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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Confused Residents

The psychologicy includes the mood and behaviour of the person therefore problems affecting them can result to change in the health and well-being of the person which later will be manifested as the residents’ physical illnesses. Reviewing the psychological conditions can help us, the health care team, in taking this aspect seriously and to understand and perform the right interventions to keep residents safe.

Confused Residents

Confusion is a condition when people cannot think normally thus affecting the person’s attention and decision-making skills.

It can be caused by many factors and physical conditions- psychological problems, side-effects of medication and even stressful events.

A resident may experience confusion due to conditions that causes hypoxia or oxygen deprivation of the body. As said earlier, some drugs have side effects of disorientation, difficulty in hearing and even problems in reasoning and confusion to residents.

Oftentimes, confused residents repeat the same tasks, the same statements and always talking about themselves and their past.

Confused residents may be afraid and uncooperative in activities, suspicious of the staff and afraid of anyone who they think are trying to harm them.

Others may experience called Sundowner’s Syndrome which is disorientation of time and place. This condition can danger residents, because they might roam around the facility, become lost and even be injured.

SS usually manifests itself more in the evening, thatswhy it is important to explain them who they are, where they are and what day and time it is if they ask. Additional tools that can help them in are clocks, calendars and even bulletin boards. It is also helpful to them if you are giving them information about present events.