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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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CNA Classes in East Los Angeles

There are quite a number of healthcare institutions in need of nursing assistants these days. Most elderly individuals require long-term healthcare services because of their age and existing medical conditions and disabilities. Thus, CNA’s have an important role to play in meeting everyone’s healthcare needs in East Los Angeles. However, the life of a nursing assistant is not easy. It might be challenging for novices, but it can be rewarding in the long run. The monthly salary of a regular CNA is above the average income of many Americans. In fact, benefits are enormous especially if the CNA is highly qualified and experienced. Fortunately, the CNA training program is not time consuming and expensive compared to a Bachelor’s course. In just a few weeks, an individual can finish the program and eligibly take the certification exam. Make sure you undergo the training program in an accredited facility in the area of East Los Angeles and see how your career will offer endless opportunities.

Lynwood Community Adult School in East Los Angeles

Lynwood Community Adult School provides CNA classes in East Los Angeles. This course passes the requirements of California State Department of Public Health so anyone who graduates from the program can take the certification exam. Classroom instruction and clinical trainings are provided by the institution with emphasis on patient care procedures, infection control, safety, nursing philosophy, therapeutic communication, rehabilitative care and many other principles. They will not just provide lectures but they also do hands-on training so that every student is capable of handling different types of patients. The current fees for the program are $350 for tuition and the CNA textbook, $53 for the application and fingerprint processing and $50 for the home health aide materials. Individuals qualified for scholarships and financial aid grants can definitely enjoy a low-cost or free CNA training program. However, they have to apply first and make sure they pass the requirements of the school.

CNA Classes in Genova Health Institute Nursing School in East L.A.

Genova Health Institute Nursing School is a reliable institution for a CNA training program in East Los Angeles. The course has a total of 180 hours in a combination of classroom lectures and clinical practice. Students who wish to enroll should have a high school diploma or GED, a criminal background check, immunization record, livescan and drug screening result. They will undergo an examination and interview before gaining admission to the program. Genova Health Institute Nursing School will make sure that every student learns and is able to practice their skills in a healthcare facility. The classes are often small and the skills training are one on one. A 100% class attendance is a must in order to graduate. Students should choose the best class schedule for their availability: can be on weekdays, weekends, day time or evening classes.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College in East L.A.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College has a CNA training program for aspiring students. This program is a short course that lasts for a couple of weeks. Weekday and weekend class schedules are available so working individuals can apply and undergo the program. Los Angeles Trade Technical College has a number of licensed medical professionals who conduct the training for aspiring CNA’s. They provide classroom lectures on nursing principles like nutrition, anatomy and physiology, patient care, patient’s rights, proper body mechanics, positioning and many others. There will also be a clinical rotation in an approved healthcare facility, either a hospital or nursing home. Students have to ensure that they complete the program without absences to graduate. They will have exams and hands-on skill demonstrations periodically to prepare for the certification exam.

Fast Track Career College

Fast Track Career College provides opportunities for individuals in Los Angeles wishing to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. They have a CNA course that covers both classroom instruction and a clinical experience in an approved healthcare facility. Individuals who want to study here must provide a high school diploma or GED together with an immunization record, drug screening, livescan, criminal background check and tuition fees. The institution will introduce aspiring individuals to the profession, particularly basic nursing principles like patient care, patient rights, nutrition, proper body mechanics, therapeutic communication, care for the elderly and disabled, charting, vital signs monitoring and many others. Once the program is finished, students in the program will be assisted for the certification exam. This exam will enable graduates to work as an eligible nursing assistant in the state.

American Medical Careers

The CNA program of American Medical Careers is offered every year. Interested individuals must be 18 years old or above and a high school diploma or GED. During the training, students will have an opportunity to hear classroom lectures, watch skills demonstrations and enjoy hands-on clinical practice. They will be supervised by a licensed nurse or nursing assistant and will be graded based on their performance. Although the course is short and intensive, students have to make sure they have perfect attendance in order to graduate. Failing the standards of the school means that candidates will not be allowed to take the certification exam. American Medical Careers has an excellent training venue for CNA classes in East Los Angeles for aspiring CNA’s where students can learn quickloy and become healthcare professionals in a few weeks.