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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Free CNA Classes in Alaska

CNA Classes in Alaska

Alaska is one of the states in America facing a shortage of healthcare workers. Because of the increasing aging population and fewer individuals opting for a career in the healthcare field, several institutions and organizations are providing free CNA classes in Alaska. These courses are offered without charge to compensate the need of the state for Certified Nursing Assistants.

The general requirements for CNA training enrollment do not change from one state to another. A high school diploma or a GED is needed, along with a background check and immunization and medical record. This may vary per institution, but the requirements must be completed before admission. Certified nursing assistants are bestowed with career opportunities in Alaska. Aside from fulfillment, they get a good compensation package and bonuses also await. This is why working in the nursing field as a CNA is recommended for individuals wanting to grow professionally who are seeking career and financial stability.

Healthcare Institutions with Free CNA Classes

Sitka Community Hospital LTC

Sitka Community Hospital Ltc trains individuals to work as a CNA in their institution. Their free CNA class in Alaska is similar to others, as it covers theory-based lectures and hands-on clinical experience. Students will be supervised by a Licensed Nurse or a CNA to learn basic nursing care and skills related to this work. One just has to make sure that he/she passes the certification exam right after the training program to gain employment at the community hospital. The free CNA training program of Sitka Community Hospital LTC is made available to answer the shortage of nursing assistants in their facility. Interested individuals can submit their applications to the human resource department of the institution and wait for aresponse. Availing oneself the free CNA training program of Sitka Community Hospital LTC is akin to securing a job in the facility. Accepted applicants are trained to become nursing assistants who can provide the best patient services to.

Central Peninsula Hospital/Heritage Place

There is a free CNA class offered by Central Peninsula Hospital. It is often limited to a few students per training, so interested individuals must inquire or enroll beforehand. The classes cover both classroom lectures and skills training to help students gain proper knowledge of the nursing concepts imposed by the institution. They are supervised by a Registered Nurse or CNA so students can learn and practice their skills correctly. The free CNA classes at Central Peninsula Hospital/Heritage Place are an excellent opportunity to work within the facility after getting certified. The program can be completed in a few weeks and students are often provided with everything they need such as uniforms, medical supplies, books and living expenses.

Cordova Community Med LTC

Cordova Community Med LTC offers a free CNA classes in Alaska for qualified individuals. This is often provided to unemployed or underemployed residents of Alaska, who want to seek a good compensating job and a stable career in the healthcare field. Graduates of the program are expected to take and pass the certification exam to get an employment contract. The free CNA classes in Cordova Community Med LTC can be taken all year round, depending on availability. Interested applicants have to be at least high school graduates or a GED equivalent holders. A criminal background check and physical examination are conducted to ensure that students in the program meet the qualifications of the state. The CNA training program can be completed in a short period, and it offers direct employment upon passing the state certification exam.

Mary Conrad Center

The Mary Conrad Center seeks dedicated and passionate individuals wanting to be a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Alaska. They offer a free CNA class for those who qualify and will provide employment for those who pass the certification exam. The course covers several nursing topics like anatomy, physiology and patient care; and after the lectures, students are exposed to an actual healthcare setting. The combined theoretical and hands-on clinical practice of Mary Conrad Center’s CNA training program enables students to receive substantial amount knowledge and skills for the profession. It allows graduates to be equipped for the nursing profession, particularly in dealing various kinds of patients with differing healthcare needs. Individuals availing themselves of the free CNA training program must be physically, mentally, and academically prepared to undertake rigorous training.

Ketchikan General Hospital

Ketchikan General Hospital offers free CNA classes to Alaska residents who want to work as a nursing assistant in their facility. High school graduates and degree holders from a non-nursing discipline are welcome to apply. Ketchikan General Hospital hires nursing assistants who can potentially serve their patients in accordance with the institution’s mission, vision, and philosophy. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma or GED equivalent, but the facility is also looking for an applicant who is physically healthy and free from any criminal act. These individuals should be willing to train for a period of time because they will go through hours of lectures, skills training, and hands-on clinical exposures. Once the training has been completed, graduates are assisted with their certification exam. Successful examinees will be offered employment at Ketchikan General Hospital.

Petersburg Medical Center

Petersburg Medical Center has a free CNA training provided for their potential employees. Individuals who wish to work in the facility as nursing assistants can submit an application regardless whether they have any training in the profession. Petersburg Medical Center provides a free training program for aspiring nursing assistants, and it omes with direct employment after certification. The program consists of lectures, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical experience with the facility. Applicants of the free CNA classares screened according to their credentials and commitment to the program. Once they pass the application process, they must agree to work at the facility for a certain period. The free CNA training is not offered all year round. Individuals who want to take this opportunity can ask the human resources department of Petersburg Medical Center about the free CNA training program.

Schools offering Free CNA Classes:

Alaska Vocational Technical Center

The nursing assistant training program at Alaska Vocational Technical Center covers 230 hours of clinical experience, lab skills practice and classroom lectures. Classes are held Monday to Friday and the first 4 weeks consist of classroom lectures and laboratory skills. The tuition fee would normally cost $1840 inclusive of books and tuition, but there are free CNA classes in Alaska for those who qualify. This is quite limited, so it is best to inquire and complete the requirements beforehand.

Kodiak College

Kodiak College also provides a 140-hour CNA training program for ambitious individuals. Students who wish to avail themselves of a free CNA class should inquire at the admissions office before the enrollment date. There are limited slots serving those who have availed themselves of the free classes first. The CNA training program of Kodiak College covers 80 hours of clinical experience, supervised by a licensed nurse or CNA and 60 hours of classroom lectures. There are weekend and evening classes available so one can have a flexible training schedule upon enrollment, especially those currently employed and planning to shift to a CNA career in the state of Alaska.

Kachemak Bay Campus

Kachemak Bay Campus offers a Nursing Assistant training program consisting of six credits. This program can be completed in less than a year, with 60 hours of classroom instruction and 80 hours of clinical practicum. The CNA training enables students to start a rewarding and stable career in the healthcare field. Although the typical cost of the program is $1518, which includes a background check, books, tuition, supplies and state certification fees, students who want to avail themselves of the free CNA classes should inquire at the school’s financial aid office. Various scholarship programs are offered by the institution to help students finish a degree regardless of financial hardship. The type of scholarship may vary, but it can be a perfect option to lessen the cost of CNA training. Kachemak Bay Campus is one of the schools in Alaska offering a quality nursing assistant training program. Whether under a scholarship or not, graduates successfully pass the certification exam.

Alaska Technical Center

Alaska Technical Center is a provider of a Nursing Assistant training program. This program includes classroom learning, laboratory training and clinical experiences. Students will be equipped with ample nursing knowledge and skills at the end of the 12 weeks training. The CNA program is approved by the state and will make graduates eligible for the certification exam. Students facing financial hardship can take free CNA classes at Alaska Technical Center. The financial aid office of the institution offers scholarship programs that allow successful applicants to receive free CNA training. Some of the programs cover potential expenses for books, uniforms and medical supplies, whereas some scholarships are limited to free tuition fee only. To apply for free CNA training, interested applicants must meet the criteria and provide the essential documents for evaluation. They should also have good academic standing to get a free CNA training at Alaska Technical Center.

University of Alaska Bill Ray Center

Free CNA classes are offered at the University of Alaska Bill Ray Center. Individuals who show academic excellence and financial hardship can apply for a scholarship program and obtain a free CNA class. The program allows graduates to earn nine credits of education that can be useful in pursuing further studies later on. The CNA training is designed to educate and train aspiring healthcare professionals in different fundamental skills necessary to become efficient nursing assistants. Successful completion of the course makes students eligible for the State Certification Exam for nursing assistants. The nine-credit program includes at least 75 hours of lecture and 80 hours of laboratory training and clinical experience. This kind of training allows students to learn various concepts and skills, and apply them in an actual setting. To apply for the free CNA class, interested individuals can approach the university’s financial aid office and ask about the requirements.

All State Approved CNA Training Programs in Alaska

The following is the most current list of State of Alaska approved Nurse Aide training programs. For specific information about the programs, locations, availability, dates, times and fees, please contact the program representatives directly.

Anchorage, AKAlaska Cna ProgramPo Box 220553 907-267-9113
Anchorage, AKAnchorage School District/king Career Center2650 E. Northern Lts. Blvd 907-742-4136
Anchorage, AKCaregiver Training Academy203 West 15th Avenue #104 907-258-0535
Bethel, AKBethel Cna Program/kuskokwim Campus, UafPo Box 368 907-543-0528
Chugiak, AKChugiak - Eagle River Health Education Cna Program22424 N Birchwood Loop 907-688-2603
Cordova, AKCordova – Prince William Sound Community CollegePo Box 1248 907-424-7598
Fairbanks, AKUniversity Of Alaska Fairbanks Community & Technical College604 Barnette Street Rm. 401 907-455-2876
Homer, AKKachemak Bay Campus - Kenai/peninsula College - Homer533 E. Pioneer Ave 907-235-7743
Juneau, AKJuneau – University Of Alaska Southeast1415 Harbor Way 907-796-6125
Ketchikan, AKKetchikan – University Of Alaska Southeast2600 7th Avenue 907-228-4537
Kodiak, AKKodiak College117 Benny Benson Dr 907-539-2805
Kotzebue, AKKotzebue - Alaska Technical CenterPo Box 51 907-442-3733
Nome, AKNome - Uaf Northwest Campus/norton Sound Health Corp.Po Box 966 907-443-9588
Palmer, AKAlaska Job Corps800 E Lynn Martin Dr 907-861-8808
Petersburg, AKPetersburg Medical CenterPo Box 589 907-772-4291
Sitka, AKSitka – University Of Alaska Southeast1332 Seward Avenue 907-747-9476
Soldotna, AKHeritage Place232 Rockwell 907-252-7337
Soldotna, AKKenai Peninsula College/kenai Peninsula School District156 College Road 907-262-0379
Valdez, AKValdez – Valdez Combined Program-providence Valdez Medical Center/prince Williamsound CollegePo Box 550 907-834-1801
Wasilla, AKMat-su Career & Tech High School2472 Seward Meridian 907-352-0426
Wrangell, AKWrangell Medical CenterPo Box 1081 907-874-7000