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CNA Training & Classes | October 16, 2018

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CNA Classes In Vermont

CNA Classes in Vermont

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If you want a career in the medical field, you can become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Vermont. This profession does not require many years of college.  All you need is a high school diploma or a GED in order to be qualified for the CNA classes in Vermont.

However, there are some things that you have to know beforehand as the CNA certification in Vermont is different from other states. They have their own regulations that every aspiring CNA’s should follow. Still it is good to know that the training program takes weeks to complete and you can be certified if you passed the exam.

The CNA training program in Vermont will take around 75 hours to complete. Some facilities will go beyond that but what is important is it offers you at least 75 hours of classroom sessions and clinical experience. The state of Vermont requires all CNA students to take and successfully pass a three-hour basic nursing course. This course is essential because it allows you to learn and become competent in this field. There will be a 30-hour extra clinical studies for all CNA students in Vermont. All of these duty hours will be supervised by a Registered Nurse of the state with a solid experience on the field. Subjects like Health, English Grammar and Biology should also be passed in order to be qualified for the CNA certification exam. These requirements should be considered because the state of Vermont regulates all the CNA’s.

There are several facilities in Vermont that provides CNA training programs and this include the Green Mountain Technology Center, Northlands Job Corps Center, Northwest Technical Center, Lyndon Institute of Technical Education, and Cold Hollow Career Center. Once the training is passed, the certification exam will follow. You have to prepare an identification card, certificate of training and pencils before the exam. The exam will be a written and skills test. Both of these tests should be passed in order to get the certification. If not, you will have three chances to do it again. The state of Vermont mandates all CNA’s to do re-training if they failed the exam for the third time. However, for those who successfully passed, their names will be listed in the Vermont Nurse Aide Registry.

The certification is valid for two years only and renewal of it is necessary. Vermont demands a proof of employment during the renewal process because they want to ensure that CNA’s are competent and updated with the latest nursing skills. Employers will not hire a CNA if his/her name is not listed on the Registry list so always make it sure to check your name and renew it prior to expiration.

CNA Salary and Job Outlook in Vermont

CNA Salary in Vermont

CNA Salary in Vermont 1

Certified Nursing Assistants in Vermont have an average annual salary of $27,600. Aside from this, there are several job vacancies for CNA’s within the state so it should not be hard to land a job. If you want to begin a career in this field, make sure to undergo a training program in state approved facilities. You can find Vermont state approved CNA classes on this page below.

CNA Work Experience in Vermont

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