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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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CNA Personal Qualities

There are certain personal attributes that you have to possess as a CNA ;

  • Honesty : This is the most essential attribute that you have to bring to your job. Aside from knowing your job description and being accountable to your actions, you also have to be truthful in your interaction with the others. Being truthful means accepting the limitations you have. If you are honest you will be able to provide effective and lawful services to clients.
  • Caring : This means that you have to have a sincere regard to residents’ safety and well-being and be willing to give optimal care to them. You are in the wrong job if you dont not care about the residents despite your extraordinary skills as a nursing assistant. Caring characteristics can be evaluated by the amount of time you spend to the residents over the time required from you. Spending more time with these clients measures your caring behaviours and your effectiveness in the job. The caring characteristics below are the hallmark towards becoming an exemplary employee. 
  • Being considerate is not only applicable to residents but also to co-workers and other people around you. This is a very important characteristic in becoming an effective and excellent CNA.
  • Respecting others is essential especially to people who have different culture, language, beliefs or values. Although honesty, sincerity, empathy and caring behaviour are basic characteristics, these are highly expected from your employers and are included in the legal or ethical practice. High moral values, language and culture considerations are also highly considered.
  • Being empathetic is seeing yourself in someone else’s shoes without the need to pity them. This is a very important attribute especially if your clients are in need of emotional and physical support. Showing empathy means also considering other people’s feelings and being aware on the effect your word have on others. Cooperating and giving support to co-workers is also one way of showing empathy especially when the facility is under-staffed.
  • Accountability is the main attribute of nursing assistants. You have to take care of the residents with different conditions and situations based on how you are trained to handle and perform the duties. As a nursing assistant, you are accountable for all the residents you handle during the entire shift. Any questions or concerns related to the working assignment should be discussed privately with the supervisor.
  • Dependability is a common expectation from any employer. This is shown when you come to work based on the scheduled time and you consistently demonstrate commitment to your job as well as to the residents. Doing what is expected of you and giving full commitment to the work demonstrates a dependability.
  • Flexibility goes together with dependability. You are flexible when you adapt to change even if you are re-assigned to a different unit or to other group of residents and staff. This characteristic is important in the medical field because changes happen more often especially in terms of work scheduling and resident assignment.
  • Self-responsibility is necessary for your safety and health. Examples of this quality is putting on personal protective equipment or PPE, proper organization of work to save energy, applying proper body mechanics when lifting and moving the clients and following a healthy lifestyle in order to protect yourself and somehow enhance own well-being.

Being a Team Player

As a part of the healthcare team, you are responsible for performing duties that are given to you by a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurses. While you take responsibility in completing the assignments for each resident, you also assist the other team members in completing their tasks as soon as you accomplished your own or especially when help is highly needed. Assisting and cooperating willingly to co-workers is expected by any employers particularly when you are working in a long-term care facility. An attitude of isolation to work is not just unmanageable but it can potentially harm your health and the residents in the facility. Example would be working alone in moving, lifting or assisting a resident in ambulation. 

The resident will always feel safer if there is two or more staff to assist him/her in ambulation. Aside from this, you will also give protection to yourself, other team members and the resident from possible injuries when you ask for assistance if needed. Your co-workers will offer help to you if you assist them in return with enthusiasm and can-do attitude. Any concerns or questions related to the assignment or situation wherein your co-worker’s cooperation and teamwork is needed should be discussed privately with the immediate supervisor.

Being a team player means having the ability to accept criticism from other people especially from the supervisor. Listening to the feedback of your supervisor without being defensive will help you improve your performance that will later on contribute to the satisfaction of your job.

Remember to follow the chain of command set by the facility when resolving issues related to work like conflicts or disagreements that may happen in the future. It is important to consult your supervisor regarding any situations that can compromise the resident’s welfare or your well-being and values.