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CNA Training & Classes | January 16, 2018

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CNA Classes in Manhattan New York

Manhattan, New York has a lot of things to offer. Aside from the best places to stay, this place can also be a venue to jumpstart your career in the healthcare field. Certified Nursing Assistants are greatly needed in their healthcare facilities that is why; individuals who are looking for a stable career can undergo the training program. The challenge now is to find the right institution where you can take and complete the program. Becoming a CNA does not take a lot of time since the certification itself can be completed in a few months. If you wish to take the program, just make sure that it is fully accredited in order to push through the certification exam. Once you finish everything, you can start working as a CNA and enjoy a life in this kind of profession.

Here is a list of schools and facilities offering CNA classes in Manhattan, New York:

New York Medical Career Training Center

New York Medical Career Training Center provides a CNA training program for individuals who wished to have a promising career in the healthcare field. Certified Nursing Assistants in New York are greatly needed in several medical facilities that is why, taking the program through this institution can build a way to this stable and well paid career. The New York Medical Career Training Center offers an affordable and excellent training to aspiring CNA’s through classroom lectures, hands on laboratory training and clinical rotation in an approved medical facility. Students in the program will learn the basic nursing skills that every CNA should take into account. They will be equipped with knowledge and skills in order to prepare and pass the certification exams as well as their employment in the future.

CNA Classes in The State University of New York

The State University of New York opens a CNA training program course to compensate the employment needs of several healthcare facilities like nursing homes, hospitals and many others. This kind of course takes a couple of weeks to finish so individuals who are interested to work in the medical field can immediately become a nursing assistant upon passing the certification exam. The program covers classroom lectures, skills training and clinical exposure. Skills learned during the training includes vital signs taking, range of motion exercises, nutrition, medical terminologies, anatomy and physiology, toileting, bathing, feeding, and many others. Students will also be supervised by a licensed nurse or CNA during the clinical rotation. There will be exams and skill simulation all throughout in order to equip and prepare the students.

CNA Classes in Manhattan Area Technical College

Manhattan Area Technical College offers a CNA training program every year. Interested students should ensure to undergo a CASAS reading test prior to enrolment, which costs around $10.00. This test is one of the requirements of the school along with two identification cards, a TB chest X-ray test, influenza immunization record and a course fee of $640. Students who gain admission for the program will have an opportunity to undergo an accredited CNA training and a chance to take the certification exam, which qualifies them to work as a nurse aide in New York. The classroom lectures, laboratory experience and clinical rotation will guide and equip them step by step to become a CNA. They will also have skills simulation for the certification exam in order to be fully prepared when this important day comes.

Hospital for Joint Diseases Orthopaedic Institute – Manhattan

The Hospital for Joint Diseases Orthopaedic Institute in Manhattan, New York offers a paid CNA training for qualified individuals. This kind of program allows individuals to be trained and be employed right away from the institution. Like other CNA programs in New York, the hospital will screen the candidates and ensure that they are physically fit to handle the job and GED or high school diploma holder. Once they are accepted, they will have lectures and hands on clinical experience under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or CNA. All CNA students in the program will have one on one training and patient handling throughout the process. They will also be assessed in their performance so that the hospital can gain assurance for their services. As soon as the certification exam is passed, the Hospital for Joint Diseases Orthopaedic Institute will immediately provide a full time employment.

Ace Institute of Technology

Ace Institute of Technology is also a provider of CNA classes in Manhattan. This institution believes that nursing assistants play a vital role in the medical field that is why they keep on providing short training courses in this profession. Ace Institute of Technology will require applicants to submit their high school diploma or GED, clean criminal record, immunization record and TB chest X-ray result. Once they gain admission for the program, students will immediately undergo classroom lectures and skills training. Hospital or nursing home experience will also follow upon completing the classroom sessions. Ace Institute of Technology prepares every aspiring CNA for their certification and profession. Thus, they ensure to inculcate all the fundamental knowledge and skills that every Certified Nursing Assistant should possess.