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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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CNA Classes in Southwest Houston

Working in the healthcare field is one of the most fulfilling jobs. Caring for the sick and improving the lives of patients and residents offers a sense of reward. However, most individuals find it difficult to be in this profession. Luckily, the perfect pathway to start a career in a healthcare facility is through a CNA training program. CNA’s or Certified Nursing Assistants work alongside nurses and doctors. They provide primary care to patients on a day-to-day basis and ensure their safety and welfare. CNA’s in Texas are well compensated and receive outstanding benefits from their employers. Individuals interested in the CNA training program will become a nursing assistant in a few months. If you live in southwest Houston and are looking for a CNA class, search these facilities to learn the requirements of their programs.

Avalon Medical Career Academy

Avalon Medical Career Academy has a nurse’s aide program that prepares students with the nursing skills necessary to care for patients and assist in treatment procedures done by a Registered Nurse or medical doctor. They have a number of healthcare professionals conducting the training and supervising the clinical practice. A combination of lectures and clinical experiences will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed in the profession. Interested applicants will submit the following requirements: a high school diploma or GED, ID picture, basic skills test, immunization record, healthcare insurance, criminal background check, drug screening and TB test. Successful applicants will have an opportunity to choose their preferred class schedule, depending on availability. The CNA training program at Avalon Medical Career Academy is short and rigorous, and absences are not tolerated.

CNA Classes at Southwest Houston Methodist Hospital

Houston Methodist Hospital is one of the established medical institutions that offers CNA Classes in Southwest Houston for individuals interested in the profession. Students enrolled in the program are trained within the facility to learn basic nursing principles and skills. The topics covered are introduction to nursing, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, medical abbreviations, charting, therapeutic communication, vital signs monitoring, body mechanics, proper body positioning, manual handling, rehabilitative care and many others. Students must complete the required hours for classroom lectures, laboratory training and clinical practice. Once completed, they will be allowed to take the state competency exam. The Houston Methodist Hospital has had a high passing rate of nursing assistants in the past and they continue to consistently provide the best education in the city. If you are interested in the program, inquire at the institution’s admissions office to learn the requirements.

CNA Classes at Southwest Houston Allied School of Health

Allied School of Health has a CNA training program that prepares aspiring students to work in  the healthcare profession. This program is short as it takes a couple of weeks to finish, but students must commit to perfect attendence in order to graduate. The class size is often limited, and applicants must demonstrate their eligibility for the program. They have to submit a high school diploma or GED, together with a complete immunization record, Mantoux test, drug screening, criminal background check, fingerprinting and health insurance. Other requirements will be asked during the enrollment process. Nevertheless, successful applicants will be trained through classroom lectures and clinical practice. They will be guided during the skills demonstration and the clinical rotation in an accredited healthcare facility. The Allied School of Health has a good reputation for providing excellent CNA education in southwest Houston, Texas.

Ace Training Institute

The Ace Training Institute was established to provide the local community with an opportunity to obtain a career that meets the growing need for reliable and qualified healthcare workers. The combination of classrooms, lab areas and general office space provide instruction and skills practice venues to ensure that students receive the best education from their training.superior The laboratory area is equipped with medical tools like a hospital bed, overhead table, weight scale, supplies and instruments, wheelchair and many other items. Licensed and qualified healthcare professionals will conduct the lectures and guided laboratory training. They will also supervise the clinical practice in to ensure that excellent healthcare services are provided to patients. The Ace Training Institute only accepts a limited number of students per training program, and interested applicants have to make sure they pass the screening process and satisfy the requirements of the state for nursing assistants.

CNA Classes at Southwest Houston CNA Training Institute, Inc.

The CNA Training Institute, Inc. offers a 10-week CNA Classes in southwest Houston. This short and rigorous medical course has two parts. The first will take place in the classroom where students will learn the basics of patient care through practical demonstrations, lectures and audio video presentations. The second part consists of clinical training or an externship. During this portion, students will have an opportunity to work with patients in a healthcare facility. They will be supervised by a licensed Registered Nurse. The instructor will work side by side with students to guide them and provide the best training for the profession. Upon completion of the program, it is necessary for graduates to take the state competency exam to be registered and qualified to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Texas.