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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Evening CNA Classes in Chicago

The city of Chicago has vast opportunities for individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. If you are a Certified Nursing Assistant, you will not only get a good salary, but you will also enjoy the benefits of a long-term, stable career. This is important nowadays, especially in that a lot of individuals are unemployed and having a hard time seeking a permanent job. Thus, taking the CNA classes is a perfect way to jumpstart a great career in the healthcare field. Most of these training programs are flexible. Evening and weekend classes are available, and they can be completed in a short period of time. To know more about schools offering evening CNA classes in Chicago, read below and enroll before the start of the next program. You can get a certificate of completion and become eligible for the state competency exam for nursing assistants.

Evening CNA Classes at Chicago Samland Institute

Samland Institute offers evening CNA Classes in Chicago approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health. This program prepares every student for the Illinois Nurse’s Aide Competency Exam and equips them for the challenges faced in this profession. The good thing about the CNA course at Samland Institute is that it can be obtained during the day, evening or on weekends. Individuals who are currently working can take the program without worry because of the flexible time schedules. They are assured of getting the requisitet nursing assistant education because of the combined format of theory classes and clinical practice provided. Samland Institute is a good training ground for the profession. With the short course, it is even more important to pass the school’s qualifications to gain admission. A criminal background check and physical exam will be done to ensure the individual’s capacity to become a nursing assistant in Chicago.

Professional Career Certification and Training Institute

The Professional Career Certification and Training Institute offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program designed for students who want to work in the healthcare field. The program will train every student to become a qualified nursing assistant by providing clinical and didactic classes for the basic nursie’s aide. At least a grade of 84% should be obtained to receive a certificate of completion from the program. After, they will be eligible for the state licensure exam to potentially become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The topics covered in the program include an introduction to healthcare and the nursing assistant, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, specimen collection, safety and proper body mechanics, therapeutic communication, measuring vital signs, proper documentation and charting, admission and discharge, BLS training, and many others. All of these topics will be incorporated with the other necessary nursing skills to equip graduates for clinical practice in a long-term care facility or hospital.

Evening CNA Classes at Chicago in Northbrook College of Healthcare

The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Northbrook College of Healthcare is a perfect way to start a career in the healthcare field. It is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health, as well as the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. The CNA program helps aspiring individuals become an eligible nursing assistant by incorporating theory classes, laboratory work and clinical training in 6 weeks. Students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills of the profession during the program. They will know basic nursing principles and skills, both vital for the certification exam. Northbrook College of Healthcare also offers evening and weekend classes. Individuals currently employed or those living far from the city of Chicago can definitely enjoy the flexibility of the class schedules. They must enroll beforehand in to avail an open slot for the preferred class schedule.

The Nirvana Institute

The Nirvana Institute offers a 25-day Certified Nursing Assistant program in Chicago that allows interested individuals to become eligible for the state certification exam. This short course is specifically designed for adults who want to change their careers get a stable career in a tough economic scenario. The good thing about the program is its affordability and flexible class schedule. Evening and morning classes are available, and the total estimated cost reaches to $800. Payment plans can be obtained, but there are no financial aid programs available. If you are one of the interested individuals for this short evening CNA Classes in Chicago, you can be assured of getting the best education because of the experienced Registered Nurse instructors of The Nirvana Institute. These medical professionals will supervise the laboratory training and clinical practice. To make sure you gain admission to the CNA training program, inquire at the admissions office of The Nirvana Institute and complete the requirements requested.

Evening CNA Classes at Chicago in Oakton Community College

The CNA training of Oakton Community College allows every aspiring nursing assistant to choose a flexible schedule. Evening and weekend class schedules are available aside from the typical day time classes. This is great for those currently employed who wish to become a CNA after completion of the program. The CNA course is approved by the state Department of Public Health and it covers classroom lectures, laboratory training and clinical practice. Since the classes are on a “first come, first serves” basis, it is important to know the requirements and enroll before the start of the program. The Oakton Community College has a great learning environment with qualified Registered Nurses to do the training. If you look forward to becoming a nursing assistant in the city of Chicago, you must guarantee perfect attendence and pass all the exams.