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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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CNA Summer Classes in Chicago

There are a lot of unemployed nowadays because of the economic recession. However, the city of Chicago is encouraging everyone to consider a career in the healthcare field to satisfy the need for medical professionals and ensure to meet the demands of the growing number of patients requiring long-term care. The CNA classes for the profession are short, making it an easy option to join the healthcare field right away. If you are interested but are currently employed, you can even take CNA summer classes. The good thing about the CNA training program is that it allows you to choose the best schedule for your needs. Some of these classes are very affordable and you can complete them and work as a nursing assistant sooner than later. Inquire at any of these schools to find out how to get started with CNA summer classes in Chicago.

CNA Summer Classes in Chicago at Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology

The Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology has a nursing assistant training program that is flexible and convenient for students. Aside from the availability of the course during the summer, class schedules can either be in the morning or evening, depending on the availability of slots. Classroom lectures, laboratory training and clinical practice will be incorporated in a program that covers basic nursing topics and skills like anatomy, physiology, nutrition, infection control, safety, dealing with challenging behavior, therapeutic communication, healthcare principles and many others. The entire training consists of 120 hours with a cost of $6.63 per contact hour. Instructors are all medical professionals who are qualified and licensed to work in the healthcare field. They will have a watchful eye in every instruction so that students can learn and execute the skills needed for their profession. The tuition fee amounts to $795 not including the laboratory fee, registration and other miscellaneous expenses during the program.

CNA Summer Classes in Chicago at Samland Institute of Allied Health and Technology

Samland Institute of Allied Health and Technology is one of the providers of CNA Summer Classes in Chicago. Their summer classes can be completed in five to eight weeks, depending on the chosen schedule and the commitment of the student. The coursework includes 80 hours of theory classes and 40 hours of supervised clinical practice, which allows every student to learn the nursing principles and skills needed for the profession. The CNA training program of Samland Institute of Allied Health and Technology is short but students are required to have complete attendance throughout. The state-approved certification exam does not allow absenses during the training program to ensure timely completion. Interested applicants must have a clean criminal record to gain admission. Scholarships and financial aid programs are also available for less privileged students who cannot pay the entire course fee.

PC Center Training Institute

PC Center Training Institute offers a nursing assistant training program that allows students to work as an entry-level CNA in any healthcare facility. The program outlines the basic principles of nursing including the skills needed for clinical practice. It offers120 hours of lectures, laboratory training and supervised clinical experience in a nursing home, long term-care facility or hospital. Students interested in the program must have a clean criminal record. The PC Center Training Institute has strict regulations when it comes to their CNA Summer Classes because of the guidelines set by the Chicago Department of Public Health. Scholarships and financial grants are available for those who qualify. Paying students should prepare $995 for their tuition, $100 for the registration and $65 for the certification exam. They will provide for their scrubs, textbooks and other supplies.

CNA Summer Classes at Chicago at Polish American Association

Polish American Association has been offering a state-approved CNA training program in Chicago for a long period of time. The 14-week program consists of 150 hours of instruction covering a number of nursing principles and skills needed for every aspiring nursing assistant to become certified. This includes basic anatomy and physiology, nutrition, patient care, handling a challenging behavior, patient support, infection control, patient rights and safety and many other topics. Students who complete the classroom material will undergo laboratory training to prepare for the clinical practice. There will be 50 hours of clinical practice at a hospital or nursing home supervised by the school’s qualified medical professionals. Tuition cost is $795 which includes a criminal background check, state exam fee and textbooks. However, individuals who cannot afford the program can apply for a scholarship or grant provided by the school. Residents of Illinois can apply for state funding through the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity as long as they meet the income requirements.

Tukiendorf Training Institute

Tukiendorf Training Institute has a strict attendance policy with their Certified Nursing Assistant training program. Individuals who wish to become a CNA in the city of Chicago must complete the training program from TTI and pass the certification exam approved by the state. The program has 90 hours of classroom lectures and 45 hours of clinical practice in a nursing home, which allows them to learn the basic nursing principles and skills of the profession. The training program is short and needs dedication to learning the concepts and applying them in a areal setting. Tuition cost is often $1,695, including registration, books and the state-approved exam. Students have to allocate funds for their medical exams, criminal background checks, supplies and uniforms.