individualize care to patients on a day to day basis. The CNA training program of Arlington Career Institute is approved and regulated by the state Board of Nursing, Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, and Career Schools and Colleges of Texas Workforce Commission. Moreover, the CNA training program is tailor made to individuals who are currently employed and who have prior commitments. Classes are held at daytime or evening, depending on the availability of the student. People who cannot afford to pay the tuition cost can apply for scholarship programs. These programs often provide financial assistance to deserving students who excel academically and who also struggle to make ends meet.

Stone Academy

Stone Academy’s Certified Nursing Assistant program trains students about the 25 traditional CNA skills and additional essential clinical competencies required to sit for the state licensing exam. The program runs for 125 hours and includes classroom and clinical training that introduce aspiring students to specialized areas. It also prepares these individuals for employment in long-term care facilities, nursing homes, home health, hospitals, hospice, sub-acute rehabilitation, and other healthcare facilities. The good thing about the CNA training program of Stone Academy is its flexible schedules. Classes are offered during the day, evening or weekend, depending on the chosen schedule of the student. The course can be completed in 4 to 16 weeks, and all students are provided an opportunity to practice their clinical skills in an affiliated medical facility. To apply for a CNA training program in Stone Academy, applicants have to be at least a high school graduate or with a GED equivalent holder. They also need to pass the criminal background check, TB test, fingerprinting, and drug screening. Candidates are selected based on their credentials, attitude, flexibility, and availability of slots. Those who wished to avail a free CNA training program can approach the school’s financial aid office for appropriate funding.

Acumen Medical Services

Acumen Medical Services offers a CNA training program that allows graduates to become eligible for the state licensing exam. The program blends classroom instruction with clinical training to prepare the students for their certification and potential employment. It can be completed in a short period, with classes that take place from Monday through Thursday, at least four hours a day. Acumen Medical Services prides itself in having a 98% passing rate in the state certification exam. Such achievement was made possible by instructors who will teach the essential nursing concepts and skills to pass the Florida Nurse Aide Exam with confidence. The class size is limited to 5 to 8 students to allow a one on one attention in the program. The courses are fast paced, so students are expected not to miss any of the class and complete it with excellent records. There is a similar fee for the CNA training, but students who can secure a scholarship or financial aid grants can study at no cost. Acumen Medical Services has an affordable CNA training program to residents of Arlington, but it also provides opportunities for financially challenged individuals who like to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state.

Ace Nursing Education

Ace Nursing Education is the premier provider of online CNA classes in Arlington. Individuals who are looking for a flexible CNA training can opt for online classes available at this institution. This would mean that there is no need to attend a regular classroom training since students can do all the coursework online, except for the skills training and hands-on clinical practice. During the program, various nursing concepts are taught to inculcate knowledge and expertise among the aspiring nursing assistants. Among these topics are anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, infection control, nutrition, the range of motion, activities of daily living, vital signs monitoring, and many others. Skills training will take place in an arranged simulation lab of Ace Nursing Education. Meanwhile, the hands-on clinical practice will be at a local healthcare facility where a clinical instructor supervises students. The online CNA class of Ace Nursing Education is approved by the Texas Board of Nursing, which would mean that graduates can take the state licensing exam and become a Certified Nursing Assistant as soon as they pass the exam. Individuals who are seeking a free CNA training program can try to inquire at the school’s financial aid office. Although it is not available at all times, some students can secure sponsorship for their CNA class in Ace Nursing Education.

Immaculate Grace Healthcare Institute, LLC

For people who are seeking a free CNA training program which leads to permanent employment, Immaculate Grace Healthcare Institute, LLC provides such kind of opportunity. The program is for applicants who are at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Individuals with a criminal record or communicable disease may not be allowed to apply. The CNA training program takes a couple of weeks to complete. It is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice, wherein students learn various concepts and skills to prepare them for the state certification exam. The class size is small to promote an individualized learning, and qualified applicants are also guided or supervised during the clinical experiences. Employment opportunities are usually available to students who completed the program and passed the certification exam successfully. Immaculate Grace Healthcare Institute, LLC provides excellent compensation package and benefits to their nursing assistants. However, before applying, applicants must be willing to work in the facility for a given period in exchange for the free CNA program obtained. They also have to agree with the terms and conditions of the program and must be capable of lifting a certain amount of weight since the job requires daily lifting, moving, and transferring of patients.