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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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CNA Classes in Chicago on Western Avenue

The constant growth of the elderly population in Illinois has led to a high demand for nursing assistants. It is predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the employment rate for Certified Nursing Assistants will grow to 19% or above through 2018. This statistics are good, knowing that the unemployment rate is also high in general. Thus, choosing the healthcare profession through the CNA program is a viable option. The course itself is short but rigorous; however, it helps every student get into the profession within a couple of weeks. Admission requirements are different per institution but the state demands that nursing assistants be free from any criminal record or communicable disease. If you want to start a CNA career, try these institutions found on Western Avenue in Chicago.

Malcolm X College on Western Avenue

Malcolm X College is part of the City Colleges of Chicago network that offers a basic CNA course to Individuals interested in working in the healthcare field. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program can be completed in eight weeks which covers both theory and clinical practice. Slots for the program are limited, so applicants must pass the requirements and enroll ahead of time. The tuition cost reaches $1,300, including textbooks and medical supplies. However, fees for the certification exam, uniforms and other related costs are not included. The CNA training program is a great opportunity to work right away in a nursing home, hospital or long term-care residential home. Although the program is short, the instructors ensure to incorporate every nursing principle and the skills needed to succeed in the profession.

New Start, Inc. on Western Avenue

New Start, Inc. offers a Basic Nurse Assistant training program consisting of 127.5 hours, divided into theory classes, lab practice and clinical rotations. The course is designed to give students the appropriate knowledge and skills for quality patient care and to be an effective member of the nursing team under the supervision of other medical professionals. New Start, Inc. is a licensed vocational and technical school since 1991 under the approval of Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois Department of Public Health. They are eligible to provide the Nursing Assistant training classes in the city of Chicago, with an emphasis on basic nursing principles like introduction to healthcare systems, infection control, patient rights, emergency procedures, care of residents, restorative nursing and many others. New Start, Inc. welcomes economically disadvantaged individuals to apply for the CNA training program as scholarships are available, as well as financial grants to those who qualify.

Other CNA Classes near Western Avenue in Chicago:

Instituto del Progreso Latino (Instituto)-Western Avenue

Instituto del Progreso Latino (Instituto) was founded to provide Latino immigrants and their families an opportunity to be educated through their short-course programs and assisted for employment thereafter. The CNA training program is a short program for aspiring nursing assistants who want to work in a healthcare facility like a nursing home, hospital or long-term care residential facility. This kind of program allows students to learn the basic principles of nursing and become equipped with the skills they need for proper patient care. Depending on the English level of the Latino student, Instituto will help him/her achieve good communication skills vital for the profession. The state requirements must be passed to qualify for enrollment, including a criminal background check, TB and drug screening and immunization record. Over the years, Instituto del Progreso Latino (Instituto) has helped numerous Latino students get a stable job in the city of Chicago.

Harold Washington College

Harold Washington College offers a Basic Nursing Assistant training course that prepares students for their profession in the healthcare field. The Illinois Department of Public Health approves this certificate program and students can take the state competency exam after completion of the CNA course. They will be introduced to the principles of nursing and the basic approaches to modern patient care. The short course program will allow them to be equipped mentally and physically for the demands of the CNA profession. They will gain 10 credits from the instruction which can be used for future studies. Graduates from Harold Washington College enjoy the opportunity to become a nursing assistant later on. The combined lectures and clinical practice format is offered by a licensed medical profession, who will also supervise the skills training. Individuals who are economically disadvantaged can apply for scholarships and financial grants.

Career Training Center of Chicago

The Career Training Center of Chicago has a Basic Nurse Assistant training program for students who want to be a CNA in a short span of time. The training program provides students with the comprehensive theory and clinical practice they need to acquire the knowledge and skills required by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The program can be completed in five weeks but it can be finished within 4 weeks as long as the student is not absence during the entire course. This fast- paced healthcare course allows aspiring CNA’s to graduate as early as possible and become an eligible nursing assistant in the city of Chicago. The mode of instruction is a combined lecture and hands-on skills training format during which students come to grasp the necessary knowledge needed for the profession. Applicants fshould submit the admission requirements well before they expect to start the course. This includes a completed application form, a reading test, demonstrated level of English and a criminal background check.