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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Best Apps For CNAs in 2013

Best Apps For CNAs in 2013

Ever since smart phones (read: Iphone) hit the mainstream, it is impossible to avoid all the must have apps that everyone uses. Yes, this includes Facebook, Twitter and bunch of other time wasters, but there are some pretty useful ones out there as well.

Here is out list of Most Useful Apps For CNAs In 2013:

CNA Practice Exam AppCNA Practice Test & Questions By T&E Solutions LLC

This is one of the better practice test apps I have found on my phone. Even though it costs $4.99, it has plenty of information in there that justifies the cost. With this exam you can switch between study and exam mode and apparently it helps wit the learning. I particularly like the score charts in the end of the exam so you can see exactly, where your knowledge is lacking.

CNA Study Guide AppCNA Study Guide By Night Owl

This is fairly new app and only version 1.0 as of now, however it looks promising. This app is similar to the Practice Test App, but it is for free, so if you don’t want to spend $4.99, this app will give you the ability to test your CNA without having to pay anything!

Medscape AppMedscape By Web MD

Medscape app has several things I like. First of all it has a special features for medical news, reference as well as education. Even though I found reference tab bit confusing to use, it has great list of medications for quick reference so you can find out the right dosage and uses in case you are in doubt.

Pearson AppPearson Health Survival Guide By Pearson

Pearson Education is a well known institution for all nurses, so it is great that they have come up with this free app that covers several topics from drugs use to child protection and even clinical skills.

CPR AppBHF Pocket CPR By Dio Detek

CPR certification is a must have in many states if you want to get certified as a CNA. It teaches the necessary CPR skills according  to the latest AHA standards. This free app is useful for everyone, not only CNAs. Easy to follow videos and charts make it a must have for you too!

Mediquations AppMediquations Medical Calculator By Mediquations

Even though CNAs can not administer medications themselves, it is really comprehensive tool for CNAs that have deeper interest in nursing work (especially if you plan to continue your studies). It has 230 formulas and scoring tools as well as intuitive interface that makes it a very helpful tool indeed.

Infectious Disease AppInfectious Disease Compendium By Pusware

This is a great app for more than 600 infectious diseases that all nursing professionals have to be aware of. Simple user interface that allows you to see the epidemiologic risks, diagnoses and microbiological aspects of these diseases. All the diseases are interlinked so it is easy to spend hours on this one!

OSCE appOSCE Skills by Jepson Rae

Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) are widely used in many medical professions. This app is little bit more comprehensive than most CNAs need, but it is great for polishing your clinical skills before the exam.