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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Feeding The Patient

1. First make sure that you identify the resident correctly, in order to provide them with the proper prescribed meal for their condition.
2. Help the resident into sitting position.
3. Assist with washing the hands of the resident before the meal is consumed.
4. During the feeding, sit within eye-contact height with the patient.
5. Protect the patient’s clothing from spills.
6. With every 3-4 bites, provide drinking fluids for proper consummation.
7. A spoon should be used for feeding the resident.
8. Before offering additional bites, make sure that the patient has chewed and swallowed.
9. Make sure that the patient eats their meal fully to ensure the maximum effect.
10. In order to provide satisfaction with the feeding experience, encourage social interaction as much as possible during the procedure.
11. Clean up the area around the patient’s mouth.
12. Food intake needs to be recorded in percentages.
13. Based on orders, record the I and O for fluids for the procedure.
14. Make sure you report any problems that have arisen throughout the procedure.

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