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CNA Training & Classes | January 21, 2018

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Free CNA Classes in Alabama

CNA Classes in Alabama

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is one of the easiest ways to earn a career in the nursing field. It only takes a couple of months to finish the program, so there is nothing to worry about in getting a license and working in different healthcare facilities. Certified Nursing Assistants are the primary healthcare workers who handle a range of services like assistance in daily activities. Thus, there are a lot of individuals who try to become a CNA in the state of Alabama.

However, one can take a nursing assistant training program without paying anything. Surprisingly, Alabama has several nursing care facilities that provide free CNA Classes in Alabama for aspiring CNA’s. These programs can be availed in selected institutions at a limited time, so it is better to research carefully and inquire from time to time. The length of the training may vary but complete the entire program will allow an individual to take the certification exam of the state.

Approved CNA Training Centers

Northeast Alabama Community College

The Northeast Alabama Community College is one of the institutions providing free CNA training programs for unemployed and underemployed. Individuals who qualify for the program will undergo months of training covering classroom sessions, clinical exposure, and hands-on training. These are conducted by licensed nurses and CNA’s who will assist, train and mentor aspiring nursing assistants in their future career in the nursing field. Upon completion of the program, students will become eligible for the licensure exam to work for different healthcare settings like nursing homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. Getting a free CNA training program at Northeast Alabama Community College depends on its availability. Interested individuals have to meet the criteria to have a greater chance of undergoing the program for free.

Northwest-Shoals Community College

The nurse assistant training program of Northwest-Shoals Community College is an 80-hour program for theory instructions, clinical rotation, and nursing skills lab. The cost is approximate $650 inclusive of background check, textbooks, tuition, and certification exam, but there are free CNA classes in Alabama for students qualified for scholarships and grants. Free CNA classes are not offered all year round that is why it is best to keep updated and inquire from the admissions office if interested. Most of the time, the free nursing assistant training program is granted to individuals with financial hardship. The school is also looking for scholars who excel academically and who demonstrates a passion for the profession. So, people who are interested in applying the free CNA classes should have the drive to excel in the program regardless of the current economic status. Other essential requirements can be obtained at the school’s financial aid office.

Virginia College

Virginia College has featured programs for nursing assistants. These programs have a similar fee, but there are privileges and scholarships granted to qualified individuals. Similar to other schools and institutions, the CNA training program in Virginia College includes theory-based sessions, skills training, and hands-on laboratory programs. Students enrolled here will learn the primary skills and knowledge for nursing assistants, allowing them to be equipped for their career in the future. For individuals looking for a free CNA training program at Virginia College, the financial aid office is the best place to visit. Various scholarships and grants are often available for students undergoing a nursing course including the CNA training. These individuals simply have to meet the requirements of the program and should be able to maintain good academic standing all throughout the course. Financial hardship is also something that the college is looking into for candidates of free CNA training program.

Shelton State Community College

The Shelton State Community also participates in the tuition assistance program for aspiring nursing assistants. Students who want to undergo a free CNA classes in Alabama in Shelton SCC should ensure to complete the requirements before the start of the program. The tuition assistance program is not available for everyone so interested individuals should make sure to pass the requirements and enroll before anyone else does. The Shelton State Community College’ nursing assistant training program is also a combination of classroom sessions and clinical training. Students go through various nursing concepts and skills that are relevant for the nursing assistant practice. They are offered by the school’s faculty who are licensed healthcare professionals.

J.F. Drake State Technical College

J.F. Drake State Technical College is offering a free CNA training program through Women’s Economic Development Council Foundation Scholarship. This kind of scholarship is exclusively provided to women and their dependents, to give them an opportunity to earn a degree or a technical training program like the Nursing Assistant Certification program. The Women’s Economic Development Council Foundation Scholarship allows its beneficiaries to receive free CNA education in Alabama, without having to shell out a big amount of money for the training. J.F. Drake State Technical College offers a combined classroom education, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical exposure to equip CNA students with their certification exam. The CNA training will also develop their knowledge and skills, which are greatly needed in meeting the demands of the ever-changing healthcare profession. The program is completed in 90 hours, and successful students are eligible for the state certification exam.

Gadsden State Community College

Gadsden State Community College is one of the reliable sources of free CNA classes in the state of Alabama. Prospective students can approach the financial aid office of the community college and apply for Rubye and R.M. Walker Fund, a scholarship program for financially incapable students who want to finish a training program in the healthcare field. The Rubye and R.M Walker Fund of Gadsden State Community College is not everyone as it is granted to students who show some level of financial need and who excel academically. CNA students are usually given priority in this kind of scholarship as it aims to produce graduates in the health or science related courses. Furthermore, students under the program can receive the same amount of instruction with regular CNA students. Graduating from the course makes students eligible for the CNA certification exam, which is an examination that makes them qualified to work in various healthcare settings.

Trenholm State Technical College

Trenholm State Technical College offers free CNA classes to students who are under a particular foundation scholarship. The college is one of the higher learning institutions in Alabama providing scholarship programs for potential Certified Nursing Assistant students. These scholarships have various requirements by which interested applicants have to meet the criteria to be considered. The foundation scholarship is often given based on the student’s achievement and capability to fund the CNA training program. Successful applicants can take the CNA training education for free and become eligible for the certification exam later on. The CNA training program of Trenholm State Technical College covers 645 hours of instruction, usually a combination of classroom lectures, laboratory skills training and hands-on clinical experience. Students under a foundation scholarship should ensure to maintain good academic grades all throughout the program.

Free CNA Training Program in Nursing Homes

Fairview at Redstone Village

Nursing homes like Fairview at Redstone Village offer a free CNA training program for interested individuals. The free CNA training is often provided all year round so it can be availed any time as long as one keeps the terms and conditions set by the institution. Usually, those who wanted to join a free CNA class will undergo classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experience at the nursing home itself. Upon finishing the program, the student will be assisted on his/her certification exam, and if he/she passes the exam, an employment contract from Fairview comes after that. The free CNA training program of Fairview at Redstone Village is a great privilege to get a job after passing the training and the state certification exam.

Valley View Health and Rehabilitation, Llc

Valley View Health and Rehabilitation, Llc is also offering a free CNA training program in Alabama. Individuals who wanted to become a CNA can undergo the program with them, as long as they agree to work for the institution after passing the certification exam. The free CNA training is often a good deal for unemployed individuals, but it should be clear to those who are planning to avail the free CNA course that they will give a return service once they become certified. The free CNA class in Valley View Health and Rehabilitation, Llc is also an opportunity to find a well compensating job in Alabama without compromising a lot of time and money.

Englewood Health Care Center

Located in Monroeville, the Englewood Health Care Center provides a free CNA training program for the residents of Alabama. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals wanting to seek employment after the program because the free CNA classes in Alabama provides immediate hiring after that. However, students have to complete first both the classroom lectures and clinical training to be eligible for the state certification exam. This exam can be taken after completion so one must be prepared for it. Residents of Alabama who wanted to become a nursing assistant can apply at Englewood Health Care Center. The institution offers free CNA training program and direct employment within the facility after completing the course successfully.

Allen Memorial Home

For residents in Alabama seeking for a stable job in the healthcare profession, Allen Memorial Home offers free CNA training by which successful graduates are offered a job within the facility. The CNA training program requires its applicants to be at least a high school graduate with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. These individuals should also show no criminal background in the past or any communicable diseases that can affect the welfare of the clients in the facility. Being accepted at Allen Memorial Home’s free CNA training provides a lot of opportunities to graduates. Other than gaining a certificate for a healthcare course, they can also secure a direct employment at the institution after passing the certification exam. Allen Memorial Home is good training ground for residents in Alabama who want to consider a career in the healthcare field. However, the admission process may be challenging and selective, as they only accept applicants who show commitment and dedication to the profession, and who can work for them after becoming certified.

Aliceville Manor Nursing Home

Aliceville Manor Nursing Home is one of the nursing homes in Alabama that can be a source of free CNA training. Most of their CNA’s are trained and educated within their facility by their expert healthcare professionals, who are eligible to provide the program. Individuals who want to take part in this opportunity can apply at Aliceville Manor Nursing Home and should be prepared to go through rigorous training and classroom education. There is a required number of hours for the CNA training program. Thus, students have to dedicate more time and effort to graduate and take the certification exam. Undergoing a free CNA training at Aliceville Manor Nursing Home provides an opportunity for students to experience hands-on clinical experience within the facility. However, it is important to take note that graduates should render a service at the facility as an agreement for taking the free CNA training program.

Free CNA Classes in Other Nursing Homes-

In case you would like to contact other nursing homes in your city to see if they have any free classes available it is best to contact them directly from here. We have compiled list of all nursing home in the state of Alabama.