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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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CNA Night Classes in Los Angeles

CNA night classes in Los Angeles are becoming a trend because of the convenience they offer and given the need for nursing assistants in the state. There are plenty of healthcare institutions requiring more CNA’s because of the expanding healthcare services to elderly individuals with special needs. In fact, this growth will double in the coming years as more and more people are sent to nursing homes or long term-care facilities for daily care. Thus, plenty of schools are offering CNA training programs to compensate for the lack of healthcare professionals. Individuals who are unemployed and want to change their careers can undergo the program with a flexible training schedule. They can take CNA night classes at any of the institutions mentioned below, with the assurance that they become qualified for the certification exam.

El Monte-Rosemead Adult School

El Monte-Rosemead Adult School offers part and full-time Certified Nurse Assistant training in Los Angeles. Part-time students can finish the course in eighteen weeks anfull-timeme students can finish in nine. The program has 50 hours of theory lectures and 100 hours of clinical instruction. Students will receive credits if they take a local vocational nursing program or LVN. However, they need to meet the following requirements to gain admission: health clearance by a medical doctor, clean criminal record, pregnancy test and English language proficiency. The aspiring CNA student should have a CASAS reading test result of an 8th-grade level or higher. Upon admission, students have to ensure they complete the program without absences to graduate. Instructors of El Monte-Rosemead Adult School are all licensed and registered Nurses or Certified Nursing Assistants. Classes can be taken in the morning or evening, as well as weekdays or weekends.

CNA Night Classes at L.A. Angeles College

The Nurse Assistant program of Angeles College prepares students to work as an entry level professional in the healthcare field. It focuses on preparing them for the profession by providing adequate knowledge and skills like patient care, charting, nutrition, patients rights, therapeutic communication, vital signs monitoring, emergency care, CPR, first aid and many others. Principles of ethics, caring, critical thinking, team interaction and cultural sensitivity are also integrated into the program. Class size is often small to cater the needs of each student; and instructors are all licensed, reliable and qualified. To undergo the training program, aspiring students should submit a criminal background check, immunization record, physical exams (with TB test) and drug screening. The CNA program at Angeles College aims to equip students for the future and make them a qualified professionals. Scholarships and financial aid can be obtained if tuition fees cannot be met

CNA Night Classes at Los Angeles by A+ Healthcare Training

A+ Healthcare Training is providing CNA night classes in Los Angeles. The course puts emphasis on equipping the students about their profession and passing the certification exam. It also aims to provide the requisite knowledge and skills through combined classroom lectures and clinical practice. The concepts taught incloude manual handling, first aid, CPR, toileting, bathing, feeding, proper positioning, body mechanics, nutrition, charting and medical terminologies, vital signs taking and many others. Certified Nursing Assistants are often the primary caregivers of patients, which is why, they have to know all the basic nursing skills before sitting for the certification exam. All students should finish the program without absences to meet the requirements set by the state Department of Public Health. Financial grants and scholarships can be availed by disadvantaged students, but they are often limited.

CNA Night Classes at Los Angeles Job Corps

Los Angeles Job Corps is a reliable source of free CNA training. Qualified individuals will have the privilege of undergoing the program without financial worries and they will qualify for the certification exam. The course is taught by licensed nurses and registered nurse assistants. There will be a combined format of lectures, laboratory training and clinical practice, which together equip students for the profession and the certification exam. The entire course is short yet intensive. Smaller class sizes ensure that students learn and practice their nursing skills with competence. Although the CNA training program at Los Angeles Job Corps is not for everybody, interested individuals should stay updated to apply before the next session. A lot of skills training is provided by this institution and the CNA training is a great opportunity to work in the healthcare field and get a stable income.

CNA Night Classes at Harbor Service Area

Harbor Service Area provides CNA night classes in Los Angeles. Their short term technical training prepares individuals for the healthcare profession and ensures to equip them for the certification exam. The program is not for everyone, as the institution admits only those with a GED or diploma, are physically fit and have no criminal record. Harbor Service Area has superior licensed medical professionals who will teach and train students step by step. They conduct the lectures and supervise the clinical practice in an accredited healthcare facility. To enroll in the program, one should be prepared for tuition fees, uniforms, medical supplies, books and other miscellaneous costs. However, scholarships and grants are available to lessen these expenses so students can undergo the program without financial worry.