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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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CNA Classes in Brooklyn, New York

There is always a place in Brooklyn, New York where you can undergo a CNA training program and become a nurse’s aide. Certified Nursing Assistants are in demand nowadays because of the increasing growth of the elderly needing long- term care. If you are one of the CNA’s in the state of New York, you can easily get a regular job. However, if you are still considering this career, you can start scouting for a school or a healthcare institution offering a CNA class. Normally, these classes can be finished in a few weeks or months, and thus they can be a great way to jumpstart a career. Just make sure that you complete the training and pass the certification exam. Once everything is finished and your name is included io the Nurse Registry list, you can find employment in a hospital, nursing home or long- term care facility. Here are some of the institutions in New York offering CNA Classes in Brooklyn:

CNA Classes at Brooklyn Mustard Seed Healthcare Institute

A CNA training program can be obtained at Mustard Seed Healthcare Institute’s private and state-of-the-art facility. They can accommodate fifteen students per classroom, which means that each class is personalized to everyone’s needs. The program includes 125 hours of lectures, laboratory training and clinical rotations. Tuition fee is $525 including books and uniforms. Students planning to enroll will be responsible for examination fees and liability insurance. They should also prepare for medical exams and a criminal background check to gain admission to the school and satisfy the requirements of potential employers. The certification exam comes after the training is completed. Mustard Seed Healthcare Institute will train every student to successfully pass the certification exam and work as a CNA in the state of New York.

Next Step Institute of Health and Learning

If you have the aspiration to become a nursing assistant, Next Step Institute of Health and Learning is the perfect place to train. They have a program that allows every aspiring CNA to work as an entry level nurse’s aide in the state of New York. It provides training in nursing theories and the skills needed for the profession and the state examination. Aside from this, it allows students to have a proper internship in an approved healthcare facility, giving them an opportunity to practice their learning. Next Step Institute of Health and Learning provides diverse employment options as well. Students who pass the certification exam will be offered full-time employment in Kings County especially if they perform well in athe training and on examinations.

CNA Classes at Brooklyn Franklin Career Institute

Franklin Career Institute provides a CNA training program to individuals interested in the profession. The institution is a private non-profit medical training school serving the areas of Brooklyn, Long Island and Nassau County. If you are an aspiring CNA with the heart to serve and the compassion to work in the healthcare field, Franklin Career Institute will train and equip you with the necessary nursing skills. They are licensed by the State of New York Department of Education so they can officially train individuals to become Certified Nursing Assistants. They have two financial aid programs for those who cannot pay the tuition fee in full. These are the New York State Tuition Assistance Program and Federal PELL Grant Program.

TIA School of Allied Health

TIA School of Allied Health is offering CNA classes in Brooklyn that prepare potential nursing aides for the certification exam. Small classes are provided where excellent instructors take students hand in hand to gain fundamental nursing skills and knowledge. The program runs a total of 125 hours; 95 of which are classroom lectures and 30 for internships. Students will have a greater perspective on the profession especially in that they are supervised by a reliable instructor. Getting admission to the program is not difficult because the institution does not require a high school diploma. In fact, successful students who pass the certification exam will have an employment opportunity in one of the school’s healthcare facilities. They will be accepted right away and earn a good salary as a nursing assistant.