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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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CNA Classes in East Chicago

Certified Nursing Assistants in East Chicago receives a good salary ranging from $19,000 to $40,000 annually, depending on expertise and years of experience in the profession. Becoming a CNA is not difficult as long as you have the passion and determination to succeed. The course usually finishes in a few weeks or months and students can take the certification exam after. Once enrolled in the program, it is important to fully commit oneself and get good grades from the combined lectures, practical exams and clinical experiences. The certification exam is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health and anyone who passes it will be registered ras a Certified Nursing Assistant. There are a lot of job opportunities awaiting CNA’s in Chicago, so if you wish to become one, feel free to inquire about any of these CNA Classes in East Chicago from different institutions.

CNA Classes at East-West University

East-West University offers a CNA training program that covers both classroom lectures and clinical practice at the same time. This short medical course is designed for adults and low-income individuals who cannot find a regular job in the city of Chicago. Students can finish the program in a short period of time and become eligible for the certification exam. Instructors of East-West University will provide rigorous training, allowing students to grasp the necessary knowledge and skills of the profession. They will also supervise the clinical rotations in a hospital or nursing home. Students can choose their preferred class schedule, but they are not allowed absences to graduate. Scholarships and payment plans are available; interested individuals must fulfill the requirements before gaining admission.

CNA Classes at East Chicago BestMed-Care Institute

BestMed-Care Institute provides a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that can be completed in four weeks. Students enrolled will go through intensive training to prepare them for the certification exam and employment in the healthcare field. Certified Nursing Assistants help patients perform their daily living tasks and they collaborate with other members of the healthcare team to effectively provide the best services. To enroll in the program, the institution requires every applicant to be 16 years or older, with a good command of English, have an eighth grade education and no communicable disease. A criminal background check will be performed on a mandatory basis. The CNA training program of BestMed-Care Institute is a combined format of lectures and clinical practice. Students will learn nursing skills like blood pressure monitoring, assisting personal grooming, emergency care, first aid care, CPR and many others.

CNA Classes at East Chicago Evenglow Lodge

A Certified Nursing Assistant training program can be obtained from a healthcare facility. Evenglow is a nursing home in Chicago that not only accepts eligible nursing assistants, but also hires and provides CNA training programs for aspiring individuals. Due to the lack of nursing assistants, this CNA training is free. Accepted applicants will not pay anything and will be given an allowance during the program. They will be offered direct employment after passing the certification exam. This is a great opportunity for individuals who are not employed and are looking for a stable career in Chicago. Applicants must pass the requirements of Evenglow Lodge which include a criminal background check, immunization record, and TB and drug screening. The program can be completed in a few weeks and the clinical practice is done within the facility.

CNA Classes in East Chicago by The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross of Chicago is aoffering a Certified Nursing Assistant training program. Individuals who wish to work in the healthcare field as an entry-level professional can undergo the program at this eligible institution. The short healthcare course allows aspiring CNA’s to learn the basic nursing concepts and skills of a nursing assistant. The topics covered are first aid training, CPR, infection control, patient safety, lifting, moving and transporting, proper body mechanics, vital signs monitoring and many others. Once the classroom lectures are given, the clinical practice will take place in an accredited hospital or nursing home. The American Red Cross has qualified and licensed medical instructors who supervise students during the laboratory and clinical training. It is important to have perfect attendance during the program and get good grades to graduate.

CNA Classes at East Chicago LaSalle County

LaSalle County is a nursing home that provides free CNA Classes in East Chicago. This program is not different from any other CNA courses, except that successful applicants must work for LaSalle County for a certain period of time. Individuals who are not yet employed can grab this opportunity and apply for the free CNA program. The good thing about the program is that it provides direct employment ifthe applicant demonsgtrates good performance during the training and is able to pass the certification exam. LaSalle County has several instructors who are licensed nurses and nursing assistants. The combined classroom lectures and clinical practice allow students to grasp and apply the necessary knowledge and skills of the profession. They will be well prepared due to the guided training and the small class size.