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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Assisting the Resident to Transfer from the Bed to a Chair or Wheelchair

1. The chair should be placed to the resident’s strong side.
2. If the procedure is with a wheelchair, the wheels should be locked safely.
3. The bed needs to be in the lowest position and the wheels locked.
4. Lower the side rail nearest to you.
5. The resident needs to be helped to wear nonskid shoes and robe.
6. Help the resident reach the side of the bed and sit in a dangling position. Lock the gait belt tightly if using one.
7. While placing your arms beneath the axilla of the patient, help them transfer on the count of three, while locking their legs with yours.
8. Carefully pivot until the resident’s backs of the knees reach the front of the chair.
9. After the resident has grasped the handles of the chair, on the count of three assist them to sit back on it.
10. Make sure there is a call light available, and when the time comes, simply reverse the procedure.

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