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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Arizona

CNA Classes in Arizona

The shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants in Arizona has pushed some schools and healthcare institutions to offer free CNA classes. These classes are similar to regular classes, except that students will not be paying anything and will have sure employment after passing the certification exam. Individuals who are unemployed and having a hard time seeking a permanent job will enjoy the privileges of becoming a CNA. Certified nursing assistants are not only the primary healthcare providers to patients, but they are also the professionals who assist nurses, doctors, occupational therapists and other healthcare workers. They play a vital role in any hospital or long-term care facility, which is why they are greatly needed everywhere in Arizona.

However, the free CNA classes in Arizona are not offered all the time. If you are an aspiring nursing assistant without financial means, you can search online or inquire at local healthcare institutions and schools about scholarships and grants for nursing assistants. Arizona has a lot of career opportunities for CNA’s; so if you want to grab them, it is advised to find a free CNA class among these schools and healthcare facilities.

Approved CNA Training Centers:

Trendsetters CNA Academy

The Trendsetters CNA Academy is an institution with nursing programs specialized to individuals wanting to become nursing assistants in hospitals, nursing homes or other medical facilities. The free CNA classes are available every year, and interested applicants have to apply beforehand to get a slot. Slots for free CNA classes in Arizona are limited, and they might not be available if several students are enrolled in program. Students will learn several nursing skills like bathing, grooming, blood pressure taking and many others. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully pass the certification exam which happens right after the program. The free CNA classes of Trendsetters CNA Academy provide a lot of opportunities in the healthcare profession. The institution ensures that graduates are not only eligible for the state certification exam but are also competent to provide care to various patients.

CareGiver Medical Institute

CareGiver Medical Institute has free CNA training programs for individuals interested in becoming a nursing assistant. The program is similar to other CNA programs, except that it has employment offer right after passing the certification exam. Individuals privileged to undergo the training for free are assured to start earning a salary from the day they get their employment contract. The program will teach the skills and nursing theories necessary for the profession, while it also expose students to different healthcare settings like hospitals, nursing homes or long-term care facilities, depending on the school’s affiliation. The Arizona Board of Nursing approves the CNA training program of CareGiver Medical Institute. Individuals who want to avail themsleves of free CNA courses can apply through the school’s financial aid office thorugh which scholarship programs are granted to deserving students.

Boswell Extended Care Center

Boswell Extended Care Center offers free CNA training for Arizona residents. To be admitted, the student must undergo a criminal background check and health screening and is required to present a high school diploma or GED along with his/her immunization records. The training program has a limited number of students, which is why interested individuals should apply for the free CNA classes in Arizona beforehand. Classroom lectures, clinical training and laboratory exposure take place during the entire program during which students will be supervised by a licensed nurse, CNA or LPN. The free CNA class at Boswell Extended Care Center is often granted to financially needy and academically excellent students. Applicants of the free course must qualify for these criteria to be considered for a scholarship. Boswell Extended Care Center has high-quality facilities for this program; graduates became competent and prepared for the demands of the profession.

Cactus Wren Training Program LLC

Cactus Wren Training Program LLC is a recognized institution in the assisted living industry and one of the best providers of CNA training in Arizona. Free CNA classes are given to individuals who qualify for their scholarships programs. The CNA training covers both classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practicum during which students are supervised by a preceptor, either a Registered Nurse or a Certified Nursing Assistant. Cactus Wren Training Program LLC is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that students can make use of during their CNA training. The institution’s faculty and staff are licensed healthcare professionals with years of experience in the industry. Taking the free CNA training under the Cactus Wren Training Program LLC provides an opportunity to become a health care provider without the need to pay a huge amount of money. Applicants have to show full commitment to the program to be accepted.

LAM & Associates School of Nursing Assistants, LLC

Although the free CNA training program at LAM & Associates School of Nursing Assistants, LLC is not offered all the time, individuals who secure free-of-charge training receive a quality education that equips them for the certification exam and potential employment. The free CNA training program incorporates clinical practicum into the typical classroom teaching and laboratory training. Students in the program will learn various nursing concepts and skills useful in providing primary care. These individuals will be supervised by the school’s licensed healthcare professionals. To be accepted for the free CNA training at LAM & Associates School of Nursing Assistants, LLC, prospective applicants will have to keep watch on their requirements and deadlines of application. These individuals must show an inability to cover the tuition fees and have an excellent academic track record. Few applicants will be granted for the free CNA training.

Schools offering Free CNA Classes:

Glendale Community College

The Glendale Community College offers free CNA classes that cover 36 hours of lecture instructions, 44 hours of laboratory training and 40 hours of long-term clinical practice. Normally, the CNA training program is not free, but there are scholarships and grants offered to qualified individuals. This free CNA class in Arizona is similar to the regular program, but it does not cover the certification exam fees, which are needed upon finishing the program. Glendale Community College is a great venue for CNA training; thus, it is an opportunity to complete the program at a minimal cost. Interested applicants for the free CNA training have to meet the qualifications of the college. In addition, these individuals must also demonstrate inancial hardship and excellent academic grades. The scholarship program for the free CNA training is not offered to everyone, but obtaining one will the open doors of career opportunity.

Gila Community College

Gila Community College offers a nursing assistant training program for 18 credits. The program involves classroom courses, clinical training and laboratory instruction, which usually costs $800. Individuals wishing to avail themselves of the free CNA classes in Arizona can inquire at the admissions office to know the full requirements needed to qualify for the program and certification exam. The CNA training program of Gilas Community College prepares students for this mandatory state certification exam. It allows students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for meeting the demands of the profession. The application process is often selective, but individuals who are accepted for the program receive the best training from well-experienced faculty and staff.

Everest College Phoenix

Everest College Phoenix  has a free CNA class every year. This free-of-charge program is limited to a few students per year so one should apply well before the start of enrollment. Just like other prpgra,s, Everest College Phoenix will expose students to classroom lectures, laboratory work and clinical training. This mode of instruction is followed to provide the requisite knowledge and skills at the same time for future Certified Nursing Assistants. Once the program has been completed, students will be required to take the certification exam to gain eligibility as a CNA. At the moment, there are several opportunities for CNA’s in Arizona, so enrolling through Everest College Phoenix can be of great help.

Coconino Community College

Coconino Community College offers free CNA classes in Arizona for students who successfully pass the school’s scholarship programs. The Nurse Aide Training Program is a combined program of classroom education and hands-on clinical practice. Students must complete 40 hours of clinical exposure and four credit courses with a grade of B or better. These requirements should be completed before applying for the certification exam. The usual cost of the CNA training program at Coconino Community College is $684, which does not include fees for a criminal background check and vaccinations. However, students under a scholarship program will pay less or nothing at all. Coconino Community College has various programs that allow individuals to obtain free CNA training. Interested applicants must excel academically and show financial struggle. The scholarship programs are often limited to a few students. Thus, applicants should ensure they meet the necessary qualifications.

Central Arizona College

Some scholarship programs are offered at Central Arizona College. These learning opportunities enable students to take the CNA program for free. The application process may be selective but successful applicants will get the chance to study in a quality CNA program with no cost at Central Arizona College. The Nurse Assistant program is given in a simulated workplace environment that involves classroom/lab instruction, practical hands-on training, and community practice. This CNA training is a fast-track system that lasts for approximately 16 to 18 weeks. Evening and weekend classes are also offered. The quality of the free CNA classes at Central Arizona College is comparable to the classes provided for regular tuition. Students have to finish the first 60 hours of training in a classroom setting where theories and applicable skills are taught. The remaining 90 hours are the clinical practicum held in an affiliated nursing home or hospital.

GateWay Community College

GateWay Community College offers a 6-credit Nurse Assistant training program that combines classroom lectures with laboratory skills training and actual clinical practicum in an approved healthcare facility. The program costs around $1,136 including related fees, but students qualified for scholarship initiatives will pay less or nothing at all. The free CNA classes at Gateway Community College can be obtained through the school’s financial aid office where learning programs are offered at no cost. Individuals apply for these programs must show financial need to be considered. They also are required to present excellent academic credentials as part of the evaluation process. GateWay Community College will make sure that its students are trained and  become highly qualified to take the certification exam for potential employment.

All Arizona State Approved CNA Programs

Phoenix, AZA Plus Healthcare Training 11024 N 28th Dr #260 480-376-2590
Glendale, AZAcademic Training Az (Fka K’s Training & Learning Center)8751 N 51st Ave #102 602-350-5154
Tucson, AZAcademy For Cargiving Excellence4725 N 1st Ave 520-338-4402
Phoenix, AZAccord Healthcare Institute 3816 N 27th Ave 602-714-3439
Mesa, AZArizona Cna Training Program801 S Power Rd # 203 480-388-7897
Mesa, AZArizona Medical Training Institute1530 N Country Club Dr #11 480-835-7679
Yuma, AZArizona Western CollegeP.o. Box 929 928-344-7554
Chandler, AZBasha High School5990 S Val Vista Dr 480-224-2314
Prescott Valley, AZBradshaw Mountain High School6000 E Long Look Dr 928-759-4100
Phoenix, AZBrookline College 2445 W Dunlap Ave Ste 100 602-242-6265
Tempe, AZBrookline College - Tempe1140 S. Priest Drive 480-545-8755
Tucson, AZCaregiver Training Institute – Main710 S Kolb Rd #4 520-325-4870
Winkelman, AZCentral Arizona College – Aravaipa80440 E Aravaipa Rd 520-357-2800
Maricopa, AZCentral Arizona College - Maricopa Campus17945 Regent Dr 520-494-6400
San Tan Valley, AZCentral Arizona College - San Tan Campus3736 E Bella Vista Rd 480-677-7825
Coolidge, AZCentral Arizona College - Signal Peak8470 N Overfield Rd 480-677-7712
Apache Junction, AZCentral Arizona College – Superstition Mountain805 S Idaho Rd 480-677-7700
Coolidge, AZCentral Arizona Valley Institute Of Technology (Cavit)1789 W Coolidge Ave 520-423-2991
Yuma, AZCibola High School4100 W 20th St 928-502-6795
Benson, AZCochise College - Benson Center1025 Az-90 520-586-1981
Rdbisbee, AZCochise College – Bisbee High School325 School Terrace 520-432-5714
Sierra Vista, AZCochise College – Buena High School5225 Buena School Boulevard 520-515-2714
Douglas, AZCochise College - Douglas Campus4190 West Highway 80 520-515-5309
Douglas, AZCochise College - Douglas High School1550 15th St 520-364-3462
San Simon, AZCochise College - San Simon High School2226 I-10bl 520-845-2275
Sierra Vista, AZCochise College - Sierra Vista Campus – Main901 Colombo Ave 520-515-7471
St David, AZCochise College - St. David High School70 E Patton St 520-720-4781
Tombstone, AZCochise College – Tombstone High School1211 N Yellow Jacket Way 520-457-2215
Elfrida, AZCochise College – Valley Union High School4088 W Jefferson Rd 520-642-3482
Willcox, AZCochise College - Willcox Center470 N Bisbee Ave 520-384-4502
Willcox, AZCochise College - Willcox High School240 N Bisbee Ave 520-384-8601
Flagstaff, AZCoconino Community College2800 S Lone Tree Rd 928-526-7640
Flagstaff, AZCollege America - Flagstaff399 South Malpais Lane, 2nd Floor 928-213-6060
Phoenix, AZCollege America - Phoenix9801 North Metro Parkway East 602-589-9860
San Tan Valley, AZCombs High School2505 E Germann Rd 480-882-3540
Glendale, AZDeer Valley High School18424 N 51st Ave 623-845-4066
Mesa, AZEast Valley Institute Of Technology (Evit) Adult Evening Na Training Program1601 W Main St 480-461-4018
Mesa, AZEast Valley Medical College, Inc. 205 E Southern Ave 480-776-0070
Thatcher, AZEastern Arizona College – Thatcher Campus615 N Stadium Ave 928-428-8396
Kingman, AZGardens Rehabilitation & Care3131 Western Ave 928-718-0718
Phoenix, AZGateway Community College 108 N 40th St 602-286-8531
Phoenix, AZGateway Community College - Central City1245 East Buckeye Road 602-238-4367
Globe, AZGila Community College/eastern Arizona College Gila Pueblo Campus 8274 South Six Shooter Canyon Road 520-428-3151
Payson, AZGila Community College/eastern Arizona College Payson Campus201 N Mud Springs Rd 520-474-2224
Yuma, AZGila Ridge High School7150 E 24th St 928-502-6788
Glendale, AZGlendale Community College6000 W Olive Ave 623-845-3264
Camp Verde, AZHaven Of Camp Verde86 W Salt Mine Rd 928-567-5253
Cottonwood, AZHaven Of Cottonwood197 S Willard St 928-634-5548
Flagstaff, AZHaven Of Flagstaff800 W University Ave 928-779-6931
Phoenix, AZHaven Of Phoenix4202 N 20th Ave 602-264-3824
Sedona, AZKachina Point Na Program505 Jacks Canyon Rd 928-284-1000
Yuma, AZKofa High School7904, 3100 S Avenue A 928-502-5400
Bullhead City, AZLegacy Rehab And Care Center2812 Silver Creek Rd 928-763-8901
Kingman, AZLingenfelter Center1099 Sunrise Ave 928-718-4852
Prescott, AZMeadows Of Northern Arizona Cna Training 809 Gail Gardner Way 928-778-3570
Peoria, AZMedstar Academy 14100 North 83rd Avenue, Ste 230 623-773-9000
Mesa, AZMesa Community College1833 W Southern Ave 480-461-7106
Phoenix, AZMetro Tech High School1900 W Thomas Rd 602-764-8000
Bullhead City, AZMohave Community College Bullhead City Campus - Main 3400 Az-95 928-758-3926
Kingman, AZMohave Community College Kingman Campus1971 Jagerson Ave 928-757-4331
Havasu City, AZMohave Community College Lake Havasu Campus1977 Acoma Blvd. West Lake 928-505-3378
Kingman, AZMohave Community College Lee Williams High School400 Grandview Ave 928-753-6216
Colorado City, AZMohave Community College North Mohave Campus480 S Central St 928-875-2799
Bullhead City, AZMohave Community College River Gardens Rehab & Care Center2150 Silver Creek Rd 928-763-8700
Glendale, AZMoon Valley High School Glendale Union High School District7650 N 43rd Ave 602-616-1798
Tucson, AZMountain View Care Center 1313 W Magee Rd 520-797-2600
Chinle, AZNavajo Technical UniversityPo Box 849 928-674-5764
Phoenix, AZNorth Mountain Medical And Rehab Center9155 N 3rd St 602-218-9483
Winslow, AZNorthland Pioneer College Little Colorado Campus1400 East Third Street 928-532-6133
Snowflake, AZNorthland Pioneer College Silver Creek Campus1611 S. Main St 928-532-6136
Springerville, AZNorthland Pioneer College Spingerville/eager Center (Navit)940 E. Maricopa St 928-333-2498
Show Low, AZNorthland Pioneer College White Mountain Campus – Pc103, M31001 W. Deuce Of Clubs 928-532-6136
Whiteriver, AZNorthland Pioneer College Whiteriver Center720 S. Chief Ave 928-674-5218
Phoenix, AZParadise Valley Community College18401 N 32nd St 602-787-7284
Cave Creek, AZParadise Valley Community College Cactus Shadows High School5802 E Dove Valley Rd 602-787-7007
Phoenix, AZParadise Valley High School3950 E Bell Rd 602-867-5554
Gilbert, AZPerry High School1919 E Queen Creek Rd 480-812-7616
Phoenix, AZPhoenix Job Corps Center518 S 3rd St 602-254-5921
Nogales, AZPierson Vocational High School451 N Arroyo Blvd 520-325-8470
Tucson, AZPima Community College Ctd – Desert Vista 5901 S Calle Santa Cruz 520-206-5140
Tucson, AZPima Community College West Campus Nra 101 2202 W Anklam Rd 520-206-6661
Tucson, AZPima County Joint Technical Education District Jted - 22nd St Campus2855 W Master Pieces Dr 520-352-5833
Tucson, AZPima County Joint Technical Education District Jted - Camino Seco Central Campus8727 E 22nd St 520-352-5833
Mesa, AZPima Medical Institute - Dobson Road Campus957 S. Dobson Road 480-644-0267
Mesa, AZPima Medical Institute – Power Road Campus2160 S. Power Road 480-644-0267
Glendale, AZProvidence Training Institute9189 N 59th Ave #2 602-606-8879
Queen Creek, AZQueen Creek High School22149 E. Ocotillo Rd 480-987-5965
Somerton, AZRegional Center For Border Health, Inc. Dba College Of Health Careers950 E. Main Street, Building A 928-315-7600
Yuma, AZRegional Center For Border Health, Inc. - Aztec Dba College Of Health Careers330 W. 24th St. Ste-2 928-314-1918
Parker, AZRegional Center For Border Health, Inc. Dba College Of Health Careers Parker Campus601 Riverside Dr #7 928-669-4436
Rio Rico, AZRio Rico High School590 Camino Lito Galindo 520-325-4870
Bullhead City, AZRiver Gardens Rehab & Care Center2150 Silver Creek Rd 928-763-8700
Scottsdale, AZSaguaro High School6250 N 82nd St 480-484-7100
Phoenix, AZStar Canyon School Of Nursing8900 N Central Ave #104a 602-943-1337
Mesa, AZSun Valley High School1143 S Lindsay Rd 480-497-4800
Peoria, AZSunrise Mountain High School21200 N 83rd Ave 623-487-5125
Scottsdale, AZThunderbird Adventist Academy Na Program7410 E Sutton Dr 480-634-6876
Cottonwood, AZV'acte-valley Academy For Career & Technology Education (Fka Mingus Union High School)3405 E. State Route 89a, Building B 928-634-7131
Tempe, AZValley Vocational Academy1845 E Broadway Rd #114 480-247-9388
Prescott, AZYavapai Community College – Main Campus1100 E. Sheldon Street 928-445-7300
Clarkdale, AZYavapai Community College – Verde Valley Campus601 Black Hills Dr 928-634-7501