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CNA Training & Classes | October 19, 2018

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CNA Classes In Tennessee

CNA Classes in Tennessee

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Are you planning to change your career and get a CNA certification in the state of Tennessee? Well if so, you have come to the right place. On this website we have lots of training options for budding CNAs in Tennessee.

There are many people in TN looking for CNA classes  as they want to get a job in the medical field. A lot of people even keep on studying to become a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. If you want career advancement or simply remain to be a Certified Nursing Assistant, both paths provide great training and compensation. Take the first step of undergoing the CNA training program at several facilities around the state.

In Tennessee, CNA schools are required to offer 75 hours of classroom sessions and 16 hours of clinical training. Generally, the training will take you about 10 to 13 weeks. Throughout the course of CNA training, you will learn several nursing topics and skills like taking vital signs, resident’s rights, human anatomy, patient care, grooming, personal care, infection control, communication skills, and many others.

You will also also be trained in a hospital or nursing facility to handle actual patients and there will be a Registered Nurse who will supervise and guide you in the process. The cost of CNA training will depend on the school or facility providing it but usually, it will range from $800 to $1,400. If you cannot afford this amount, there are a number of scholarships and grants being offered nowadays. Just make them guarantee that you will work on their facility after getting certified.

Once you completed the CNA courses, you will have to pass a competency evaluation exam in Tennessee. This exam will be administered by the D&S Technologies and it will be in two parts; written and clinical test. Both of these tests should be passed in order to get certified. Be sure to review all the topics discussed in the training including the important nursing skills.

You will be asked to demonstrate 5 skills in front of a panel and they will grade you according to your performance. Hence, be prepared for the exam. If you successfully passed, you will undergo a background check and fingerprinting process. The state of Tennessee will not allow a CNA to work if he/she is convicted with any crime so make sure that you have a clean criminal record.

The last step of CNA certification is adding you name in the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry list. It is important to place your name on this list because employers will really take a look on it if they are hiring a Certified Nursing Assistant. Tennessee CNA certification is valid only for two years so make sure to renew it prior to expiration.

CNA Salary and Job Outlook in Tennessee

CNA Salary in Tennessee

CNA Salary in Tennessee 1

Certified Nursing Assistants in Tennessee have an average annual salary of $22,920 so if you want to grab this opportunity, take the CNA training program in Tennessee right away! There are almost 30,000 nursing assistants working in TN right now and need for these positions is expected to grow more than on average according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

CNA Work Experience in Tennessee

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