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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Cultural Needs

When dealing with different people, you will also be facing different resident’s needs, various desires and even different cultural beliefs.  This can affect also the care plan as a result.

When we talk about cultural beliefs of residents, it includes many aspects like their view of the illness and how they react to some of the health problems. Some cultures might be into supernatural or magical beliefs when it comes to illnesses. Others might be into herbal practices while others prefer scientific methods.

An additional illustration of how many cultures may differ from each other is individualism. Individualism talks about self-care, the ability to do care for themselves and independence from others.

The North American culture is about independence while other cultures such as Asians, Hispanics and Africans involves more family and loved ones in their care. South-east Asian culture involves herbal remedies, potions and even the use of amulets to fend off spirits that cause diseases, while Native Americans use chanting, prayers and some herbs in treating illnesses because of their belief in physical and supernatural forces.

When it comes also to pain tolerance, certain cultures have different reaction as well. An example would be Asians who might be enduring pain and not complain about it unless it is really serious, while other cultures such might complain vociferously.

Such examples stated above are just few of the many differences of residents in terms of culture and how this will affect their behavior in health and illness. Understanding different cultures and learning from their beliefs is the key in accomplishing the right care for the patient.