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CNA Training & Classes | January 16, 2018

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CNA Classes Online in New York

Becoming a CNA is never difficult. Aside from actual classes and hands-on training, individuals can freely undergo an online CNA class. This type of class is not different from the typical classroom lecture but students who finished the program should also complete a hands-on training from an accredited healthcare facility. This kind of program is suitable for those who are currently employed or living far from the state of New York but wished to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state. The online CNA class is available any time and can be finished in your own pace. If you prefer to have this kind of course, you have to make sure that you completed everything in order to be qualified for the certification exam. Choose any of these online classes available in New York and see how your career will skyrocket after becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

CNA Classes Online in New York Fortis Institute

In this modern age, online classes are becoming popular. Through Fortis Institute, a CNA class can be undergone at the comforts of anyone’s home. Individuals who cannot attend regular classes can choose an online program to supplement their learning and still earn a certification from this kind of profession. A good internet connection and a quiet place to study might be needed every now and then, but once you completed the program, you can attend an internship at the school’s accredited healthcare facility. Fortis Institute is perfectly suitable for employed individuals who wanted to undergo a CNA training program. There will be online exams during the process and skill demonstration. However, students should be prepared for the supervised training in a nursing home.

CNA Classes Online in New York Big Apple Training

Online CNA classes can also be obtained at Big Apple Training. This allied health training institution has been providing state of the art education to aspiring students for over 20 years and they have produced several Certified Nursing Assistants in the state of New York. CNA’s are highly in demand nowadays because of the increasing need for long term care among elderly patients. However, the training program in Big Apple Training will surely equip every student. They will be trained and supervised by a reliable instructor and they will also cover a number of topics that they will need for the certification exam. For instance, they will be taught about the basic anatomy and physiology of the body, proper hygiene, body mechanics, importance of therapeutic communication, medical abbreviations and many others. Online classes will have the same lecture topics with regular classes but they can undergo it at their convenience. Clinical experience is also necessary after the program and Big Apple Training has an accredited healthcare facility for that.

CNA Classes Online in New York Manhattan Institute

Manhattan Institute offers 10 weeks of CNA training program in their facility. Although the mode of training is a combination of classroom lectures, hands-on training and clinical rotation, an audio-video training is also applied. This means that students can learn about the profession at the comforts of their home. Even if they are unemployed, employed or currently seeking a job, they have the capacity of choosing their own schedule. Manhattan Institute has flexible training schedules for everyone and the CNA training program itself can be obtained every after ten weeks. If you missed the program, you can still get it within the year. The small class sizes are also beneficial to students as their learning needs are met right away. The CNA training program is divided in two parts by which they have to attend classroom lectures and hands-on skill training. However, online videos are provided for those who cannot make it on a regular basis. Students in the program should take part on the clinical training at an approved healthcare facility. There is a required number of hours for clinical training and it should be completed in order to take the certification exam thereafter.