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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Fast Track CNA Classes in Los Angeles

There are a lot of unemployed and the best option to get a stable job is to work in the healthcare field. Nursing homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities are hiring nursing assistants because of the increasing admission of the elderly with special needs. The state tries to address this problem by providing more training programs for residents. Fortunately, there are fast track CNA classes in Los Angeles that can be taken by those who wish to become a nursing assistant as soon as possible. These classes are managed and provided by accredited schools and healthcare facilities with qualified instructors. If you are interested in a fast track CNA class, you need to meet the requirements of the state and the institution where you plan to apply. From there, you can be confident of passing the certification exam which allows you to work eligibly as a CNA in Los Angeles.

Fast Track CNA Classes in Los Angeles Compton Adult School

The best way to become a nursing assistant in Los Angeles is to enroll in one of the accredited schools like Compton Adult School. This institution offers a CNA program for a short period of time, making students eligible for the California State certification exam. The enrollment process is easy as long as you have a high school diploma or GED, a clean criminal record, immunization record, chest X-ray and drug screening results. Orientation is done before enrollment and students are advised to complete the training without absences. Even though the CNA class is a short program, every student will learn the basic knowledge and skills of a nursing assistant. Instructors at Compton Adult School are licensed and experienced such that students will be able to grasp all required concepts and be supervised during the clinical rotations.

Fast Track CNA Classes in Los AngelesLong Beach School for Adults

Long Beach School for Adults provides opportunities for individuals seeking new skills to further develop their careers. This is done through low-cost and fast track CNA classes, which can be finished in nine to eighteen weeks. The Certified Nursing Assistant classes are thorough and intensive, preparing every student for the certification examination. They are taught by the institution’s licensed and qualified nurses and nursing assistants who will also supervise the clinical practice in an accredited healthcare facility. This career is open to adults and high school graduates at least 18 years of age. Long Beach School for Adults is a great place to start a career in the healthcare field. Take note that the CNA classes have a limited class size so the first come, first served basis applies. Students have to ensure to complete the program without absences and remember all material taught to pass the certification exam approved by the state Department of Public Health.

Fast Track CNA Classes at Los Angeles Citrus College

Every individual who wishes to become a nursing assistant can go through the eight-week program at Citrus College. This CNA course provides general knowledge of the profession and the specific skills that every nursing assistant should possess. A nursing assistant plays a vital role in healthcare as they provide direct patient care. However, they need to be trained to achieve success in this career. The team at Citrus College will make it sure every aspiring nursing assistant gets the right education. They limit the class size per training program and provide an environment conducive to learning for every student. The college’ laboratory is equipped with the best equipment for training. Students who complete the program will be eligible for the California Nurse Assistant Certification. Once done, they can work in any healthcare field; whether a nursing home, hospital or long-term care facility.

Bell Flower Adult School

Bell Flower Adult School provides a short course program for adults who wish to change careers and join the healthcare field by becoming a nursing assistant. The course is a combined format of classroom lectures and hospital training that equips aspiring students with the right knowledge, skills and attitude. The program fee is $1,314 and $60 for the registration. There will be a reading assessment beforehand to gain admission to the program. Bell Flower Adult School wants to accept students qualified for employment later. Thus, they require a complete physical exam of the chest (looking for communicable diseases), drug screening and immunization records. A criminal background check is also necessary to ensure the individual has no history of abuse. The CNA training program might be an intensive course for aspiring nursing assistants, but completing the program qualifies them to take the certification exam.

Anderson Medical Career College

Anderson Medical Career College offers a nurse assistant certification program in as little as seven weeks. The program consists of theory/lecture (160 hours) and clinical experience (100 hours), that help every student achieve the knowledge and skills needed for the profession. The course covers the basics of nursing like bed maintenance, blood pressure reading, first aid, CPR, feeding, toileting, bathing, patient manual handling and many others. Students in the program will have an opportunity to handle actual patients during their clinical rotations. The program may be quick and short but it will prepare them for the state approved certification exam.