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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Cheap CNA Classes in Chicago

The healthcare field is a growing industry in the city of Chicago. With the elderly in need of long-term care, there is no doubt that nursing homes and residential centers will continue to hire Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, doctors and other members of the healthcare team. This massive need oformedical professionals has led to several short and intensive training courses like the CNA training program. It is a perfect option to start a career in the healthcare field without significant tuition fees. The time spent is just a couple of weeks, rather shorter compare to a four-year nursing course. Thus, if you are interested in becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant in Chicago, you can take a training program at a little or no cost in a short period of time. These facilities offer cheap low-cost CNA classes in Chicago.

Cheap CNA Classes in Colleges and Training Centers in Chicago:

Carl Sandburg College

Carl Sandurg College is providing a Datatel Returning Student Scholarship program that allows residents who have not been in school for at least five years or more to receive further education such as the CNA training program. This is one of the best opportunities for unemployed individuals who want to work in the healthcare field and receive a stable job long term. The CNA training program is not unlike other classes as it combines lectures, laboratory training and clinical experiences. Students in the program will be supervised during the clinical practice. However, they must complete the entire program without absences to graduate. The scholarship program at Carl Sandburg College is not open to everybody; interested individuals should contact the school’s financial aid office to check availability and requirements.

Rock Valley College

Through the Nancy E. Anderson Scholarship of Rock Valley College, individuals 30 years old and above will have an opportunity to undergo a CNA training program for free. This scholarship program is not available ayear round and is granted to those who qualify. However, undergoing the CNA training for free enables every graduate to take the state approved certification exam. The program covers the basic principles applicable to nursing assistants and all skills needed for the profession. Students will receive both theory classes and clinical experiences to practice their skills and use their knowledge. They will be supervised by the best instructors of Rock Valley College, who are all licensed nurses or Certified Nursing Assistants. If you are planning to apply for this scholarship, contact the financial aid officer and find out the requirements.

Chicago Care Training Center

Aspiring nursing assistants have to undergo an accredited program and pass the certification exam before they can work in any healthcare facility like a nursing home, hospital or long-term residential center. The program is quite intensive because it is short compared to Bachelor’s degree courses, and getting admission is easier in the city of Chicago, especially if you are concerned about finances. The Chicago Care Training Center is offering cheap CNA classes and free training to invite more prospective employees in their workplace. Interested individuals must be qualified for the training because the state wants to ensure they are capable of working with different kinds of patients or residents. The advantage the program is that the training is free including supplies, uniforms and textbooks. Aside from this, the student will gain immediate employment upon passing the certification exam. Interested individuals should contact the institution’s Human Resources office to inquire about paid CNA training.

Cheap CNA Classes in Chicago Nursing Homes:

William L. Dawson Nursing Home

William L. Dawson Nursing Home is offering paid CNA training. If you are accepted to work in their facility, you will undergo the Certified Nursing Assistant training program for free; plus, you will enjoy the benefits of having an allowance, free supplies, textbooks and uniforms. The CNA training program of William L. Dawson Nursing Home can lead to direct employment but you can switch to another workplace after finishing your contract. The training is done within the facility and students will go through the same classroom lectures and clinical experiences as any program elsewhere. To gain admission for the CNA classes, applicants must have a clean criminal record, immunization record, and drug and TB screening. They must have a GED or high school diploma and show their reading level is at least grade 11 or 12.

Willow Wood Health Care Center

If you are interested in becoming a nursing assistant in Chicago, you can take the free CNA training program at Willow Wood Health Care Center and secure employment after. A lot of healthcare facilities are in need of nursing assistants and it can be easier to become a CNA if you undergo the training at Willow Wood Health Care Center. The training is often intensive and short during which individuals go through lectures and clinical supervision. The program is open to qualified individuals depending on the CNA vacancies in the institution. If the facility requires more nursing assistants, they will open more slots to those who want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.