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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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CNA Classes on Long Island New York

One of the most fulfilling and well-compensated careers on Long Island, New York is a Certified Nursing Assistant. Although some people do not recognize their relevance, this healthcare professional is needed in every hospital or healthcare institution. They provide primary care to patients, serving as the person who relays all important information to doctors, nurses and even laboratory technicians. Given this, they are in great demand. If you are unemployed or want to start a career in the healthcare field, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a good choice. There are a number of schools and healthcare facilities on Long Island offering CNA classes. To know more, read the information below and see how you can undergo training.

CNA Classes at Long Island School of Nursing Assistants

Long Island School of Nursing Assistants has a CNA training program held every seven weeks. Interested individuals can choose their own schedules, whether a morning, evening or weekend session, but they will have to finish 125 hours of classroom lectures (theory classes), skills training and clinical rotation. During the training program, they will be taught fundamental nursing skills like vital signs taking, range of motion exercises, patient handling, moving and transporting, nutrition, anatomy and physiology and many others. Students will have an opportunity to undergo an actual clinical experience supervised by the school’s licensed instructor. The tuition fee of the program is low compared to other schools, but individuals who cannot afford are free to apply for financial aid.

CNA Classes at Long Island Educational Opportunity Center

Long Island Educational Opportunity Center offers CNA classes that prepare aspiring nursing aides for their certification exam and future employment. The training program covers classroom lectures, lab training and clinical practice. Students will spend 10 to 11 weeks of training under the expertise of a licensed nursing assistant or Registered Nurse. The good thing about the program is that it allows every student to experience life as a CNA. The institution ensures that students have the appropriate knowledge and skills to take the certification exam. Most importantly, they make sure that their students are capable of providing safe and secured healthcare services for potential employers. Long Island Educational Opportunity Center may require a tuition fee, but financial aid programs are available.

CNA Classes at La Guardia Community College

In order to study the CNA training program at La Guardia Community College, you must have a high school diploma or GED, proficiency in spoken English, an 8th grade math level, a 10th grade reading level and be physically fit to work with ill and disabled patients. The training program consists of 120 hours of instruction on basic nursing theory and skills. These skills will allow every student to be prepared for their clinical rotation and actual patient handling. Classroom lectures will have 21 sessions and the clinical practice will have 5 sessions in an approved nursing facility. The program includes an additional four preparatory sessions for the New York State Certification exam.

CNA Classes at Access Careers Institute

Access Careers Institute has a CNA training program that runs for 125 hours (95 hours fof classroom lectures and 30 hours for the externship). There are four class schedules available so students can choose flexible time for their training and work. The Access Careers Institute has a good reputation on Long Island, New York, and students undergoing the program are assured of getting the best training. They will learn basic skills like toileting, bathing, feeding, nutrition, vital signs taking, therapeutic communication, medical terminologies and many others. They will handle actual patients during the clinical rotation with supervision from a licensed nurse or CNA of the institution. This allows them to be fully prepared for the certification exam when the training is completed.

CNA Classes at the American Red Cross – Long Island, New York

The American Red Cross has a nursing assistant training program certified and approved by the New York State Department of Health. This program has input from caregivers, educators and long-term industry representatives; thus, students will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills of CNA’s. The program places a greater emphasis on excellent communication skills and caregiving to foster compassionate care for patients in need of long and short term care. There will be classroom lectures and hands-on training so students will grasp basic nursing concepts and be prepared for the certification exam. The course lasts for four to eight weeks depending on the type of schedule obtained. Small class sizes are customary because they are ideal for personalized and hands-on learning. Lastly, most of the graduates of American Red Cross pass the certification exam; hence undergoing the program here is a great privilege.