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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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CNA Certification

All Certified Nursing Assistants have to have a current license in the Nursing Aid Registry in order to gain employment in any health care institutions in America. Most of the State Nursing Boards will send a notification whenever your license needs to be renewed; however, it is still your decision to keep it active.

All states will require the Certified Nursing Assistants to renew the license every two years for them to be actively employed. But there are still several circumstances that will affect the license status. Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions:

Remember: The answers to most questions are not definitive. Rules may depend in each state. Just make sure to check the nursing board in your state, CNA registry or DOH in order to have the most precise information. The guide provided below will simply provide you a general idea regarding the regulations.

Is it possible to transfer the CNA License to other State?

Certified Nursing Assistants can transfer their professional license to other states by simply adhering on the reciprocity process. First step is to call the Nurse Aide registry in the current state and request for an enrolment application by reciprocity.

As soon as the application is complete, send it to the State’s Nurse Aide Registry where you plan to move. In some cases, the state will demand a number of information while there are some that will keep hold on the reciprocity application. Ensure that you clarify the registry that requires the application. This is to minimize any errors and miscommunication later on. It is also a great idea to secure a copy in all information that is submitted to the registry.

What will I do if my CNA License has expired?

The state will often send a notification stating that you have to renew your license every two years. Remember to keep your current address information updated in your state’s CNA registry.

Before renewing the license, you will be required to pay a certain fee and this differs from each state. The notice for renewal will be sent 60 days prior to the expiration of your license. Most states will make the renewal process online. Certified Nursing Assistants have to meet the requirements for the continuing education every year in order to be approved in the renewal. The State Board of Nursing usually provides the specific requirements on every state.

Bear in mind that once your CNA license expires for five years, you have to retake the CNA training program and pass the examination provided by the state.

What is the status of my license if I did not meet the requirements two years ago?

All certified nursing assistants have to complete the in-service training in order to meet the requirements for continuing education intended for the certification renewal. The CEU requirements will definitely vary from one state to the other and the training will be conducted in your employment place or through the internet via the state’s registry.

Certified nursing assistants have to provide the license division with completed CEU to make the certification active. Those who have expired license of more than two years are obliged to complete the 75-hour training program and take the exam once again in order to know the competency of such CNA professional.

What is the status of my license if I didn’t practice it for the past two years?

Most states will allow certification renewal to CNA’s who worked eight hours in the past two years. They have to fill out the required documents and pay a certain amount of money. The renewal process on the other hand is way different for those individuals who have not been employed as a nursing assistant in two years.

Once you had a lapse in employment for 24 months, you will have to retake the training program for certified nursing assistant and pass the test given by many states. The requirements still vary thus, you have to inquire this in the nurse’s aid registry.

How can I know the status of my license?

If you think that your CNA license is subject for renewal, check it through the internet. Access the CNA registry online and see the status of your license. Make sure to conduct a search on your license number as well as the name placed on the certification page.

Adding to that, several states have toll-free numbers wherein you can call them anytime to check the status of your license.