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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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CNA Classes in Spanish in Los Angeles

It is not easy to find a regular job nowadays. Few opportunities are waiting for fresh graduates and unemployed individuals because of the recovering economy and tight competition in the marketplace. Fortunately, the medical field is growing and in need of more professionals to help provide healthcare services to ill and healthy patients. The easiest way to start a career in this industry is to take a CNA program and become a qualified nursing assistant. The training program itself is an orientation to the profession and what it is like to work as a CNA. In fact, it will prepare aspiring students for the certification exams, taken after finishing the program. To qualify for the exam, one must be ready physically, mentally and emotionally. If you need, you can take the CNA classes in Spanish in Los Angeles to understand the concepts taught by the instructors in your native tongue.

Spanish CNA Classes at Palladium Technical Academy

One of the diploma courses that Palladium Technical Academy offers is the Nurse’s Aide training program. This kind of training is tailor-made to meet the needs of individuals wishing to work in the healthcare field as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The program emphasizes excellent healthcare services to patients in different age groups. Thus, students learn the importance of nutrition, nursing care, rehabilitative care, activities of daily living, proper body mechanics, vital signs monitoring, CPR, first aid and many others. Every individual who enrolls at Palladium Technical Academy will get a practical or real-world training about the CNA profession. Aside from the classroom lectures and skills demonstrations, they will also have a clinical practice in an accredited healthcare facility, enabling them to practice their skills and handle actual patients. Complete attendance is a must in this institution in order to graduate and become eligible for the certification exam. There are scholarships and grants provided for those who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of the program.

CNA Classes in Spanish by California Long Term Care Education Center

Native Spanish speakers living in Los Angeles who are also members of California Long Term Care Education Center can take advantage of the institution’s CNA training program for free. This means that individuals who are not members of the education center will pay a certain amount of money for the short-term course. However, this is often not expensive compared to other schools and healthcare facilities. Thus, interested individuals for the CNA program can be trained without paying much. The program is offered year round so it can be obtained at any time. Weekday and weekend schedules also apply so working students can have flexible time schedules for their studies. The CNA training program in California Long Term Care Education Center is short yet practical, which is why; it does not take a lot of time to finish. Graduates will receive a diploma and be given the chance to take the certification exam to be eligible for CNA work in the state.

CNA Classes in Spanish at Los Angeles Harbor College

Los Angeles Harbor College offers a Certified Nurse Assistant training course equivalent to 5 units. The course is a combined laboratory and lecture program which teaches the nursing principles and clinical skills needed for the profession. Modules of the program include communication or interpersonal skills, patients rights, vital signs, emergency procedures, nutrition, body mechanics, weights and measures, asepsis, rehabilitative care, charting, patient assessment, long-term care, care for the death and dying, CPR, first aid and many others. Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the certification exam provided by the Department of Health Services. Absences are not tolerated since every student is required to finish a given number of hours. Spanish classes are held  to provide an opportunity for native speakers of the language.

Spanish CNA Classes at El Rancho Adult Education Center, L.A.

The El Rancho Adult Education Center offers a CNA course designed to train aspiring students and professionals. They cover basic nursing skills and concepts like resident care, communication skills, anatomy and physiology, disease organisms, diet therapy, nutrition, rehabilitative care, charting and many others. Students go through classroom instruction and a supervised clinical practice. Plus, they will have one-on-one training on the different nursing skills. They will be trained for the certification exam and for employment as well. El Rancho Adult Education Center teaches the course in Spanish to facilate the process for those who speak this language. The course fee is $1,300 at the moment, not including miscellaneous fees like books, supplies, uniforms and exams.

Hacienda Lapuente Adult Education Learning Unlimited

Hacienda Lapuente Adult Education Learning Unlimited is another great venue for a CNA certification program. The course provided by this institution is intensive and prepares every student for employment in a nursing home or a long-term hospital facility. Although most of the classes are in English, Spanish speakers can also take the Spanish CNA classes in Los Angeles. Students in the program will learn basic nursing skills and principles like emergency care, first aid, CPR, vital signs monitoring, resident care, nutrition and many others. They will be guided and supervised during their clinical experience so they can practice the nursing skills taught. The course can be taken either in weekdays or weekends, depending on availability.