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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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CNA Evening Classes in Los Angeles

Working in the healthcare field is promising and fulfilling. The fact that it provides opportunities for growth and career advancement, a lot of individuals are getting into this kind of career. However, undergoing a bachelor’s degree takes a lot of time. For people with a family to take care of or a regular job to pay their bills, it would not be possible to finish a four-year course. With this, the CNA training program is the best option to jump start a career in the healthcare field. This kind of program is open for everybody who wished to become a CNA. Class schedules are often flexible as it can be taken in the morning, evening, weekdays or weekends. If you have commitments in the morning, the state of California has a lot of CNA evening classes in Los Angeles. This kind of schedule is available for several schools and healthcare institutions offering the program. Just make sure that it is approved by the state in order to qualify for the certification exam.

Evening CNA Classes in Los Angeles by American Medical Careers

The American Medical Careers is offering a Certified Nursing Assistant program that lasts for five weeks. This course is available any time of the year and is provided by the best licensed medical professionals of the school. The American Medical Careers ensures that every student receives proper training in preparation for their certification exam and employment in a hospital, clinic, home health agency, insurance company, nursing home or long term care facility. Thus, they will go through hours of lectures, skills demonstration and clinical practice. Students in the program will learn the fundamentals of nursing and basic procedures needed for providing excellent patient care. This includes vital signs taking, importance of nutrition, therapeutic communication, patient handling, rehabilitative care, feeding, toileting, CPR, first aid training and many others. The American Medical Careers offers an in-house financing for individuals who qualify. They also have payment plans for as low as $199. Scholarships can also be obtained but for a limited period and slots.

CNA Evening Classes in Los Angeles St. Jude Nursing School

The CNA training program in St. Jude Nursing School is completely different from other nursing schools in Los Angeles. They provide intensive trainings for their students, making them one of the institutions with high passing scores for the certification exam in California. The combined lectures and clinical practice makes students knowledgeable and skilful about the profession. They will cover a number of nursing concepts like the ways to handle patients with challenging behaviour, vital signs monitoring, importance of nutrition, charting, medical terminologies, proper body mechanics, rehabilitative care and many others. The clinical practice will take place in a hospital or nursing home, supervised by the school’s Registered Nurses or Certified Nursing Assistants. Students should make sure that they have a 100% complete attendance of the program in order to graduate and be qualified to take the certification exam.

Evening CNA Classes in Los Angeles City College

The USC Family of Schools Concurrent Enrolment Initiative and Los Angeles City College offer CNA evening classes in Los Angeles for disadvantaged high school students interested in the fields of health and science. This kind of program is exclusive for qualified high school students in grades 11 and 12. They will be trained about the nurse assistant profession and be inculcated with the right knowledge and skills in order to be prepared for the certification exam and employment. Classroom lectures and skills demonstration will be provided, covering the topics like first aid, CPR, manual patient handling, vital signs taking, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies and many others. Students in the program will also have a clinical rotation in an approved healthcare facility like nursing homes or hospitals. Thus, they will know more about the profession and be job ready right after.

Platt College

The Certified Nurse Assistant program of Platt College is approved by California Department of Public Health. This program can be taken full time (7 weeks) or part time (14 weeks), depending on the availability of the classes. Certified Nursing Assistants have a major role to play in the healthcare field that is why, the institution ensures to provide quality education and hands-on training to their students. Lectures, laboratory training and clinical practice are provided and these will train the students about the profession particularly in residents rights, basic nursing skills, infection control, safety, effective communication and many others. The evening CNA classes in Los Angeles by Platt College is a great opportunity for individuals who want to start a career in this kind of field. Evening classes are available and weekend classes can also be obtained. Just make sure to pass the requirements of the school in order to qualify for the program.

East Valley College

The East Valley College offers a 20-day CNA comprehensive program for adults who are motivated in pursuing a career in the healthcare field. This kind of program is approved by the California Department of Public Health so anyone who graduated can take the certification exam to eligibly work as a Nurse Assistant in the state. Students will have combined theory classes, laboratory training and clinical practice in a nursing home or hospital. This will prepare them for the certification exam and potential employment in Los Angeles. No high school diploma is required but applicants should be 18 years old or above with no criminal record, communicable disease and mental disability. There are scholarships and financial grants available but individuals who wished to apply should pass the screening and interviews conducted by the institution.